Update of Massive Proportions!!!

Goodness goodness… It seems like forever since I’ve blogged! Life has so gotten in the way of everything creative… Save for photography. That, along with work, has over run everything as of late. Photography and distant family.

I will certainly give a re-cap on my adventures since last blog posting. Last week, work wise was absolutely insane! Back and forth, back and forth… Gone to Hart each day at least once. Little did I know how much road time I actually created until I got my paycheck Monday. NICE! Wednesday, we got a phone call from Sister Granola, stating that while they wre in state, after the funeral on the island, they were going to drop down to Buckley (where mom, Brother Loamie, and Grandpa were at for a steam tractor show) then proceed southward to our place for a night of showers, laundry and visiting. Ah… okay. I rushed to get photo work done, since I knew once the family arrived I wouldn’t get any photo work done until Tuesday at the earliest. I cleaned and cleaned and worked. Brother Right One, Sister Granola, her two little ones, the two dogs, Stepfather Cowboy, and to my surprise, Brother Loamie all arrived Friday afternoon. Brother Loamie’s New Age lifestyle didn’t agree with Grandpa’s disappearing lifestyle so to avoid further stress, Brother followed the family down.

I did laundry for everyone while Hubby relaxed with more family time, discussing life and current issues with Sister and Cowboy before cooking a fabulous dinner for all of us. After dinner came the fun times. Brother Loamie set up the massage table outside and beat on Sister Granola before giving her an acupuncture treatment while I got a rip roaring good fire going in the fire pit. Next up on the massage table was Brother Right on and his acupuncture treatment. Have no fear. I got mine the previous week. My first treatment and I felt great afterwards. Even after Brother Loamie hit the repressed emotion spot and released it- making me weep like a child for almost an hour. Sooner or later, everyone gathered around the fire for smores and conversation.

They all left around 8:30 Saturday morning bound for South Dakota thru driving thunderstorms. The very same storms that cancelled my family portrait session for the day. Hubby had to work for a couple hours that morning, but arrived home in the nick of time for the powerful storms to hit us dead on. Once they cleared out- Hubby, Brother Loamie, and I went off to the store to gather a few things needed for our veggie night. We made massive salads for ourselves and the closest we got to protein were hard boiled eggs.

Sunday came- Hubby had to go into work right after breakfast. Seems that a certain asshole that got mandatory into working decided life was more important and called in sick with a tummy ache. Jerk. So Hubby went to work while Brother Loamie and I showered and got dressed- heading out to Grand Haven. Our two stops? The great health food store out there and the Duncan’s woods park. We wandered about the woods, my snapping photos and Brother absorbing the beauty of nature while grounding himself in preparance for going back to Grandpa’s to pick up mom. Along the way down trails I never knew were there, we happened upon many deer, some with the velvet on their horns and a mother turkey with her wee little ones. We went shopping at the health food store and returned home, getting there just before Hubby came home.

After Brother cooked up two peach/berry cobblers, he ventured out into the world to get SD Mom. While they were gone- I cleaned. And cleaned. And then I burned sage and sweet grass to cover the smells of cleaning. They got back here about eleven that night, and after a brief conversation- we all went to bed.

Monday came. SD Mom, Brother Loamie, and I drove up to Rockford to gather Hubby from his supervisor meeting. We hung out at the station for a bit before wandering into the city of Rockford. We all went into the local New Age shop, which- ironically is run by a non-Wiccan/Pagan individual. Brother found some books, while I found a few rocks that were calling to me. While there, we couldn’t help but notice a young man almost interrogating the owner about different things Wicca. She was answering as best she could. After a while he left with his father. While Brother and I checked out, I offered a little advice for the young to the owner. Basic protection information for one who is young and is dabbling in a world of things he really shouldn’t be messing with. Little did I know how that would bite me in the ass later on… The three of us walked about town, looking at the shops and dam before stopping for a bit to eat at the Corner Bar. After that- we went to the spring house for water.

The rest of the day Monday- Hubby, Mom , and Brother went to buy peaches while I returned home to run an errand for work. We had a great dinner of leftovers so as to gleen room in the fridge before relaxing with a bottle of wine and turning in late for the evening. Tuesday Morning- Brother Loamie was up and packing early- he wanted to get on the road for home. While he enjoyed the visit- I can completely understand the need to go home and be back within the structure of home life. They left bound for South Dakota by eight thirty. Hubby and I did a few things around the house before we too were gone for the day- both of us at work.

While I was driving back down from yet another run to Hart- the young man from the store the day before called me 3 times! I finally answered the third call in which he opened up and ran down a grocery list of things I was to teach him, but since he’s only 16- he didn’t have a job and could not pay me for my time. Tried as I might, I explained to him that I was busy at work and that I would call him later. He didn’t listen. Instead- he shouted to his mother, who was in the room with him- “Great news! This lady is a real witch and she’s going to teach me for free!!” Mom- no need for me to comment on parental skills here, is a devote Catholic who had no idea her son was dabbling in the Wicca- hit the fucking roof. Screaming and crying- all of which I could hear over the noise of the rig and his rambling. Then I got hung up on. Kid called back- “Yeah um… My mom doesn’t understand- she’s a stupid Catholic. When she’s done crying, I’ll have her call you…” I got hung up on again.

Um…. No. NO NO NO NO NO NO!!! I am not doing this! I’m not a teacher and honestly haven’t practiced in a good few years. Like hell am I going to help this under aged kid with parents that have no fucking clue was he’s trying to get himself into. THANK THE GODDESS- He hasn’t called back. Or his mother.

After work yesterday- I strapped myself to my computer chair and did little else then work soley on pictures. Editing, watermarking, posting on my photography FB page, catching up on my 365 project, resizing pictures for Orca’s first SG Hopeful’s set… Just photos.

Today, I’ve run errands, cooked dog chicken, gone to work, have washed and line dried eight loads of laundry, and mowed lawn… Wow…. Sure do hope things slow down soon…


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