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As most of you know- the tail end of last week was CRAZY busy! Thursday, not only did I have a photo shoot fest with Orca (name formerly Ky)- we did three sets in four hours. But SD Mom and Brother Loamie Lougie (from here on BLL) arrived late evening on Thursday.

Hubby took four days of PTO to ensure he would be home for the weekend. That's right- FOUR entire days home with one hiccup on Friday morning. I will do my best to describe all the goings on, but I do honestly have over a thousand pictures to edit so my brain is a little frazzled (I've done close to three hundred all ready today. Thursday, post un-packing of BLL's car, we all just conversed and chilled out mostly- my taking snaps of the new cicada hatching from it's shell.
Friday morning arrived. Hubby recieved a phone call from work, demanding he go in to cover a shift that hadn't been filled for whatever brain-fart, asshole reason. After an exchange of numerous phone calls, what was a ruined day, turned hopeful as someone else manned up and took said empty shift. Needless to say- I am utterly unhappy still with what occured, how it occurred, and the lame ass- ah... call him, he'll have to do it mentality that started the chain reaction.
Post breakfast- we all got ready for the day ahead- Grand Haven and a trip to Horrocks.

BLL had the idea of taking a refreshing dip in Lake Michigan post long enjoyable walk on the pier and got more then he bargained for. Like full body shivering and the incredible need for hot tea. It was a might chilly. I also got a great run of shots of a girl leaping from the pier that is still in the back log of "Going to edit Soon". Like as soon as all the other, more important and high in demand stuff is done edited. Saturday evening, while awaiting the heavy weather to arrive, we had a great fire in the fire pit, where BLL displayed some of his Tao meditation techniques.
Saturday started off with a great rumble, waking me from a fitful sleep at five thirty in the morning. But, getting up, wrapping myself in a bath robe, and piddling in a bush in the darkness of morning certainly paid off. Now to explain my potty habits- Okay people. It was five thirty in the morning, I was outside taking photos of lightning when Mother Nature called and didn't want to risk missing a shot to go back to the house to pee. What would you have done?
The gray clouds parted around dawn to bright blue skies that didn't last all that long before clouding up once more. BLL and I dressed in our finest attire to go disrupt the masses, as he called it. I.E. Grocery shopping. See, everyone that reads this knows that I tend to draw in the stupid asshole crowd when I go shopping and BLL wanted to go with me. So he dressed in his hippie best (long flowing Sanskrit adorned skirt, straw had, amethyst bead necklace plus a couple others, Middle eastern designed tee shirt, toe shoes...) whilst I was the little gothic deary (skull and cross bone tee shirt, sky high black flip flops, dark make-up...) and off we went to play! Shopping went well. No body was looking at me, let me tell ya. People have a difference of opinion of a man wearing a skirt and most were highly open minded.

After grocery shopping, the severe storm were rolling in. So BLL and I went chasing- er- picking up the celery and carrots we forgot to get. SD Mom and Hubby were having fun canning back at the house.

Sunday, news came of one of Hubby's aunt's dying up on Drummond Island and the grand misadventures of his sister Granola (with kids and dog), Brother Right On, and Cowboy (with dog) making the trip to Michigan from South Dakota. It's a family invasion!!!

Through the dank wetness BLL, SD Mom, Hubby and I drove to Eaton Rapids to both visit Grandpa and attended the yearly family reunion. I had more fun wandering about taking my fill of pictures and talking to the half dozen people I knew there. BLL and I wandered off together to the quiet side of the pond where he allowed me the honor and privilege of photographing him doing a couple variations on yoga and Tao meditation ceremonies. It was wet and green and simply stunning. I will post photos as soon as I am granted permission, I promise.

After the reunion and getting absolutely eaten alive by the swarms of mosquitos (in spite of the gallon or so of bug spray applied to our bodies) Hubby and I parted ways with SD Mom and BLL as they had a card game to get to. And he and I--- Well, we had to drive over to his uncles house to pick up two new additions to our household. Two beautiful, bouncy, singing girly piggies. Their names, as deemed by the sticker on the cage are Jenny and Abby. Those names will certainly change. Sam and Elliott were Sequin and Peanut when we got them for pete's sake.

After the hour and change drive home last night, we cleaned up the house, cleaned pig beds, took showers, and got the new ladies situated in the living room. I will also post their pictures later on this week.

So... I have to go change loads of laundry in the washer and get back to photo editing. Have a lovely day!!!


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