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Update of Massive Proportions!!!

Goodness goodness…It seems like forever since I’ve blogged! Life has so gotten in the way of everything creative… Save for photography. That, along with work, has over run everything as of late. Photography and distant family. I will certainly give a re-cap on my adventures since last blog posting. Last week, work wise was absolutely insane! Back and forth, back and forth… Gone to Hart each day at least once. Little did I know how much road time I actually created until I got my paycheck Monday. NICE! Wednesday, we got a phone call from Sister Granola, stating that while they wre in state, after the funeral on the island, they were going to drop down to Buckley (where mom, Brother Loamie, and Grandpa were at for a steam tractor show) then proceed southward to our place for a night of showers, laundry and visiting. Ah… okay. I rushed to get photo work done, since I knew once the family arrived I wouldn’t get any photo work done until Tuesday at the earliest. I cleaned and cleaned and w…

Big 'Ol Blog!!!

As most of you know- the tail end of last week was CRAZY busy! Thursday, not only did I have a photo shoot fest with Orca (name formerly Ky)- we did three sets in four hours. But SD Mom and Brother Loamie Lougie (from here on BLL) arrived late evening on Thursday.
Hubby took four days of PTO to ensure he would be home for the weekend. That's right- FOUR entire days home with one hiccup on Friday morning. I will do my best to describe all the goings on, but I do honestly have over a thousand pictures to edit so my brain is a little frazzled (I've done close to three hundred all ready today. Thursday, post un-packing of BLL's car, we all just conversed and chilled out mostly- my taking snaps of the new cicada hatching from it's shell. Friday morning arrived. Hubby recieved a phone call from work, demanding he go in to cover a shift that hadn't been filled for whatever brain-fart, asshole reason. After an exchange of numerous phone calls, what was a ruined day, turned h…

A Little Break...

I have been super busy (I'm not being a martyr by any means) hence I have not blogged sine last week Wednesday. As of tomorrow, Hubby will be on a very welcomed four day vacation, enjoying the company of his soon to be in town mother and brother!
That's right, you guessed it... I have been busy cleaning :). I also have an all afternoon photo shoot to do, so again. I am going to be really busy....
I promise, promise, promise.... To write a full and extensive blog on Monday. I am most certain I will have a lot to say... And even more pictures to post!!!
So go back and look at favorite blogs to pass the time... And I will regale you all of tales from the family reunion, explore new sights and sounds withe pictures.... On Monday. Have a great weekend!!

Upper Class- My Ass!

Hubby and I did a demo at one of the Northern Kent county National Night Out celebrations last night. Personally- I was not looking forward to working it because, let’s face it, your broke a sweat while standing there doing nothing outside it was so disgusting a humid and hot. Nonetheless- I went. Hubby had everything set up under the tent when I got there, so that part was easy. Then it was stand there, look cute, and play nice with ignorant people. And oh boy did they come out in full force! Comic relief was in the form on my writing down observations for this posting today and joking around with Officers Mc Cutie, Officer Mc Attitude, and of course, who I was really looking forward to see- Officer Mc Uber Hot. Oh yum… He’s just so… so… swell. Anyhoo- as I catch my breath and stop blushing… (Clears throat and focus’ on task at hand)I wandered around a bit with my camera and snapped off a few shots (mostly of Officer Mc Uber Hot), but not entirely all of them were of him. I snapped a…

Inside- I'm Dark & Twisty

I have done it! I have shot the "Big Bull Dip"!!! I about peed myself I was so happy and so giddy standing in the ditch, on the side of a busy road, taking these pictures! I have been stalking this poor longhorn bull for over three weeks now trying to get this shot! And I have finally done it!!!

I am having a bit of a self awakening today. I think. I'm not at all sure right now. I know what I'm feeling is probably normal and deeply emotional and I have no idea how to deal with it. I think I need someone to smack me around a bit. Maybe this is, or isn't the place to let it all out- but what the hell? Couldn't hurt right?

So Saturday I shot a "Self Confidence" photo set for my dear bestie Globug. My taking her photographs was a way to show her through "a third person" perspective- I.E. the camera, just exactly how sexy she truly is. Globug has the body more then a handful of Rubenesque period painters would have been falling all over themselve…