Zombie Chicken!!!

Isn't it bad enough that zombies have their undead living among us on a daily basis- but now... NOW they've corrupted our food supply?!?
But seriously- I think this chicken's issue was heat/stress related more then being a zombie chicken. Living in a zoo, with tons of people staring at you, plus 90 degree heat- I'd shed more then a few feathers!

Most of the day Saturday was spent running errands and ticking off things on the to do list, like planting four new trees in the yard, harvesting the first round of "Holy shit some of the garlic's ready!", and other assorted items. Hubby and I went to John Ball Park Zoo yesterday as our Sunday adventure into the world. While it was crazy hot and humid, we still had a lot of fun watching people, watching animals watching people, and sweating our butts off. I also couldn't help but snap a few pictures- like 849 of them to be exact!
The first thing neither of us could help but to notice was the fact that a small fraction of the people in attendance at the zoo were loud, rude, disgustingly stupid, obnoxious white trash assholes! Mind you, there were far more normal people around us, but I think the heat and my extremely low tolerance of ignorant assholes is what brought them mostly to the forefront of our attention. When they weren't shouting stupid questions out (when any normal person would look at the fucking animal information plaque), they were just shouting because they could! One woman kept asking, "Can you see it momma? Can you? Can you see it momma?" IN CYCLES OF FIVE OR SIX TIMES! I finally turned to see exactly how old and senile "momma" was. She wasn't. At all. "Momma" was how this woman addressed her five year old daughter! WTF???
Other white trash folk were letting their heathen idiot children run an absolute muck about the joint. One child ever decided to climb up my leg, into my ass! I was focusing on photographing the sting rays when I felt two little arms clasp my thigh and start a shimmy process up my leg. The child's head bumping into my butt while his little hands pulled with a feverish might on my back back. I yelled, "Hey! What the hell are you doing?" To which he replied, "You're not my mommy!" No shit, turd boy! He dropped down, smashing my currently brusied and cut open right big toe and dashed off into the crowd. How in the hell can people let their children misbehave so? Really??

This little guy made me think of how everybody has felt this past week with the incredible heat and humidity. Then again... He could be lamenting "Why god, why? Make the stupid people go away!!!"
I love this monkey's expression... As if he were going to say... "Oh no you did not just call me fat, bitch!"

One of the pair of grizzlies taking a dip in their pool. I'm allergic to them, otherwise I'd cuddle with them!
This fish, creepy as he may look, was paying close attention to what I was doing on the other side of his tank's glass. There are about twenty progressive shots where he gets closer... and CLOSER... AND CLOSER!!!
These are the ancestors to our squeaking herd of four in the living room. They are called "Cavies" or as I called them yesterday- "The distant cousin that could kick our pig's asses!" They are about the size of a large dog and can weight close to 200 pounds. But they are still cute!
In the reptile house, I could take pictures of the snakes, as long as they were on one side of the glass and I was on the other.

Like I said earlier- there are a whole lot more pictures, but I have narrowed them down to 30 of my favorites. I will post more pictures for time to time, but most of them have such emotion in them, they are better suited to blogs of their like theme.

However- this picture of a Marmot from yesterday could seriously fit how I felt after I deleted two months of blog entries and pictures from blogger this morning... On accident... I swear... I am such a dumbass sometimes...
Blogger only gives you so much room for a blog, and with my penchant for posting tons of pictures, I was running medium low on the whole capacity thing. So I deleted all of 2009 entries. If you are all seriously dying to go back and read them sometime- I do have that entire year's entries printed up and bound in a book I can get copies of. Just let me know... However, in the process of ridding the clutter from my blog, I F*ed up big time and ended up deleting most of May, all of June, and the bulk of July from the blog. A problem I have since cured with re-posting them from the Word file copy of my blog. Bummer...

But, between this blog and the re-post from this morning, I have troubled you all enough. I have to get my photo gear ready for a photo shoot tomorrow- a lovely couple that wants me to do their engagement photos. I'll see if I can post a couple in the coming days as propaganda for my art. We're starting in the groom's beautiful farm then taking a photographic tour of Sparta for their photos. It should be fun! Hubby will be my assistant for the day, holding the light reflectors for best effect. Saturday afternoon, I will be doing another photo shoot- this one for my dear bestie Globug. It's a self-confidence boosting, look at how beautiful you are photo shoot. More fun shall be had by all!!!


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