Massive Mistake!!!

So I was deleting the 2009 blog posts to make room for future posts on here (blogger only gives one so much room) when the page flipped to a different one and I ended up nuking everything I've posted since the 19th of May!!! SHIT!!!!!! So- I'm re-posting them- thank god I run a word document that copies all blog entries- hopefully I'm not missing any.... Poop-tas-tic way to start the week, huh?? Here's the re-posting of May 23rd thru July 21st. Sorry the pictures are gone too, dammit!!

Monday, May 23, 2011: So Long Copper...

And hello Airhead!!! So, I have been, no shitting you, working on my hair since eleven this morning. I stripped the remnants of red with color remover, deep conditioned (so as my hair doesn't freak and fall out), dyed it with a more natural blonde base color, and now am currently waiting for the timer to ding saying I can rinse out the highlighting dye... I have spent more time today with my head in the bottom of the kitchen sink with water running over my head then I think I have collectively spent my entire life puking after too many nights of hard core drinking. And you know what- that thing seriously needs a good scrubbing and bleaching. I am going to have nightmares of what it feels like to be the ends of a carrot that get rinsed into the drain catch all night tonight! But- I am a blonde once again. In time for summer. Let's face it, I love being a red head, but red dye fades so fast in the sun and that's where I spend most of my time between May and October... Provided t is actually going to be warm now here in Michigan.

I have been recently working on creating "hand drawn" envelopes to mail out my photography in and today I got the first idea e-mailed out to Mr. Printer Man. Why mail spectacular photos out in a plain white catalog envelope what the envelope itself can be as creative as I am? I mean really!

Weekend recap- Saturday morning Hubby and I ran a couple errands- one of which being stocking the house up on groceries at the local Wally World. While unloading the cart in line- noticed the gorgeous girl at the register. From what I could see, she had nice little tats here and there- then when she turned, I saw the gorgeous black outline of a half sleeve tattoo. I had to chat her up- naturally. Turns out it's a demonic fairytale idea she had with a beautiful geisha princess melting into a cute demon by way of tribal swirls.

She said it's going to be a full sleeve when it's done and she'll be getting it colored this June. It's a great piece of artwork! So I dropped the fact I've done photo work and was a stepping stone of sorts to my friend Kirin on SG... Her jaw dropped! I offered to do photo work for her if she was interested and she happily took my card in return- saying I'd made her entire day! I love that. I love that I made her happy... It's a great feeling. Hubby was giggling. Leave it to his wife to solicit photo work from a random cashier at Walmart. Hey- the first one was at a friend's birthday party- and now she's the hottest Suicide Girl in Michigan. Go Me!

The weather turned too poop quickly Saturday afternoon so we just hung out around the house for the rest of the day. Sunday, the sun was bright and happy. After a great "French" breakfast of fresh strawberries and blue berries, along with cheese, croissants, and bits of chocolate for a finisher- Hubby and I ventured out into the world and bought a pair of lawn Adirondack chairs. His is Summer green and mine is bright pink! We then came home, unloaded them and went back to check out the family plot in the nearby cemetery. What crap! The cemetery looks like shit! Like no one has bothered to care for it in the slightest, with broken tree branches all over, the lawn not being mowed... It was sad. All the families there, the loved ones of people in the area aren't getting any respect in the after life with their hallowed ground looking like a redneck's lawn in Cedar Springs! WTF? I have yet to call the township office today to find out why exactly it's care has fallen to the back burner and when it will be cared for.

Then when we got home, we decided to do yard work. And since the Rapture never happened on Saturday- I'll assume it was a reset button and yard work on the Sabbath was legit. A little sidebar here- the Rapture? The end of the world was to happen on Saturday night at 6pm by way and thoughts of biblical math done by some old fool in Florida. PUH-LEESE! What a damn joke! Here I was all set to go on a looting spree since my "Good Christian" neighbors wouldn't be around anymore and nothing! What a bummer! I was also very excited that since all those busy-body church goers wouldn't be around on Sunday morning when it came time to hanging my freshly washed underwear on the clothesline. Damn. I just wonder how F*in foolish all those shitheads that sold their life's collections, homes, cars- everything feel today? Hope stupid old guy has a huge retirement fund- lots of people are going to be asking for a refund this week.

Anyway- back to yard work... We mowed and swept the lawn and Hubby tilled the garden, preventing weeds and prepping the ground for the planting of vegetables this week. We both go sunshine on our faces and fresh air in our lungs. It was a great day! Then he took my out to a dinner date at Applebees- my favorite pick of dining poison- and we came home and waited for the thunderstorms to arrive. Ugh- they didn't show up till after midnight and by then I was too tired to slather myself in bug spray to go out and photograph lightning. Maybe this afternoon- all the weather guessers are in a tizzy about the severe weather supposed to happen today. Well- It's sunny and blue sky right now- good luck with that!

Stay tuned, later this week- I will be posting my 365 project thus far in it's entirety. By way of creating photo collages, I can post them all here easily! But I need to finish them first... That and I'm too geeked to have Lady Gaga's new album downloading currently

Thursday, May 26, 2011: The Full 365- Thus Far...

You will have to open each of these segments in another window to get the full effect of the collages, but this is my full 365 project up to day 79. Each time I get enough pictures backlogged- I will create a collage and post it here.

I am beyond excited!!! Somewhere in West Michigan, there is a UPS truck with a two pound box with my name on it. Inside said sweet little box is an even sweeter item... My new camera. My big time, professional Nikon camera painted in Hot Rod Metallic Red. I have been looking at hundreds of cameras on Amazon for the past month, picking and choosing, and doing research until this one popped up. I'd hoped to get a newer version of my mom's Panasonic Lumix, the one I borrow for photo shoots with Kirin, but after close inspection- in order to have this specific camera, I would have to spend another two hundred dollars on the accessories (like an eye piece hood so as to not cut my eyelid on the sharp plastic edge)- when this sweet little Nikon comes with all of them in the box with it for half the cost... Cheap? I'd like to think not. I'd like to think I was a smart shopper. Plus- it's Hot Rod Red! I'd prefer blue, since it is my favorite color, but red- that just screams sexy, doesn't it? I must buy a matching lipstick to wear when using the little critter- I already have red faux Chuck Taylors from Goodwill that will match. I am a dork. Be still my Monster fueled beating heart- I will try to contain myself when the delivery dude rings my doorbell- I promise.

In other news- Hubby and I went to a massive greenhouse nearby on Tuesday afternoon- and after spending way too much money... Came home with the back of the Liberty filled with plants to plant. We got a flat of marigolds planted around the new garden in the front yard, along with four new lavander plants and preparations for the veggie patch were started. Unfortunately- we have since gotten over four inches of rain. Dammit! The garden is now a swamp, a mud bog, half filled with garlic while the other half is filled with water... Suck! Like we needed the rain, right? According to the blonde bubble headed weather woman this morning, since the first of the year, we've gotten 19 inches of rain. Even monsoon seasons don't last this damn long.

And now for a rant from Inkblot- Topic of Mosquitoes.

It's bad enough that just when it finally got warm enough to go outside and working the gardens, plan out the veggie patch, sit in a lawn chair and enjoy an evening at home- the Terra-dactyl skeeters popped up out of nowhere! It isn't funny! The instant (more like nano-second) you stick out any part of your un-bug sprayed body outside our back door, it is swarmed by a thousand blood sucking little bitch bugs! Poor Doggie-Pup has to wear her citronella spiral band around her neck just so she can do her outdoor duties- otherwise we're afraid she'll be captured and flown away by the damn mosquitoes! She has a thick coat of fur on top, but not around her eyes or her bare little bulging tum-tum...

Never in my life have I had to spray myself in bug repelling chemicals to just go outside to take the garbage out or to get into my truck! This is absolutely crazy! And what's better (term used loosely of course) the damn things breed in water... And what did we just get another four inches of since yesterday??? Goody Goody... Soon we'll all be able to lay awake at night in our beds, and not hear the pleasant songs of tree frogs and crickets, but the dull roar of millions upon millions of blood sucking vampire bugs swarming about our domiciles, praying for an ill-timed venture outside.

Lettuce pray- "...Dear Big Daddy, Junior, the Spook, and Mother "In-law" Nature- while most of your creations are wondrous, beautiful, and captivating to our unworthy human eyes- one of your creations has begun to piss me off, as well as the greater population of this Great Lakes state we call home. The Latin term for this creature is Culex Pipiens. The American name, you might wonder, ranges from the ethnic sounding mosquito to the more popular damn bug, sonofabitch, blood sucking bitch, and demon bug from hell... Mother "In-Law" Nature, could you please, please for the sake of our blood loss on a whole, kill of your precious f*ing demon bugs as soon as possible? For I fear the helpless bodies of those unfortunate enough to not afford bug spray will start to pile up... Kthnxbai..."

Have a great day, wear bug spray, and kill a mosquito for the greater good

Saturday, May 28, 2011: Grieving for No Reason...

It has been an emotional week for me... For some reason, my monthly wonder is kicking my butt every time I turn around. My hormones and emotions are so far out of line I can't hardly stand to be by myself. Unfortunately, I am since my Hubby is at work. Again. His second 24 hour shift of the week is today.

To back track a bit- Thursday I got my new camera. I was over joyed! I went to Best Buy, bought a memory card for it and a new camera bag and couldn't wait to play with it! So I went home, all bouncy and happy, and giddy as hell to find something tragic in the bedroom. Our Doggie-Pup, who even at first glance, didn't seem right. She stumbled and fought to stand up, her head and tongue lolling to the side, her face drooping on one side and her eyes unable to focus on me. They were ticking to the right and she had to forcefully focus on me, only to have them roll back tot he right.

In a panic, I called my mom sobbing, then my Hubby. I managed to get her outside and walking around, only to see how bad her face was drooping and the copious amounts of drool hanging from the loose lip. I started clicking away pictures of her with my new camera, sobbing all the while and terrified I was watching her have a stroke. My mom said it sounded like a pinched nerve, not a stroke and got her an appointment at the puppy chiropractor. We raced into town, my noticing that after a dose of aspirin her eyes had slowed their eerie ticking and she seemed to be doing better. The doc, felt along her back and found that her C-3 vertebrae was almost completely out and no doubt pinching a bundle of nerves controlling her face. Once he put it back in, she seemed way better then before.

We brought her home and I again took her for a walk around the yard, clicking more pictures of her for memories. I couldn't stop crying. I cried all night long, cried myself to sleep, clutching her fuzzy little body and praying to anyone that would listen about how much I loved her and needed her in my life, and I'm not a person that needs anything. Friday- while she was looking much better- I was still an emotional wreck. Crying at the drop of a hat and every time I looked at her peacefully sleeping on the bed. I was scared to let her out of my sight and constantly checked on her four times and hour, looking for breathing and signs of life. Last night, Hubby got home and the emotions seemed to ease, but only for a small time.

Again, last night while watching T.V. with Hubby I couldn't stop crying. Every time Doggie-pup snored from her pace on the floor at our feet, another wave of uncontrollable sobbing hit me. Hubby was worried about me and wanted me to call Globug to see if she could spend the day with me since he had to work today. She couldn't but we stayed on the phone and had a good talk. Leave it to someone that's had years of therapy to shrink my head. What we came to find out is that this mini stroke Doggie-pup has had, made me realize she won't live forever. She's a 15 year old dog. She's old and time may be running out- whether the clock is slow or fast, she's not going to be with us forever.

I met Doggie-Pup when I met Hubby. And while we've only had her three years in our home, she's connected to him, and somewhere deep in my body, I'm afraid when her clock runs out, so will Hubby and mines. That won't happen and it's an irrational fear, but fear nonetheless. Globug also said I'm grieving for the loss of her in our lives even though shes still here. And that made sense. I'm afraid I'll wake up next to a cold dog. O r worse still, Hubby won't be home and something catastrophic will happen with her and I'll be all alone to deal with it. That would explain the crying, and tearful kisses I leave on her nose. I love that little dog so damn much it's killing me to think she's not going to be here forever.

Today she's three times better. She's happy and bouncy. She ate her breakfast in record time and the facial drooping is on the decrease. However, she is acting like she's lost sight in one eye. That's something we can accommodate easily. Our Dalmatian Dottie was a diabetic blind in one eye dog that we had for two years. She was harder to deal with. Doggie-pup, while being blind in one eye, will be easy to care for. We love her so much and it is incredible to realize how much an animal has effected you until they get sick and it hits you like a tons of bricks..

Wednesday, June 1, 2011: Lightning Bottle...

I think today's post should be the new name for my new camera- as opposed to "Hot Rod". Why? Take a look...

An emotional end of the week ended with an slightly emotional weekend. Memorial Day bring another small round of tears- not for Doggie Pup, but for the day itself. Memorial Day in a small town makes you realize that the wars overseas, no matter how long ago they happened, there are fighters and survivors all around you. The red white and blue flies at half staff high in the center of town, and everyone comes out to celebrate and honor the vets. Plus, there is this amazing outpouring of support and pride in our small town's fire department. That support and pride I feel from my little brother driving one of the tankers in the parade made me shed a bit of a tear too- hidden by the lens of my camera of course.

Doggie Pup is doing a lot better. It appears that the course of three a day aspirin is helping bring her back to us, along with daily physical therapy in the form of taking walks outside in the yard,which is a good thing- a very good thing. Downside- last night we found that one of our piggies, Nibbles, isn't doing so well. It could possibly have been brought on by the past couple 90 degree days in the house with no air conditioning. We installed them last evening and hope the cooler indoor temps will bring her back. Cross your fingers.

Also last night, prior to the sick pig discovery, Hubby and I took part in an annual tradition for a high school in Grand Rapids. The parents of the graduates get together and come up with a special send off for the kids, post grad ceremony, to take them to the secret location of their senior all-nighter party. Last night- it was emergency vehicles. Ones included ranged from us in one of two the ambulance to multiple fire trucks, an army tank/truck, numerous police cars, command vehicles, a conservation officer truck, and the coolest of them all- the armored Grand Rapids city police SWAT truck. That thing, is bad ass! We formed a line and drove to the church where the ceremony was being held, all lights and sirens. Traffic along the highway damn near came to a stop to see what was happening, I'm sure it looked like the world was ending to them. It was fun. Even though we didn't get anyone to ride in the ambulance with us to their party at the Van Andel Musesum, it was still fun. We casually fell out of line and brought the ambulance back to the station it was from.

Seeing all those bubbly, screaming kids dressed up- some crying, some laughing- all of them taking pictures along with their camera happy parents... It brought back memories for me. Yesterday was the 13 anniversary of the worst derecho storm in history. It hit here at 4:30am on May 31st, 1998- two days before my high school graduation. No one had power for a week, and my high school graduation was run by power of generator. After I walked across the stage and got my diploma, I met up with my parents, brother, grandma and boyfriend- getting scolded by mom since I was the only girl that wore sunglasses- hello! The sun was out and it was bright! We did the picture thing and off I went up to Ludington with my boyfriend (you guessed it, the ex husband) for his high school's senior all-night party. Why they had it before graduation, I don't know.

We had a great time with his friends, all of them I got to meet for the first time that night. You can't beat being buzzed up on Mountain Dew playing on bumper boats at 2 in the morning at AJ's Fun Park. I don't even know what my class did for the senior all night party, but I just didn't want to go. I didn't dig with most of my classmates. I didn't go my prom either. I went the following year when it was at a much cooler place with people I got along with more. Plus- we had the added bonus of arriving in style at the prom- all six of us, in a polished, gleaming, 1976 Cadillac hearse. That- WAS AWESOME! The look on the valets face... Still gets me to this day...

But I graduated high school 13 years ago. My god how I've changed. How I've grown up, become a different person, with a huge amount of life and history under my belt... It's weird. 13 years ago I left high school- looking forward to starting college at Grand Valley State University in the fall (that last a whole year), madly in love with this guy leaving for Marine Corps boot camp in less then a month, with the whole world at my fingertips...

Present day- 13 years from that night, I'm madly in love with my second husband of four years this September, tattooed, no college degree under my belt, in the home my father grew up in next door to my brother's family and my parents (my childhood home), scarred by the worst day in American history (9-11-2001), clueless as to what the jerk of an ex-husband is doing with his life. I'd love to sit down and talk to that new high school graduate. To tell her not to run off and elope. To dump the guy before he left for boot camp. To finish college- as tough as it would surely be, and see what pops up. But then again- I wouldn't be living here, now, with my animals and my Hubby, would I?

Monday, June 6, 2011: Flower Sex and Otter Pops...

That was my Friday evening. Taking my classic pictures of the insides of bearded iris', my adpoted father (best friend's father) deemed it plant sex. I was "looking right up their dresses at the girly parts..." he claimed. I thought it was hilarious. So did Hubby. After the photo snapping, we went inside to hide from the heat and each had an Otter Pop. Those cool syrup filled plastic sleeves that takes an act of god and Congress to open but it's worth the effort in the long run... Tasty.

Saturday- the weather reminded me a lot of back in NC. Humid and sticky from the moment your feet hit the floor, you never fully dry off after taking a shower, the sun almost hurt when it hit your skin hot. Part of me loved it- the part that misses the south so very badly. The Michigan part of me was screaming in pain and humidity dreading anguish... Hubby had to work a demo at the classic car show in the heat, while I ventured out in to the world in the non-air conditioned Liberty to Mouse's college graduation. Me and about 3000 other people that is, I soon realized once I got to the church. I do not do the crowd thing- and I was bordering on climbing the walls the more and more people filed into the sanctuary we were seated in. The graduation went a lot quicker then we all thought it would, and the guest speaker, while I'm not a person fan of hers, was great.

Post graduation, we all went to the Grand Rapids Brewery for lunch. No- I am not changing the name, and for those of you that read this regularly- that isn't a good thing. The waitress- not so great. Her attitude spoke to the effect of- I'd rather be sauced and looking for someone to sleep with rather then serve you people. I picked the most economic meal on the menu- or so I thought. A build it yourself sammich to which you could have either fries or chips, with your selection of two toppings. No added price mentioned. And I also got one of their in house brewed hard cider beers- now that was tasty. The sammich- was okay, but nothing to write home about. Then came the bill...Holy shit and WTF in big 'ol bold type.

My sammich started at $7.99. The mushrooms and the olives I added were $2.50 A PIECE!!! My fries- another $2.50. The hunk of lemon in my ice water seventy-five cents. And my delicious hard cider, while not being a full liter bottle, was $9.00!!! HOLY SHIT! SERIOUSLY??? My tab for the meal? $20.00 and change. She didn't get a tip from me, I'll be honest. She didn't deserve it and the food wasn't worth the effort for the price. Me? Not happy. So I was pissed after my costly not so hot meal, then had to drive home in ninety-two degree weather, in a vehicle with no air conditioning. Anyone wanna hazard a guess as to my mood when I got home Saturday afternoon??? But, I did deeply enjoy the company during the meal and am very, very proud of Mouse and her new Associates degree.

This morning... Oh boy... This morning, not only is it Monday, but was the day for my annual "health assessment" with the HMO. Oh dammit. I was grumpy from the get go since I'd been under mandatory fasting since 8pm last night. My appointment was at seven AM, they didn't open the doors till 7:05 then looked at me like "Why are you late?". Oh this is going to be swell... I think to myself. First and foremost- I was told to go pee in a cup. Liquid from turnip? I managed a meager piddle, getting most on my hand (Hello! You can't aim that really well can you? Much less try to aim blindly? My mouthwash cup is bigger then this Dixie cup you gave me!) Then came the weigh in. I am happy to announce I am am under 215. Actually I'm at 211. WAHOO! I almost jumped for joy- the stuffy nurse wearing non-respectable salmon colored scrubs- Hhrumphed... Bitch. Let me have my moment.

Then the eye test... "Can you read this line???"

I squinted and grumbled- "That would be a no, ma'am."

"Well, fine. Can your read THIS line?" She asked, pointing to the massive printed, three letter line...

"Yes, my four year old nephew could too..."

We continued like this until we got back down to the garbled line again, "Well, I guess that'll do, you have 25/25 vision..." she snarked as we went into the exam room.

She did the blood pressure test, 127 over I have no idea, she mumbled under her breath. Okay, well at least the top number is lower then it usually is. Then the questions, do you drink? Once and a while... Do you smoke? Same answer... Are you planning on quitting, you know it's bad for you... I will quit when I want to... That really isn't a sufficient answer... That's all your getting, move along, sweetie. Then she takes a moment, " You seem to be in an agitated mood this morning." I clear my throat, collect my thoughts, and force back the urge to make this huffy bitch eat her stethoscope- "I haven't eaten since last night. I haven't had any caffeine yet this morning, and it's a Monday to boot. Deal with it." She waves to the examine table, "Change into that and the doctor will be in soon."

Goody, goody! It's the customary napkins have more thickness, two piece dress! I can hardly contain my enthusiasm. Twenty minutes and half an ink pen's worth of doodles later (I had to decorate it, didn't I?)... The doctor comes in. I like this doc, she's pretty cool. The girl exam goes as well can be expected. She leaves after telling me to get dressed and someone will be in to do the blood draw. Hmmm, let's see- is there anything else they can possibly take? Urine, check. Dignity, check. Blood- gonna be a check. What? No poop? I've been eating lots of broccholi lately!!! I change back into my clothes and wait, and wait, and wait. Oh look- it's salmon colored scrubs bitch again!

She ties the plastic tourniquet around my left arm super tight. I pump my fist. You can see not one or two, but three large veins bulging and blue just waiting for the stick. Hell- the Hubble telescope could see the suckers if they zoomed in a little... Needle stick one- miss. Needle stick two- miss and she goes fishing. "Get that thing out of my arm, right the hell now," I snarl through clenched teeth. Hhrumphe- "We'll try the other arm, shall we?" On goes the tourniquet, tighter this time. I pump my fist. Two veins this time pop up and wink at her. She flicks one for added effect (Oh, like that didn't hurt?!). First needle stick- miss. Second needle stick- miss and a fishing trip. "Stop! Just stop! I know a paramedic that works not two blocks from here, let me call him. This fishing for the vein not only hurts like hell, but is really pissing me off, woman..." She shook her head and tears her gloves off. "I'll just find someone that can do this then..." and leaves the room.

My inner elbows are throbbing at this point. Pin pricks of blood trickling from my non lethal stab wounds. This is just not cool at all. I hate getting my blood drawn. I have no problem with the blood thing- The pain thing- whole 'nother story! Second nurse comes in. She is polite, smiles, and takes her time. Tourniquet on right arm, pump fist, bulging veins are obvious... First needle stick- miss. She switches and goes for the left arm."Ma'am, I hate to tell you this, but if you miss this time... I'm done. I'm leaving, and you won't get any blood. Non-negotiable. I'm going to be bruised enough as it is with the other chick fishing for the veins... I'm sorry, but you got one last shot..." She smiles, "I totally understand." We go through everything again, and this time she nails it! "Sixth time's a charm," I muttered, trying to not focus on the searing pain of blood being sucked from my arm by the vacuum tube. She takes three tubes of crimson from my arm, applies cotton ball and tape and sends me on my way.

And now I'm home. Errands done, just waiting on a return trip for work. My inner elbows are still burning a little with good healthy bruises turning my skin bluish-purple. I should get the blood work results back in a week and I will post them here, provided they are as awesome as Hubby's were.

I'm going to see about getting some serious work done on photos this week since I took about 300 pictures this weekend and I will get them up on here probably Wednesday... Stay tuned for plant girly bits pictures!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011: Pictures And...

A bit of an announcement to everyone. I was laying in bed along side my Hubby last, thinking about our adventures in Grand Haven once and a while when it hit me- I've been missing something. Or rather someone(s). I think any author will tell you that they get to know their characters as they would living breathing people actually in their lives. This is what has been missing- Charlie Braddock, Mac Callahan, Kevin Bryant, and Yoky Nash... I've missed them. I finished the book near the end of April (I know Editor Girl- I am working on getting a copy to you to edit, I promise), and when that was finished- I set it aside and really fell head over heels into my photography. As Hubby put it last night- you're taking a break. All authors need a break once and a while. I think it is about time to end the break from writing- or at least find some way of making my photography and writing coexist.

Hubby also said that maybe "Transfer" the fire fighting book that I've decided will be written all over again from square one, isn't ready for me yet. That maybe that group of people in fiction land and the ideas I have for that book and it's sequel, aren't ready to get to know me yet, and that I should go back and be with those fake people in "Medics" for a while. See how they've been, see how they've changed... And I am going to. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, working title "Medics 2" will be starting today.

So until I have the first pages written and posted here... Let's enjoy my sense of humor and some great photography shall we???


From the fog it appeared- the ship they called Ghost... On it? Only the baseball cap wearing captain and his beer swilling first mate named Dork.

It was 85 degrees when we crossed the draw bridge into Grand Haven. As we got closer and closer to the pier, the temperature display in my truck dropped numbers two at a time. When we got to the beach parking lot- it was hovering at seventy degrees. This is what happens when it is hot and humid and the lake temp is still at 47 degrees...

I happen to love the sport continuous mode on the new camera! It take twenty pictures in less then 2 seconds- hence these shots- the best of 60 taken. Cool pictures- dumb kids. That water is f*in freezing and shallow right there to boot.

Where to begin??? First off- mad props for being brave enough to wear a two piece being that, shall we say, fluffy? But a red picnic tablecloth print? Covered up by a tribal meets flower in monochrome barf blouse? And let's look at her ink, shall we? I'm all for interesting tattoos- please do not get me wrong- but holy shit woman... "I rock like a F*in... (can't and don't want to read the rest)" what??? As for her front side? Blackish-maroon lipstick, badly dyed black hair, and Paris Hilton meets Kanye West sunglasses... Oh boy...

Tractor at Night- I shall call this one. I thought what the camera did with this long exposure was friggin' awesome!!

Ivory Spark- yes my inside iris photography also works on flowers that are not iris'...

This peony is a mind blowing shade of pink- then I zoomed in and played with the light coming from the sunset... In short- if you set this picture as a wall paper on your computer- it will make you grow a uterus and give you PMS... But ain't it great?

This is with the zoom only half way out- looking at the moon. OMG- I about died! Next full moon- Hubby is never going to get me in the house- FYI- that'll be the 14th of this month.

This alien looking flower is what my grapevine arbor is covered in. Oh boy- looks like someone's gonna have to learn how to make grape jam!!

The return of the funky iris! I think it might be a cross breed between the yellow and deep purple iris we already had growing in this garden... Either way- it sure is damn cool looking!

This is one of my favorite houses in all of Grand Haven City- not to be confused with my favorite houses along the beach. It's directly across from the fire station on Washington and I can definitely see a novel taking place here, can't you?

A honey bee- very cool and rarely seen where there aren't any flowers- like on the end of the pier.

Thursday, June 9, 2011: Lightning Pictures from Last Night...

So- I think I need to get better at the whole, how it looks in my viewfinder vs. how it looks in real life, but holy poop--- these shots did turn out nicely, didn't they? Plus they are big! Like I didn't have to stretch them or anything! Love it!!!

I did in fact start "Medics 2" yesterday, cranked out ten pages in two hours- not too shabby... I plan on writing more tonight since nothing is on T.V. and Hubby has to work. Writing and do laundry that is...

For everyone interested- I have created a Facebook page for my photography, listed under Michelle Premer- in spite of my trying to make it a business page, it turned out as a personal page- oh well... Shit happens. It is still under construction, but will be up and running for the most part by the middle of next week...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011: Ketchup, Mustard, and Annoying

Drop your quarter in the slot and crank back on the handle- folks. Hear that? The rant machine is about to wind up! Last night, post dinner with Dad, we stopped at the local gas station for a minute. I needed Monster for today (HA! My run got canceled due to truck going poof!), and also I bought a lotto ticket. The clerk at the gas station- let's just say my turd yesterday morning had more brain power... And it probably doesn't help that the woman (girl, whatever) is a buck toothed trailer park kid with no common sense and a horrible whispery slurred tone of voice. As if trying to figure out if she was talking ot me or muttering to herself wasn't enough- two high school age bitches marched in and stood not one foot behind me in line. Bursting my protective personal bubble is an understandment!

The oldest (and most rude) of the two... I don't know what she was chewing on- cud, a used condom, gum- I dunno but it was this loud slurping smack sound in my fuckin ear! Then she shouts, not talks, shouts to her friend next to her, "This cashier bitch totally f*d me over on my change and I'm going to like, ya know, ask her to give it back, ya know?" Dear goddess- this is our future generation? Are you F*in kidding me? Then the stupid little sluts (I don't wear pajamas with THAT little of fabric! Much less go into public wearing what these two were), wouldn't get out of my way to let me leave. I glared at them and told them to move, or I'd move them my F*in-self. The youngest muttered, stupid old people in my direction... I damn near killed them I swear! There was going to be a beat down at the quickie mart and no one to stop it... I took a deep breath and left, knowing my dad was getting impatient since it took so long in the first place, and Hubby wouldn't like to see me dragged away in handcuffs, I'm sure. This, ladies and gentlemen- is the future generation for us... Is anyone else completely terrified?

Rant Number 2, but still the same idea: Hitting the rewind button since we are on the topic of kids and stupidity- this past weekend I got to spend two days with Hubby selling bike helmets at summer celebration in Sports Mom's and Lawyer heaven- aka small bedroom community in Northern Kent County. Holy crap! Kids! Kids dressing like sluts and hookers and damn near mooning people went they bent over to pick up their Blackberry's they dropped! Short should not double as panties- especially if you're not old enough to drive yet! I saw more "fully clothed" ass cheek in the span of two days then I have seen total in four years of marriage! Who in the hell let's their 14 year old daughter leave the house in a nipple revealing tight tank top and pantie shorts??? No wonder kids are getting kidnapped and used for dirty deeds- look at how they dress?! Teen pregnancy on the rise? No shit...

Rant Number 3: I realize we were there representing an EMS agency and providing basic boo-boo band-aid care. Given that concept- just because all our signs and balloons say "Itty Bitty Rusty Ford Ambulance" and we were giving kids tours of a rig... Hang on- I'm rambling now. There was a major medical just a couple blocks up from where we were Saturday. Major being all over the news and horribly over covered by WOODTV 8 and their "Safe Water" campaign. Now we were there, worried about the crew and the patient, given there was a mini parade of emergency vehicles that went screaming down the street past us. Hubby and I huddled around the radio (on super low volume, barely audible to us, due to all the people trying to get information) to listen to the medcom report the crew called in en route to the hospital... That does not give Joe F*in Blow the right to demand to know what going on. John Q dumbass has no right at all to demand to know what's going on, why were they driving so fast, and what was the address they went to!!! While we got information through out the day on the patient's condition- that doesn't not mean we will tell you, Miss Nosy Bitch, how they are doing and if there will be an investigation- watch WOODTV 8- I'm sure they will do a bang up job on the shit smearing and questionable efforts to find out.

Aside from the ranting and raving- I had a lot of fun with the company of some really great medics, EMT's, fire department guys, and police officers. Oh- and the general public. People watching was great fun, had by all. And a bought a cute two pairs of earrings to boot!

Beyond that- here are some pictures I took from the two days we were down there, plus a couple extras at the bottom.


I like how everything is still- but the ride... That's just cool...

This is super sexy mime guy that walks around the festival for two days. And he does talk. Last year, after he was done for the miserably hot day- he stopped by our tent for a bottle of water and a little venting- and flirting with me... LOVE IT!!

This guy was a medic from some Denver, I think it was, agency... Wearing the "I'm a super special person" coat and trying to prove he was better then everyone else in EMS. If you have to carry an ego THAT BIG- you suck. I'm sorry, but show what you can do, don't TALK what you can do. D-bag.

Yet again- a classic reference to why sweatpants in public should be illegal! WTF?

Very cute woman with incredible ink... Never got to talk to her. Damn.

Carnival at night on the fireworks setting- this is my current desktop!

And fireworks, on the fireworks setting- I about fell over when I looked at these the next day!

These were taken with the rapid action setting on my camera, I set them up in a series- Nifty huh?

My camera is the poo! I love that I can shoot the moon this clearly!!! Just wait till I post the full moon pics I took last night!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011: Wound Up Tight...

This is the next installment of the 365 project- Days 80-102.

I am amazingly wound up tighter then a seven day clock, and still I'm circling the drain of boredom- how does that work? Anyone? Anyone at all have any ideas? My weekly schedule has revolved around my weekend schedule and I find myself hiding in the house during the week to re-coup after my weekends.

Last Friday and Saturday- it was the summer festival Hubby and I worked the booth at, then Sunday was my nephews baptisim. This weekend- Saturday is the craft booth with Mom and a bar-b-q with the cousins and my brother's family, and Sunday is the family bar-b-q here at our house. The next weekend- Friday will be final touches on the house in order for the party we're having here for Suicide Girls West MI (members only, sorry ya'll) which will be an automatic overnight for those that drink. The weekend after that--- I have no idea, but our 4th of July is booked I do know that. The weekend after that- the 11th of July now folks- Hubby and I have another craft fair/fitness fair booth we are selling helmets at... OMG! I'm exhausted and hardly any of it has happened yet!

Last night- I think the stress got too me. I thought our fridge was on the blink- the light was off when I opened it and I couldn't hear it running- yet no breakers were popped, and the ice cubes were melting. I instantly went into panic mode- "Must Save it!" So Hubby pulled it from the wall, I cleaned the back of it, and under it, and inside it- thinking that the accumulation of dog hair, cat hair, and general dust bunnies were causing the issue. We put it back, filled it back up and opened the door again- the light was off- but it was running. I started to bawl. I mean sobbing while sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor with tears streaming down my face... "It can't die! It just can't! It was Gramma's fridge and it's only 11 years old! I can't handle it if the fridge dies! What are we going to do?!" Hubby had an idea, he reached in to check something--- the light bulb was loose. Holy shit- it was only the light bulb being loose! The melting ice cubes? A plastic baggy had fallen between the door seal and the freezer, not letting it close.

I was absolutely mortified the rest of the night last night, trying to avoid Hubby's looks of worry, concern, and curiosity to if I was mentally "broken" and needed to talk to someone at the doctors. This morning- it's funny to me. I'm still a little embarrassed by it all but can get a giggle out of it.

I think I need to chill. I really do. I've got about a days work of things to get done for the craft booth displays so I might start getting that all done... Wish me luck!

Sunday, June 19, 2011: Vvaaa-Rooommm!!!

I am a serious slut for the chrome. More chrome, the sexier the car... And oh my god- the hot rod show at the craft fair I was selling at was enough to be still anyone's beating heart!

I sold two prints yesterday and handed out about thirty business cards- crossing my fingers that no one wants me for weddings... I just don't want the stress. You've got the opinions of the bride and groom, the groom's parents, the bride's parents, siblings, and god help you- the wedding planner... I'll do engagement photos- no hassle there. It's me, the couple, and my camera- just hanging out and taking pictures. Nice and easy. Same idea about senior pictures- please no? Mom's can be fickle wench's that cannot shut up or stop inputting information, or spit polishing their offspring... But I wouldn't be oppose to trying I suppose- I've just heard horror stories and back in college assisted a photographer I modeled for on senior picture sets.

Today- since my dear Hubby is working- AGAIN, for the 5th day in a row with another 12 hour shift waiting for him tomorrow- I am doing laundry, working on a small craft project, cleaning up the house, and as soon as this blog is shot off to the mighty web- will be working on "Medics 2". Thus far- the book is passed the 10,000 word mark. Holy crap. I think I was destined to write this one before "Transfer's" re-work. It's almost like I never left my friends from "Medics".

Fun, fun... Back to painting my craft project and writing. Maybe I'll even get to see my hubby today- like for two hours before he falls asleep into his dinner plate... Stupid people suck and those that are "stickin' it to management" by not picking up extra shifts- are childish and don't deserve the jobs they have. Being obtuse little assholes should be a firable offense. Just sayin'.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011: Storm Battered...

We made it through. What I thought was just going to be one of those infamous "pop-up" thunderstorms yesterday afternoon turned into a massive freight train effect of severe storms that kicked the crap outta us. Actually it blew around a couple really heavy chairs and torn apart out grapevine arbor. It kicked the crap out of the baby robin we found with some minor injuries, soaking wet and shaking in the grass below the maple tree.

I made a make shift nest for him in a guinea pig cage on the kitchen counter while Hubby cupped him in a towel and used the blow dryer on warn/low to dry the poor thing out. Once all the storms had cleared out, it was obvious that the mama robin was looking for him. So I took the cage outside, draped it in a towel and put it on the ground next to the maple tree with the door open. It took about an hour, but the mama brought him food, along with three other female robins (looked in my bird book to verify that) and by ten last night- he's "flown" our little nest. A jubilant fist bump and hug was shared by us both, hoping my car vs. bird karma was done and that I had re-deemed myself. Note to self- watching Hubby dig up worms in the garden in a screaming down pour was quite cute and funny. Made me love him just a little bit more:)

I am working hard this morning to get the first round of lightning pictures done from yesterdays storm while the looming threat of more action like yesterday hangs over our heads- slated for the noon to 2pm time slot. I wanna get a few things done before we lose power. I'm almost certain we will lose it since we didn't yesterday in all the storms. I will post pics of the lightning and the baby robin rescue victim Thursday I'm hoping.

P.S. Do you know what happens when you get over 3 inches of rain and an hour and a half? I gots pictures!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011: Rat Snot- My 'Puter Barfed!

This would be the new installment to the 365 project. The saved baby robin is the last picture on the page- Day 116.

I'm almost too frustrated type currently- my 'puter puked! It puked this massive puke that eradicated the blog I had just spent over and hour working on!!! Dear Goddess I am screaming hot mad right now!!! Well then- back to what I can remember...

My crazy busy schedule that could almost be viewed as a social life. Friday- Miss Globug is coming up to hang with Hubby and I before the craziness known as the SG West MI group get together here at Chateau Inkblot on Saturday. But, before the party can get underway, Kirin wants to shoot a photo set. Globug will be assisting and with all hope, Ky will be here to see how a photo shoot is done and get her more interested in the SG things. Other things in the picture taking variety will be the potential engagement photos for a couple Hubby and I know, Ky's future photo sets, another hopeful in GR that wants to work together potentially, and family portraits for Xpird's family in August.

Kirin texted me last night while Hubby and I had dinner with a proposal that I simply cannot take up. If only to take pictures in a place I haven't been to since 6th grade. But for the potential opportunity to show my work to a staff photog with SG. Hubby, for all those cute, lovable selfish reason doesn't want me to go. But he also said he can't not let me go for the fun that is to be had. Four word hint: One Day Road Trip!

Last night, after dinner, Hubby and I curled up on the couch and started watching a show on PBS- Art Wolfe's Travels to the Edge. For those that don't know- AW is major big time in the photography world. Then I got nervous. The deep lingering self doubt that plagues me from time to time. That "I'm not good enough" feeling. I walked into the green living room on my way to get a gumball ( new addiction) and stopped to look at something. The twelve pictures of mine framed by the century old window frame we put together as a display of my work for the craft fair last weekend. It's now hanging in the green living room, taking up the wall where all my paintings used to be.

"I am good enough... Sure, he can take awesome landscapes and get paid ass loads of money for them, but has he ever stopped with his $8000 camera and peered inside an iris? He's all BIG picture... I'm LITTLE picture. Dammit, I am damn good!" Hubby laughed at me, then gave me a hug and a kiss... Ahhhhh- Marriage is great.

But enough bullshitting since I cannot remember all of what was in the excellent blog I had written before... Here's photos from the Tuesday storms here. With quippy comments from yours truly :)

I was taking care of the shop for an hour since my brother get's done at 5p and my Dad had an hot dog selling date at the farm museum... Oh yeah- that's all rain, not fog.

Since it was raining so hard, I looked around the building to make sure all was okay... It wasn't. This is the water covering the floor in one of the stalls after I beat up the sump pump to get the shop draining. Oh S*&t!

When I got home- this was what we watched from the front windows- no, that is not a lopsided pine tree- that is how frickin' hard the wind was blowing!

This about the time we found poor little wet robin. Hubby was digging up earth worms while I was taking snappy's of the passing storm, our chairs down by the wood crib, and the rainbow- all in one shot!

This would be the way less strong line of storms Tuesday night. But man were they pretty!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011: Long Time- No Bloggy!

I have not died, I assure you. I have just been so screaming busy I have not had anytime to myself long enough to write a blog. This will be corrected tomorrow.

Stay tuned for these smashing topics:

SG West MI party summary

Marn 'e Walker's band singing tunes from the 50's

Photos galore

and... " go feed your bastardized nuclear fallout gerbils so they will shut up!"

Thursday, June 30, 2011: Blah, Blah, BLOG!!!

Friday night after Globug got into town, she Hubby and I all went o dinner at this new place a few miles from where we live called Marn ‘e Walkers. Get it? It’s on the county line between Marne and Walker! They so clever!!! Anyhoo- the menu looked good and we sat talking and doodling on the butcher paper table cloth with the provided crayons…

Then the band started to play. I have absolutely no problem with Big Band songs.None what so ever, but when the singer mutilates it, makes it sound more poppy then it should be… I grit my teeth and make wise cracks like “Ahh.. another classic tune listened to by all while watching Pearl Harbor explode…” To make things worse, she didn’t wear her skirt well and insisted on doing custey little spins. What she didn’t realize I don’t think was the fact that with each spin, the audience got a “great” view of her bloomers! Not sexy. But the food was absolutely great!!! Hubby and Globug both loved the olive burgers with four olive ramelade and I very much liked my French dip and fries! The roasted veggie hummus and pita chips wasn’t too shabby either.

Saturday morning came around, and after drinking coffee and getting dressed, Globug, Hubby, and I ventured out to Alpine for the food for the party. Us and about half a million other people that is! Save-a-lot wasn’t bad at all. In fact, it was dead as shit. So that leg of shopping went quick. We continued on to Walmart in search of the food stuffs that the other store didn’t have. That was a mistake. Holy shit balls was that place packed! It took over half an hour for Hubby to even get to the part o the register line to unload the cart while Globug and I got lunch for the three of us at the in-store Subway. Provided by slow-poke service by the staff there. Then it was off to get the balloons. That went well, save for the visual nightmare of a girl who was obviously a cutter wearing duct tape and gauze jewelry. I get that cutting is a cry for emotional help, but shit! She was cutting all the way up her arms, and on her shins… It looked more like shock value then a cry for help.

We came home and I cleaned while Hubby and Globug prepped and made the delicious feast for the evening. Around 2pm, I left to go pick up Ky and a ice. Again- went very well. We all hung out at the house, nibbling on food while waiting for Kirin to get there. Then it was the girls loading up into the truck and going down to my parents woods for the photo shoot. A set for Kirin with Globug assisting me the glorious photographer, and Ky seeing what a photoset is all about. Great huge laughs and fun had by all four of us, lemmie tell ya. And the pictures (475 of them) are F@ing awesome!

Post photo shoot, other guests had arrived and I brought Ky home to change, then brought her up to work. When I got back, it was food time! After food was bonfire bonanza. Right up until I toppled the meager flames by trying to add more burnable twigs to it.

Eventually, we got a great fire burning. I drank too much wine and got a little loud and gabby. Around ten or eleven people started leaving for the night, leaving only Globug to stay over. No worries, because Hubby made us a great breakfast of homemade hash browns, sausage, scrambled eggs, bacon, and fancy toast. YUMMMM!! Then I set up the massage table outside under the Maple tree and Hubby gave Globug a badly needed massage. I made a great pitcher of spa quality ice water, including lemon slices and lavender.

That was the weekend re-cap. This week has been quite busy with errands and work. Home stuff- yeah, I’ve been editing and working on hundreds of photos. So far, the one day road trip with Kirin is still very much on and I cannot wait for the photo snapping fun that shall be had. Poor Kirin- stuck in a car on the three hour one way trip with me and a camera… No good shall come of this J

Tuesday evening, Hubby and I were trying to watch TV, but after cranking up the volume only so much- I realized the noise was the piggies. They were tearing shit apart and making a ton of noise, just to get attention of course. Plus they were doing the creepy, staring at the back of your head till you got paranoid gesture that just weird’s me out anyways. I was on a bit of a pineapple upside-down cake sugar high when my mouth start spouting off. “Will you please feed your bastardized, nuclear fallout mutated gerbils and make them shut up!” I screeched to Hubby, making him laugh. Every time I told the pigs to shut up, they only got louder. Goober was chewing on the steel cage bars like some neurotic heroin addict, while Sam was screaming his head off. Babe was on top of the house rattling the roof like a mosh pit member, and Elliott- well, he was singin’ his love songs to the ladies (Goober and Babe). Like I said- this is what happens when gerbils meet nuclear fallout- you get our clan of guinea pigs. Noise and all.

Today- I punched in for work around 6:15 this morning. So I am slightly tired. That and I don’t think I slept very well. BLAH… On the way up tot Hart to return a rig to them, I was given a special treat! A car full of girl hippies flashed me! I saw boob (plural). The “Electric Forest” festival is this weekend up in Rothbury and people, hippies and techno music fans a like, are headed North en masse. I haven’t seen that many out of state plates since I lived on Camp Lejeune! New York, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Ohio, Ontario (the Canada one), South Carolina… Mighty impressive, I must say!

Yesterday, I got an e-mail from my mom about a pending photo competition she wants me to enter. Sounds like fun and there is prize money involved. Plus the submittal is easy enough. You mail in a cd with the pictures on it. They decide if they want your work in the show, then you have like a month to print, mat, and frame the buggers. Plus there is a super swanky reception for the artists. I am submitting two pieces, both the maximum for the amount I have to pay to submit and number of pieces allow per artist. I’m gonna get my thirty bucks worth for entering. I haven’t decided if I’m going to sell them, there is a 30% commission per piece if I do. I will have to figure out 30% of my asking price, subtract it, then add it again for a total price. That way I won’t lose money after they take their share, right? Isn’t that how it works?

My photographer calendar is filling up quite nicely, now if only actual dates would get set… I know I have a bunch of new photos I want to put up for sale here on the blog, but time denotes I have no idea when I might actually put them up. I have a bunch of new great lightning shots to post, along with other assorted beauty. But time, is fleeting. Between work this week, trying to spend any quality time with Hubby, and the book… I am constantly busy! Unfortunately- it looks as though Hubby will be working all weekend, so maybe- just maybe- hours of computer bonding time will occur. They need like 10 plus holes in the schedule filled, plus he’s working a 24 hour shift on the fourth. I am not complaining about that- since it will be holiday pay.

But, I need to finish editing pictures for the photo competition decision and work on my novel a bit. I've got lots of ideas about making my cranium burst!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011: It's Picture Day!!!

Happy 4th of July! Blow something up and tell a United State's veteran thank-you for their service!

So- my brain is addled with being ever so slightly icky ill so I'm going to post pictures from the past few days. Other then the pictures, my quippy comments are going to be the only creativity today, sorry folks. When I feel better, my blog will be better, promise!!!


Not the best in quality, but then again- my camera simply would not focus and I took the shot anyways... Spooky yet neat.
Shots from the storms on Thursday and Friday.
This is one of two entries for the photo competition I am entering- I call this "Crest Fallen". Another fluke shot that turned out very dark and twisty. LOVE IT!!

I found this receipt from the store Saturday night just stupid funny... Get it? Chub... Muffin... Insert stupid giggles here.
The old Marne cemetery on Sunday...
A powerful, patriotic photo. Kinda says it all this weekend.

Little did we know there were oodles of blackberry bushes all over the place. So after I snapped my fill of pictures- we picked three pounds of the tasty little buggers. My wrists still hurt a little from the thorn digs.

This was a fluke shot, honestly. I had no idea the bee would settle in on the flower I was photographing. Very very cool...

You just cannot go wrong or go without smiling, when you see guinea pigs eating watermelon, can you? I took 400 pictures in fifteen minutes of the little darlings. The top picture is Samuel J. Pigg and the bottom two are of Babe the miniature monster. When we got her, she could fit in the palm of our hand. Now- it takes almost more then two hands to hold her.

Hubby took this awesome shot of me... I look good! Plus I didn't crack one fat joke about myself when I saw this picture.

I was playing around a too this of my eyes. Very soulful...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011: In the News...

Locally- Baby Kate is still missing from her home in the Ludington area. This is tragic, sick, depressing, and infuriating. Make the stupid little bastard that took her talk! I'm sure there is someone up there in the North country familiar with the concept of water boarding!!! Or some similar painful methods of getting the truth. Just simply torture the jerk and make him talk! Make him tell everyone where the little girl is- dead or alive. How complicated is this? The stupid jerk kidnapped baby Kate form her mother because of a bullshit paternity test! Hell of a way to get out of paying child support! Dead beat! Should have used a condom- eh? Same goes for the asshole that kidnapped his three little boys over on the east side of the state. MAKE THEM BOTH TALK! MAKE THEM ADMIT TO WHAT THEY DID AND HAVE THEM TELL THE POLICE WHERE THE KIDS ARE! Sadly- the odds of any of these children being alive is slim to non-existent. But their mother's need to know for certain- they deserve that! They also deserve both police agencies busting their tails until the kids are found. Not making public press conferences explaining why they took so long to file amber alerts or what they haven't found yet...

National- Caycee Anthony. I think that' show it is spelled... Dunno. Anyhoo- everyone knows the story- dead beat, party hard, sleep with everyone young mother kills child, hides body, then proclaims false innocence when the body is found. This ignorant child killing woman should get everything she did to her little girl. Instead- her mother gets on the stand and cops to looking up the so called- "Red Handed" internet searches about Chloroform. Did she forget that her daughter killed her grand daughter? What the hell was she thinking? Guilty until proven innocent, folks. And this poor little girl's mother is just that- guilty. Never mind what the jury said- not guilty? What a load of shit- kinda rings of O.J. Simpson, doesn't it? Tried in the media so long and so much, that the jury just gives up and let's a killer go free. Caycee should be getting the death penalty for what she did to her own daughter. Not getting set free to party hard and end up getting knocked up again. What's gonna happen then? She'll kill another child...

I'm pissed off! Mother's and so-called fathers killing their own children for bullshit excuses. Kidnapping them when a custody hearing won't go the right way... There are so many children in this world that need good parents and these assholes abuse and kill their own flesh and blood. In my humbly loud opinion- there are a lot of people that should be sterilized in this world. Caycee Anthony being candidate number one. Number two? Half the population of Michigan. Ya know- the half that abuse the WIC and Bridge card system- those systems in which my tax dollars and hard work pays for... Children are meant to be loved and nurtures- not used as tax right-offs and WIC qualifications!

Sorry- I'm just filled with a lot of anger and emotion right now. It's all I can do to not turn on the TV these days.

Thursday, July 7, 2011: More Photos!!!

Since I am scope locked on the double mass murders that happened in GR today so I'm posting pictures!!!


This is the a billboard along M-21 just before Lowell. It sucks, it's sad, and who wants to start their day seeing this? Makes me weepy whenever I see it...

Ahhh... Breath deeply and relax with the Lavendar.
Amber Waves of Grain...
Dusk last night. Eat that, I can take good snappy snaps!!!
Days 117-131 of the 365 project...

Friday, July 8, 2011: Bloody Day in GR...

My goddess, yesterday afternoon was insane!!! Around 3pm, there were two grisly discoveries in quiet suburban neighborhoods on the northwest end of Grand Rapids. One home in the 2000 block of Plainfield, there were three bodies- one of which being a 10 year old girl. A few blocks away, in the 1200 block of Brynell, four more bodies discovered- one being another young child. Immediately a manhunt was declared for a man named Rodrick "Shotel", a man that was seen in the area- as well as his car- a tan Lincoln Towncar with "spinner" wheel covers.

Insanity ensued- sighting from every corner of the city (how many people own a tan Lincoln withe spinners? Really?) including a couple a little to close to people I can about and too close to home for my comfort level. So I brought the rifle into the kitchen where I had set up shop working on a drawing. Hours went by with constant coverage. About 6:30pm, he was spotted driving frantically thru down town GR, near the children's museum- popping off shot from his hand gun at crowds of kids at their parents, then struck a cop car. In another location downtown, he tried cutting off a car, that wouldn't let him in. A witness, the driver of the car, said he had evil in his eyes as he turned and shot the passenger, almost removing the man's nose. The only thing that saved him was a titanium plate in his face from a childhood cancer treatment.

He kept running, but now he was in a white GMC suburban. He went blasting to north bound 131, where the state police had laid spike strips down. Rodrick blasted through them, blowing out all four tires on his vehicle. Sheriff's deputies and Michigan State police gave chase- 45 of them running up north bound 131 with traffic cams scope locked on them all, traffic grinding to a halt. The sight itself reminded me of the O.J. Simpson car chase, or anything that comes from Cali in general. Once he got to the junction- where 131 and I-96 meet- he ran around a blockade, through ditches, medians, and went the wrong way up an off ramp to get onto east bound I-96. After thirty seconds, he swerved across three lanes of traffic- through the median, and proceeded at a high rate of speed down the middle of west bound traffic going east. Then he took a chance- he drove off the embankment near Coit Ave.

He got out of the suburban, ran to the first house he found and kicked in the door. MSP, Sherriff's, swat, tactical teams, snipers, and the high brass of the GR police department swarmed the neighborhood- closing it off, brandishing rifles and evacuating residents while psycho set up shop and took three hostages in the house. A house, about three blocks away from the Plainfield crime scene. The it settled into 3 hours of negotiations. At ten, he released one hostage. A swirl of activity started around eleven, including paramedics advancing past their staging area. At eleven thirty, one person was brought out on a cot, while the medics went into the house. He had killed himself- self inflicted justice. Better for him, death in his own hands rather then by cop. Better for us, if they had taken him alive- we would have all paid for his room and board courtesy of the state of Michigan. Too bad we don't have the death penalty here- we need it.

It was mayhem. The deadliest day in Grand Rapids history. Seven confirmed dead, multiple others shot with non-life threatening injuries, four very traumatized hostages, and a city left to clean up the mess and figure out why he did what he did. At last count, this one man racked up seven crime scenes! Some said he was an angry, violent man. Other's say he was bi-polar. And even other's say it might have been drug related. The innocent people he slaughtered were family to him, including the 10 year old girl- that was his baby.

It makes me sick! Lunatic or not. On drugs or not. I'm glad he inflicted justice on himself. I'm said for the families mourning the loss of family members killed for no reason. Another note of this that makes me sick to my stomach is the ignorant bastards in the state that are passing judgement and assuming it's just another violent act by people of his skin color. What a fucking joke! Yes, he was African. But don't psychos come in different colors? Bin Laden was what color? The Columbine kids were what color? Tim McVeigh, what color? Members of the drug Cartels down south, what color are they? To make this sad situation race related is absolutely retarded!!! There's no reason to make this a black/white issue. Because it isn't. We don't know why he did what he did, we might not ever know. But I'm pretty damn certain it had absolutely nothing to do with skin color.

For those racist, ignorant, insipid, mentally challenged, judgmental F*r's passing judgement on a situation they cannot comprehend with their pathetically tiny little brains- F-OFF & SELF-INFLICT YOURSELVES, PLEASE? World will be a better place without you!!!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011: A Rant Worth a Warning...


Here's a rant. I have been trying to rationally think things thru today since the rant causing event happened- but I just cannot rationalize how I am feeling. So, try as I might, I will attempt in censoring myself to the best of my ability. And if by some fluke of god- should the offending party- the one who caused me to get this upset... If he has the balls to attempt to take this blog to management in an attempt to shut me up- Fuck off (so much for the censoring). My opinion, my blog, go screw yourself with a chainsaw- I'm begging you!

To call in sick is one thing. To call in for a family emergency, another thing. Both are logical and explainable. But to call in with a lame ass "Don't feel like working" attitude pisses me off, the poor wife whose husband has to fill your shift on his one and only day off for the next foreseeable two weeks. He and I had made plans to spend the day together- the second day in a month, mind you. To do household putter projects, and maybe go have lunch in Grand Haven (he didn't know I was planning this part). But nope- shouldn't have even bothered planning something. That tells the sad truth that for some unknown fucking reason- we trusted everyone would have a work ethic and do as they were scheduled! How stupid was that? Stupid, stupid us for wanting to spend a little time together!!! Unfortunately- we are not the only couple forced into living separate lives from their spouses. There are two other men and two other wives mixed into this sad classification.

When, sir douchbag- Offending Party, called in sick at exactly one and a half hours past the end of shift paging- with no real reason for calling in. This person even called in to a neutral party- not to the individual on call. Gee- wonder why? No balls perhaps? This person has no work ethic (uh-oh... least I didn't post that on Facebook), like a few others I am forced to deal with now and again. They call in sick more then actually working their scheduled shifts, and is also the first person to scream, bitch, whine, and complain when their ass get forced into filling holes in the schedule. This person is also the type who scours Facebook and tries to get anyone and everyone written up by management when something they said (not relating to you in the fucking slightest, BTW) when it tramples all over their one feeling. Boo-hoo! Booo-hoo! Grow the hell up! What are you, ten years old???

So please- if the Offending asswipe- er I meant Party has the nerve to run screaming and crying to a higher up- sighting my blog as "offensive"- please, please try. My opinion, my blog, not at all company affiliated- I haven't even used a real name on here in ages!!! Go ahead-Prove that I'm talking about you! Grow a pair and call me out on it direct- there's a better option, but since you don't have the balls to call into the right person, I dare guess Offending Party doesn't have hair one on thine satchel to e-mail me or call me personally, do you? You're just afraid I'd give it to your straight, aren't you? Chicken shit. Poof! Like magic, you are banned from my life and are no more then a pesky insect I shall splatter across my busy life's windshield.

Oh wait- oops... I lost a potential photo purchasing client just now, didn't I? Uh-oh... My bad (fakes a sad face for 1/2 a nanosecond). Then again you never really were going to purchase some of my photos, were you? Should have seen that coming... Might I suggest if you still need decoration for your walls, perhaps you should go to Walmart. They have really good deals on mindless posters. You seem more the type for a "Dogs Playing Poker" or maybe you are classy enough for a "Hannah Montana" poster rather then actual pieces of artwork like I photograph and sell.

Do me a favor- and do not try to explain yourself to me. Do not attempt to be friendly to me, if in fact you've actually read this, Offending Party. You are not worth my time. I do find it hilarious that more then a few people already knew who it was... Gee... Anyone else sensing a pattern? That's sad. Maybe instead of calling in sick, Offending Party should call in "I quit..." that'll save a lot of people a lot of effort.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011:Earlier today

I have pulled the post I wrote earlier today out for respect for my Husband, myself, and innocent readers that don't need to see how far my temper can flare. But I'm sure it is still sitting in more then a few e-mail inboxes out there in the wide world...

Thursday, July 14, 2011: Suck-tas-tic!!!

Tuesday night, Mom, Dad, Hubby and I went to Golden Corral in Norton Shores for dinner. Oh boy... Nothing like the general public at a place like that to make you feel normal! The first blessed beast I noticed was--- We'll call her Special Ed. Claudette. She was a sight to behold, lemmie tell ya. Bowl cuts were outdated like what, 20 years ago? Add to that bottle thick glasses, bad skin, and an ambling gait and she defined special. Claudette had wardrobe malfunctions. Her way too short shorts kept riding up you know where and she constantly picked them ot of her lady bits and butt, not caring who was looking or where she was. For instance, standing at the fruit buffet, she picked her shorts from her butt, use the tongs to plate some pineapple. Then she would pick the shorts from her lady bits, use the tongs and plate some jello... Not good. Really gross!!! IIICCCKKKKYYYYY!!!!!!

Then there was Bedazzler-a-holic. Oh my god... Never, EVER did I think you could honestly go overboard with fake rhinestones (I like sparkly things) but holy shit did she! What didn't help the matter is that her behind (where most of the glittering atrocity was committed) was equal to the size of an aircraft carrier!!! Her butt sparkled more then a damn disco ball!!! It hurt to look at, but then again- you simply could not look away!

Lastly- there was the 80's Hair Band Hooker. Yes- she had 80's hair- in a really bad way... But what struck me the most was her outfit. Now I understand that Golden Corral isn't a high end, dress up kinda eatery, but shit! A little public decency isn't too much to ask for is it? From the top- a hot pink bikini top used as a bra, under an 80's hair band tee shirt, completely shredded in the back. Next- a skirt, or it could have been a pillow case she got stuck around her waist, that came halfway down her butt cheeks. Fully revealing her hot pink panties, that were briefs but looked more like a thong. Then the customary stripper shoes and bad tattoos down her calves... A sight to behold... Oh wait- I have a cell phone pic of her!!!

Anyone else think I should send this into Cosmo or Glamour???

Last night- we went out and met Mouse and her former boss for drinks and dinner at the Raddisson in Grand Rapids. The "lounge" was called "The Landing".... More like Crash Landing, if you asked me. There was seating for 70, plus a dance floor, and full service bar in a room no bigger then a normal living room. Yikes! It was seedy and dark and depressing- with sunlight coming thru the windows... Then the prices... WTF? No free refills on non alcoholic drinks, Huh? No free glasses of water- only bottled water at $1.50 a pop. Food ranged from cheap to ridiculous and wasn't anything I'd ever eat again- unless I was held captive by angry terrorists. Even then I'd opt for the tank flattened road kill tacos... The only thing I did enjoy (other then the company) was the view. The Grand River floating lazily along it's banks and views of the city... Other then that- it blew.

Today, I am trying to hide from the sunlight since it really hurts. Not due to sunburn but due to a migraine from hell. Light hurts. Sound hurts. I've tried black coffee, espresso, Excedrin Migraine, peppermint/lavender oil, hot packs... Nothing works! This sucks! I hate migarines! I wish I drank last night (four iced teas does not induce migraines) or had my monthly wonder- that would at least explain away the headache, but nope. Nothing. Not even a toothache!!! What the hell??? I've been busy scheduling a lot of photo shoots, but that isn't exactly stress inducing, so it cannot be that... I just want the damned troll that chiseling away at my temples to go the hell away already!!!

So- I am going to spend the day laying low, hiding in the dark. I did want to work on the novel but honestly, my cranium hurts too much...

Monday, July 18, 2011: Blah is a Feeling...

My new addiction… It whispers to me from its woven linen bag hidden in a shadowy corner. Its sweet earthy perfume clinging to my mind and thoughts laced with intricate lines and loops. The darken paste adorning my skin, releasing a perfume the mystics once spoke of as magical… Loops, coils, dots, and swirls decorating my flesh with its power and beauty. The orange at first stain deepening to an earth shade of brown- making me more aware of the skin on my left forearm and left foot… Henna. My new addiction... Never had I thought my doodles would be so beautiful as they are right now…

I finally got the nerve to buy a couple Henna kits this weekend, and this morning I bought more paste and oil on Amazon… I love tattoos, and these are semi-permeanant ones that I can do whenever and wherever I choose. And if I take care of them- they can last for weeks! Love it!!! Plus, it gives me an excuse to constantly smell like a hippie with patchouli oil or lavender oil slicked onto my skin. I can now freely doodle on myself!!

In Suicide Girls news- Kirin’s new set “Work it Out” posted today!! She and I had our iffy moments about it, but hopefully everyone will like it. Personally- I think the next set that will be going into member review will be way better- but then again… I shot it. So I’m biased.

In other news- it’s hot. It is so fucking hot that when you step out of an air conditioned bubble, your lungs hurt, your skin sizzles, and sweat? No that would be called personal rainforest conditions!! If you take a shower- you never feel dried off. If you go outside to say… fart- you break a sweat. I lived in North Carolina for four years, and only a handful of times was it this gross- for like three days in a row. Weather guessers here are calling for this crap to go on long into next week… Spec-f*in-tacular!!!

I will warn everyone now- on Thursday I will not be posting my customary- Hubby’s at work, long blog, like usual. I will be doing a ride along with two handsome men on the ambulance. Friday- however- there will probably be a great blog filled with observations and hilarity. I really like the two guys I will be on the truck with and am very much looking forward to running some good calls to put in the new “Medics 2” novel. Shit- I really need to find a better title then that… Let’s see- the first one is simply “Medics” so then this one could be…. “Priority Two”? “DOA”? Dunno yet… Might post a web poll about possible titles…

So I guess this’ll be it for today… I’m kinda out of stuff to say for the moment… Later!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011: Dissapointment- What a Bitch.

Lookie Lookie- I guess I do get to write a blog today. I've been up since 4:30am, went to my designated ride-a-long station, only ti find out someone over booked the flight with me and another third rider- a new employee. Being graceful, I bowed out- went shopping at Walmart and came home. Funny how I went three for pig tomatoes and toilet paper, and walked out with a handful of school supplies, ravioli in a can, and cleaning products... My head isn't in the game, and shopping while upset- is never a good thing.

I'm disappointed. I'm pissed. I'm upset. I'm seriously bummed out. I am a very schedule oriented kinda gal, and setting aside a whole day to "play paramedic" for the good of the book was something I have been looking forward to. As was the crew I was going to be working with today. So to have to bow out and walk away after getting up blisteringly early, taking my motion sickness pills (that taste like raspberry flavored ass!) chugging caffeine (only got five hours of sleep) sucks so much more then what I am actually going to write on here. Hubby's encouragement- "Well, you got the house cleaned and picked up, so now you can work on the novel today, can't ya?" Bless his heart- he meant well. But I really think working on the novel at this point of anger towards the whole paramedic thing, wouldn't be a great idea. I'm too apt to kill of a character that doesn't exist yet, actually.

In other book related news- Editor Girl came over last night and I handed off a final copy "Medics" to her. Seeing her eyes light up at the concept of reading it again, in it's revised form, made me very happy. Still nervous, but very happy. Yet another step in the direction of getting it published. Now to jut grow big enough balls to write a query/submission letter...

In local area news- in my opinion... There has been a rash of stupid people dying. Cases in point: Number one-kid, that cannot swim, jumps off train bridge into swift moving Muskegon River. Second- teenager (who they call uncle on the news but his "nephews" are older then him), who also cannot swim, tries to "swim" across the Muskegon channel and drowns. Two miles from my house on Monday- teenage girl blows thru an stop sign (while playing with her cell phone- go F*ing figure) when a family of five in a van broadside her, flipping her car upside down in a cornfield- she died. Case four- mans runs over 2 year old child in the street, kills child. Mother's baby daddy runs out and violently stabs the driver of the vehicle. Cases one and two- if you cannot F*ing swim do not go into the F*ing water! Dumbasses!!! Case three- if you need to F around with your phone, pull your car (aka 3000 death missile) onto the side of the road and F with it there!!!

Now- what really chaps my ass cheeks with these three news stories- is the parents and family members and their need to look like F*ing special ed poster children while talking to news media. "It's a tragedy, ya'll. Someone's needs 'ta block it off er- somethin' so's no'body's else gunna die!" HUH??? How about instead of blaming everyone else in the damn world- why don't you just admit you raised an idiot kid(s). You child/"uncle" was a F*ing moron. Admit it! At the shrine for lil miss stupidity near here, there is a sign- it's reads- paraphrasing of course :"How many more people have to die here before the township does anything?" Let's try this again- Huh? You're daughter was a F*ing idiot for diddling with her phone, while driving, and not paying attention to the road she was on. SHE SMOKED A STOP SIGN! AN INNOCENT PERSON, WHO HAD THE RIGHT OF WAY, SLAMMED INTO HER CAR, KILLING HER!!! I feel bad for that person. That person that has to live with themselves for killing another human being without reason. The girl, in spite of her family's tearful media story, is a moron.

Case four- how things should be done! Eye for an eye- people! You killed his son, he tries to kill you. Jackass that went on a shooting rampage in GR a couple weeks ago- blows own head off. This is justice served! Justice served street style, they way most shit should be handled and dealt with!I have no problem agreeing with what this child's "step-daddy" "baby daddy" what ever he was, did. I'm glad he did it! Sure, he has to go to jail for a while, but he;ll get off on the technicality of emotional distress, Case solved, ya'll!!!

The moral of this story- if you are a fucking idiot or your child is a fucking idiot- admit it. DO NOT blame everyone else or the color of the sky or the height of the grass for what you or they did. Does it suck people are stupid? Yes. Do I feel bad for them when they die? Not at all. Two other classic, parents blaming the world for their idiot kids deaths- Daniel Reese and Andrew Fox, both of Grand Haven. Danny boy went for a walk on the pier on a November night with 18 foot waves. He got washed off and killed. They found pieces of his body the following summer. Andy, well, he went for a swim. In eight foot waves with a high risk of rip currents. His body was found a week later. Stupid kids with parents that blame everyone but themselves for their parenting skills in bad judgement. Assholes and idiots- the world is full of them. Go ahead and make more please! I get a kick out of how they die in the long run.

Wow- I am bitter and cranky today. Many apologies....


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