That is what was left on my scrabble tile rack last night before we ended the game due to me wanting to watch thunder storms. Kinda sounds like a drunk hunter from the Upper Pennisula when you ask him, wanna another beer? Aaaeee sr... I am quite upset that my two attempts at words (both from southern vernacular) were ousted and deemed not words by Hubby during the game. First word- Erope. This is what Southerner's say when you ask them to say Europe. Second word- Begund. "Did you read that Twilight series yet, Merl?" "Nah.. But I's Begund ta..." Bummer.

So, this morning I started and finished editing the photos for the couple I did engagement photos for on Tuesday. Oh my goodness- they were great! And they are just so utterly happy in the photos, I couldn't but sit and smile while I worked on them. In spite of my getting up at quarter to six this morning to get Hubby and Mouse out the door for work, when I, myself, didn't have to be anywhere at all. I'm such a good little housewife, aren't I? First paying gig done! Wahoo!!! I hope all of them go like that, I really do. They were a really great couple to work with, the bride to be is a natural model (I didn't have to coach her one bit). I've posted pictures of them on my Facebook page for my photography, listed under Michelle Premer.

Right now, I am waiting for the timer to ding- signalling that my chemical brightening of the hair is complete. It looked dingy to me... Crappy hard water will do that to a blonde, in spite of all the color correcting purple shampoo I use. Plus- dying my hair makes me happy- even if it isn't brunette or red that I'm doing.

It looks like right now, that my long awaited ambulance ride along has to be post-poned again- this time by my choosing. Snapping pictures of two lovely tattooed ladies takes a higher place then fake playing paramedic for a day. Both are fun and both serve purposes, but thus far- the photo thing is taking off faster then the book thing. Makes sense right?

Mother Nature- the wicked woman she is- has been fooling around with the great lake's state. We have been so dry lately. Literally four inches behind in monthly rainfall... Yesterday- she caught us up. I checked the rain gauge after the morning's storms yesterday- 2.50 inches. Dumped it out. Checked it this morning after the rain stopped- 3.51 inches. Well, shit! 'm never gonna mow my lawn now! By the time it dries out- like Monday, maybe, it'll be calf high on me! The corn should love this weather. Lots of rain and humidity. It should grow like six feet in the next couple days...

Dad and I were supposed to drop a rig off in GR tonight and grab dinner- Mom is working, Hubby is working... But our plans got nuked by a supervisor's intentions, so now we are going to drop the rig off in Hart, and then have dinner up there. Hmmm... We might have to go to That Place (name of restaurant, I'm not pretending to be vague). They have deep fried cheesecake bites... Tasty...

My hair is done now. Mostly golden blonde, with honey and platinum high lights... Why pay a hundred bucks at a salon when a ten dollar box of dye and half an hour does the job?

Stay tuned everyone- tomorrow I will post the next installment of the 356 project!


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