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That is what was left on my scrabble tile rack last night before we ended the game due to me wanting to watch thunder storms. Kinda sounds like a drunk hunter from the Upper Pennisula when you ask him, wanna another beer? Aaaeee sr... I am quite upset that my two attempts at words (both from southern vernacular) were ousted and deemed not words by Hubby during the game. First word- Erope. This is what Southerner's say when you ask them to say Europe. Second word- Begund. "Did you read that Twilight series yet, Merl?" "Nah.. But I's Begund ta..." Bummer.
So, this morning I started and finished editing the photos for the couple I did engagement photos for on Tuesday. Oh my goodness- they were great! And they are just so utterly happy in the photos, I couldn't but sit and smile while I worked on them. In spite of my getting up at quarter to six this morning to get Hubby and Mouse out the door for work, when I, myself, didn't have to be anywhere at all. …

Zombie Chicken!!!

Isn't it bad enough that zombies have their undead living among us on a daily basis- but now... NOW they've corrupted our food supply?!? But seriously- I think this chicken's issue was heat/stress related more then being a zombie chicken. Living in a zoo, with tons of people staring at you, plus 90 degree heat- I'd shed more then a few feathers!
Most of the day Saturday was spent running errands and ticking off things on the to do list, like planting four new trees in the yard, harvesting the first round of "Holy shit some of the garlic's ready!", and other assorted items. Hubby and I went to John Ball Park Zoo yesterday as our Sunday adventure into the world. While it was crazy hot and humid, we still had a lot of fun watching people, watching animals watching people, and sweating our butts off. I also couldn't help but snap a few pictures- like 849 of them to be exact! The first thing neither of us could help but to notice was the fact that a small fra…

Massive Mistake!!!

So I was deleting the 2009 blog posts to make room for future posts on here (blogger only gives one so much room) when the page flipped to a different one and I ended up nuking everything I've posted since the 19th of May!!! SHIT!!!!!! So- I'm re-posting them- thank god I run a word document that copies all blog entries- hopefully I'm not missing any.... Poop-tas-tic way to start the week, huh?? Here's the re-posting of May 23rd thru July 21st. Sorry the pictures are gone too, dammit!!
Monday, May 23, 2011: So Long Copper...And hello Airhead!!! So, I have been, no shitting you, working on my hair since eleven this morning. I stripped the remnants of red with color remover, deep conditioned (so as my hair doesn't freak and fall out), dyed it with a more natural blonde base color, and now am currently waiting for the timer to ding saying I can rinse out the highlighting dye... I have spent more time today with my head in the bottom of the kitchen sink with water runni…