"My mind rebels at stagnation..."

"My mind rebels at stagnation..."

My favorite line from the Robert Downey J.r Jude Law remake of Sherlock Holmes... It is how I feel today. It isn't that I haven't been a might productive, it's just I feel as though my mind is rotting. I cannot explain it, it just is.

What I've done today- in order:
Cooked dog chicken
Washed 4 loads of laundry, hung on the clothesline outside
Picked up the house
Worked on new painting (a sign for my craft fair thing on June 18th)
Gutted, sorted, re-organized, swept out kitchen pantry
Wrote down shopping list
Showered and dressed
Went to the store for groceries and Hubby's prescription
Unloaded groceries once I got home
Cleaned up the kitchen & did dishes
Pulled lawn chairs from garage and set them in the yard
Found, washed, filled hummingbird feeders
Brought in all the laundry from the line and put it away
Watched the neighbor till our patch for garlic planting tomorrow (crosses fingers)
Listened ot the new 80's songs I downloaded yesterday all together too much
Stared a painting trying to figure out why I don't like it...

Yet to do- hook up to the camper and pull it out from behind the garage and park it elsewhere & run out to the gas station at some point.

I'e done lots of stuff. Not only because it had to be done, but because Hubby is at work for a 24 hour shift and I am lonely today. Blah... Too much Thompson Twins & Howard Jones! Too too much!! I'm stuck in the 80's today I fear. It was the timing of my younger years, the 80's that is, and somehow the music seems to bring me comfort. Double Blah!!! My allergies are kicking my ass right now and I think it's making me feel more vulnerable then usual. Oh well- enough melancholy me, must go find something else to do.


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