More Then Meets the Eye!

This little bottle makes me a very happy happy little girl! The last time Mountain Dew had this out on the shelves was the summer of 2004. A year I went to my first Nascar race, had my first husband cheat on me, and filed for divorce. Well- two outta three ain't bad, right? Ahhh, memories. I love this stuff! It's tastes great! And- if you drink too much in one day- oh boy what a surprise you get the next morning when you go potty!

I sure do hope it's an Auto-bot and not a Decepticon... If he were a bad guy- I'd be scared shitless.

My yard smells so great right now- what with this tree blooming and the freshly cut grass... I think I'll make a couple bouquets for the house this afternoon...

These are fresh new lightning shots from Wednesday night. Can anyone else say- Keeerrrr-Zootttt! Like the dude in Alger Height- he did. He also went to the hospital from a confirmed lightning strike... He lived and now has a new found fear of thunderstorms...

These are three of a hundred and fifty seven photos this "crazy white woman" took on Tuesday in the not so great part of Grand Rapids. The "crazy white woman" tag was given to me by a very polite (I think perhaps homeless) gentleman by the name of Ernie. Reason being? "No white girl should be roaming around this part of town and not have someone lookin' after her..." his quote, not mine.

The building was deemed a total loss with severe smoke and water damage in the un-burned portion of the building. It was a historic landmark in the city of Grand Rapids and also one of a handful of major "career" fires for the Grand Rapids fire department.

The last fire to make the esteeemed list of "Career" fires for the city- the night American Bicycle Factory burned. We were taking pictures of the fire, while little did Hubby, Dad, and I know- my sister-in-law was being driven to the hospital in labor with my nephew B. The photo below was selected by Firehouse. com and published that very night.


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