Busy Busy Life...

I have been super busy since Monday. Work has been a little nuts and things with my photography have suddenly taken a turn for the super cool! Kirin wanted me to do some tweaking with a set she's going to post on SG and I finally got around to doing that since this is the first week I haven't felt like shit since catching strep throat. Hubby came down with something on Monday that we thought was a mold allergy, turns out last night after going to see Stupid Skinny Bitch Doctor last night- he has double ear infections and bronchitis. Poor Hubby. On the up side- he didn't catch strep from me! So now he has an inhaler and antibiotics to take. Fun fun.

My mom informed me Tuesday that she signed us up for a booth at the Lamont Days (think small town celebration kinda crafty fair deal) thing in June. June 18th to be exact. So, since I still have a bit of time to prep, my freak out from the past two days has cooled to a mild temperament of- Shit- still have a lot to do. Just to name a few: pick out which photos to print, get pictures printed, frame said prints in mat-board, wrap in plastic (since I think ziploc bags is a little not cool), create a display using a massive window I recently bought at an auction (side note- shit! Never posted that blog did I?), set up display, paint a sign for myself using the back of my business card and a big canvas. Good thing I'm artsy- otherwise that would be more money to shell out to make money. Funny how that works, isn't it?

Still keeping with the photo theme here- I got my very first order yesterday! Yeah! Thank-you so very much J Bear, I love you, and you rock! Hopefully now the ball will be rolling and I can turn the profits from selling my work into getting a new 'puter (sorry sweet Acer- lovingly pats laptop's monitor- you still run like a champ, but times be a changin') and a new camera. Least that what I really want to do. A serious technology upgrade.

Like I hinted at earlier- I wrote a very tender blog about a public auction I attended on Saturday but then things happened on Sunday night that changed myself and life in general and I never got around to posting it. Go thing I wrote it in Word- I can post it now... (Imagine wavy lines and tender music accompanying this flashback...)

"...My original idea for a Monday morning blog got blown right straight out of the water, so I’m writing it for Tuesday (oops- didn't post it then either did I?). Not only was Sunday night a very emotional time for me, but so was Saturday morning. For that was the day Hubby and I attended a public auction at a place near and dear to my heart and childhood. Way back in the day, I went to a small country three room school house for first, second, and third grades before getting shipped off to the main campus to continue my education from fourth grade through high school graduation. Right after my third grade year, they closed the school. Now, I believe this school was built some time in the 1800’s and it’s only three or so miles from my home (both childhood and current).

Since the economy sucks butt right now, no news flash there, the Lamont Civic Association cannot afford the needed repairs and cost to keep the building intact, so Saturday morning, the building was opened to the public to auction off what little remained prior to its demolition this summer. Hubby has always had a fascination with the old building since he moved out here to the area, and it’s always held a tender spot in my heart. I was ecstatic to see that my brother brought both of my nephews to the auction- making my oldest nephew the third generation that spent time in the old school, even if it was for only one morning. I snapped some great pictures of the little guy playing around on the old school grounds.

Saturday, I went to the auction with the thought process that if we walked away having not bought anything- that would be okay so long as I got to take pictures, which I did. Not only that, but we walked away having spent only $45 with some deeply interesting and sentimental items. Hubby bid on some windows- huge windows- 12 pane old glass windows that took up a good portion of my brother’s truck bed after the auction. We got them in hopes of restoring them a bit, then mounting 8” by 10” copies of my photography in the panes. Nifty idea, thank you Hubby. I deeply wanted only two specific items from the auction sheet- an old wall mount medicine chest with mirror and an older wall mount pencil sharpener, that I’m pretty sure if I thought about it- I could remember using it as a small blonde child with her whole life ahead of her.

We got them both. The medicine chest we got for a whole dollar and the pencil sharpener was thrown in a bundle with a couple file trays and seven huge 46” pull shades. Well- I at least know what to do with the sharpener. Hubby bid on and bought three massive cans filled with assorted hardware, bits and pieces. Turns out that we ended up getting about a dozen total old coat hooks. Awesome! We just need to sandblast off the red lead paint, polish them up, and blammo! New coat hooks with a history to them!

When we first got there, we registered and got a bidding number then proceeded to walk around. Memories washing over me along with the sad fact that this marvelous piece of history is about to be demolished. I pointed out where the old playground equipment used to be that my brother and I played on, spoke of cherished memories about playing amongst the roots of the 150 year old Maple tree on the grounds, showed him where us kids made forts in the woods, where the "huge" sledding hill was (it seemed so much bigger as a kid), and how I first learned to play four square there along with hop-scotch. I explained to Hubby which room I went to first grade in, second grade was in the basement with the cafeteria- (I learned how to square dance that year) and the third grade room I was in.

They will be tearing down the building soon and my brother has gotten us the hook up in getting bricks the building is built from. I don’t know how many we’ll be getting or what exactly we will be using them for, but still- it’s a piece of my history that means ever so much to me. I’m still getting teary eyed thinking about the building not being there soon, but they will be keeping the property for a park, small consolation for a piece of history being killed because of a crap economy, isn’t it? Life moves on, faster then most of us would like, I think..."

Sigh. Now I'm just a tad sad again. I will always have the memories... And crappy yearbook pictures!

Well- the sun is out today and it almost seems as though the Michigan climate may be actually changing into warmer temperatures! Holy Crap! Finally! I mowed the lawn for the second time of the season this morning and froze my ass off. I will be so happy when I can utilize lawn mowing with getting a tan... Crosses fingers. The whole "laying out thing" bothers me. Why waste time just laying there when you can be doing something useful? Like for instance- weeding gardens, creating new gardens, planting garlic... Fun stuff like that.

And now I'm just rambling so I'll be signing off for now...

P.S.- Don't forget! The sale on my photos ends on June first, and the prices will be changing there shortly after the first. Unless you come see me at the craft booth with my wild and crazy mom (you'll so see where I get my attitude from) on June 18th in Lamont... I'll be selling prints at discounted prices and taking orders if I sell out. Here's hoping!


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