Tornado Box...

The subject of this rare Saturday blog will be discussed shortly. But first- a topic that has been remiss in a long while has flared it's bitter ugly head once again. While I understand my Hubby is on call this weekend, that means at any point he may have to go into work, yet another crap-ta-stic situation has lead me here. Blogging on a Saturday morning instead of spending it with my husband eating breakfast and watching the morning news...

A call in. A call in ten minutes prior to this persons shift... Hmmm... I also understand that things do come up, but the timing for this said call in is a might suspicious. While this person is/was a perspective buyer of my photos (it's been over two weeks with not a peep or hint at an order, so honestly- don't really know if they were serious about buying my photos in the first place) that doesn't change the fact that I am extremely pissed off this morning. If one plans on bailing out of their shift- might I suggest to everyone- call in the night before, preferably before paging stops at nine pm so as the shift can get covered. This crap of calling in ten minutes before the shift (when they should have been at the station already) is just highly not cool and isn't the best way to stay on my good side. Lost perspective client or not, I do not care. I am pissed and I feel it best to display that anger here instead of taking it out on my Hubby when it isn't his fault by any means. In-fucking-credible. Really.

Back to today's main topic. Yesterday afternoon, prior to date night with Hubby at Red Lobster, he and I were discussing the weather forecasts for this weekend. If anyone is interested- they ain't good. At all. Go to and click on the moderate risk for severe weather boxes for both today and tomorrow and you will see what I mean. As was hammered into our brains during Skywarn training- Michigan has been long over due for a tornado outbreak- like by 40-50 years, and honestly tonight and tomorrow night are looking way too favorable for such a thing to happen. After Hubby and I got home last night from dinner, we took to the task of photographing the entire house. Everything! Furniture, DVD collections, individual items that have high financial value- it all got it's picture taken. From the basement to the guest room, it all got photographed.

Then we played the "What goes" game. We bought a 30 gallon tote yesterday afternoon and today I will be placing in it photo albums, crucial documents, cd books filled with all my writing and photos, breaking down my computer and placing it too in there. We already have the house set up for a power outage- candles, flashlights, generator, and such. We formed a game plan for moving the guinea pigs to the basement- all five pigs will go into only two cages and will be hauled to the basement as fast as possible. This isn't nearly as easy as it sounds and has lead to my injuring myself and getting incredible bruises on my arms. The point was proven last year that when there's funny sounds (aka tornado aka rotating straight line winds) outside, the cats go down on their own as well as the dog, so I'm not worried there.

I am then going to take the "Tornado boxes" downstairs today where they will stay until the weather clears on Monday. This isn't something I wanted to do alone, for the box will be incredibly heavy- but since my Hubby is now at work covering someone else's shift (yes, still pissed and bitter, thank-you so much) I know am probably going to set the box down stairs and shlep all the stuff down to it. If nothing happens- okay fine. So I got a little amped up for nothing, but at least all the important stuff is in one spot and we won't forget anything. It's called being prepared. Hubby lived in fire country out west and learned how to make sure the bases were covered, and now with my two years of Skywarn training in place- I know how to do it as well.

It is scary and sad to have to do this. To pick and choice which of your belongings is most precious and pack them into a box. Only the most important stuff goes. It filled me with tears last night as I picked up two glass jars filled with beach sand from North Topsail, NC and my journal I only used at the beach down there. It's like moving but far worse. The most important things in life going into a plastic tote while so so much is left in place... I had nightmares about it last night, about what will be lost should the worst happen. And how pissed off I am that a few pictures that never got burned of my ex-husband are still in a photo album being packed away with the rest, along with my divorce papers. Those small things are taking up space better deemed to something of actual importance- and the memory of him- isn't important, no matter how long my nightmares of life with him were Thursday night.

But. I do have a lot to do today, by myself, (last time I mention it , I promise), so I should get to doing things. Hopefully- Monday will bring a blog of the aftermath and lightning pictures!!! Later all- stay safe- and just for a giggle- "Spotter activation may be necessary Saturday night and again Sunday night..."


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