Tornado Box... Revisited

Okay so the weather guessers totally f*in blew it! Both Saturday night and last night. Saturday night they called for heavy weather along and north the I-96 corridor... What actually happened- heavy severe storms along and well north of the US-10 corridor. Gee- they were only off by a hundred plus miles. Idiots! Last night- at eleven o'clock when I checked the radar there was a line of tornado filled storms that stretched from Canada to Mexico heading straight east. When I got up at two am to check the status of the shit stomping storms- NOTHING! Absolutely nothing! There were a couple thundershowers down sound near Benton Harlem, but nothing anywhere close to our area. Just a lot of wind. Holy shit- total idiots!

So today, I had to put my office and computer back together. I had to bring up all the tornado boxes up from the basement and start putting things back together from the packing up I did on Saturday morning. I feel like a damn idiot myself for believing the blessed s*heads and their forecasts for dooms day storms. How many other people feel like I do today? How many other people delayed or canceled weekend plans in order to prepare for the storms? I understand that now Hubby and I are well prepared for inclement weather, but crap- I feel so stupid for listening to them, I really do. Like I totally lost it and went into full on save the important crap gear, not even thinking for a minute that the weather guessers would be wrong. On the upside- they are screaming about snow coming up this weekend- great. Guess we know it won't happen, don't we? If I wake up Saturday to go to Wayland and there is snow on the ground- I'll believe it. Until then- ain't no way in hell that I am cancelling plans.

Since yesterday was a lovely 85 degree day here, Hubby and I got a lot of outside clean up done. We raked out and cleaned up all the gardens but one, and even created a new garden in which we hope to plant a ton of hostas and more lavender. We connected two larger gardens in the front yard since the giant spruce tree shields the ground and the grass doesn't grow there very well. But part of it will get bright sun- which lavender loves and the other is almost full shade- hostas dig that. I'm certainly feeling all the bending over, raking, and tool work in my lower back today. Ouch! That and my new piercing on my right hand thanks to a giant rose bush thorn. It sank through my work glove into the tender flesh between my right ring finger and pinkie finger near the web. Not a lot of blood and only a slight red bump amongst all the swelling today. Oh well... What's gardening without a little blood and sweat?

The house is put back together now. I've got house chores done and errands ran. I did all the laundry Saturday and hung it out to dry on the line for the first time this year- so yea! No laundry to do for a while! Since my computer was all broken down, I took it to work this morning and let it do a huge iTunes upgrade on Dad's wireless network. That and I bought a new album- Ellie Goulding's- "Lights". Think Lady Gaga's electronic sound with sweet girly lyrics. Not too shabby. Plus I found a ton of Greenday on the 69 cent song sale on iTunes. Wa-hoo!!!

As soon as I'm done with this blog, I'm hopefully going to do some writing today. That and update my "Top 15 Song' list here on the blog...


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