Tidbits and Oh Sh@#!

The is an artist featured in Timbaland's new song "Morning After Dark" SoShy. Love the ink, girly!!!

Topic One: Music
I have updated my favorite songs list on here, adding only a couple- but they are a couple on high rotation today. Number one- "On the Floor" by Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull. I find it funny how people are constantly shit talking the amount of "techno" there once was in music but now if you listen, the bulk of songs are heavy in the "dreaded techno"- i.e. Jennifer's new song. Anything Ke$ha is techno induced, and hell- even Timbaland's new song with SoShy, is heavy into the techno beats.
And no- I do not like Lady Gaga's new tune "Judas". I've listened to it lots today, and still... Not a big fan. Maybe releasing a song praising Judas wasn't such a hot idea to do during Holy Week last week... Just sayin'...

Topic Two: Severe Weather meets Din Din with Dad.
Oh holy poop!!!! La Nina, La Nina- it's ya birfday!!! A "weak" cold front went through yesterday afternoon, is use the term weak, since that's what it was supposed to be. But OHN it wasn't weak in the slightest. Each little rain squall EXPLODED into thunder, lighting, winds, hail, and funnel clouds!!!
This was a rainbow that landed in my parent's back forty last evening just before we left for an adventure filled din din at a Hibachi resturant.
We got to the eating establishment, getting seated shortly before the tell tale wail of tornado sirens seeped through the windows. I promptly jumped up and ran outside like a crazy woman. Off across the massive parking lots I ran, dreading my shoe choice quickly, people staring at me and the blaring air raid sirens cranking up my adrenaline dial to about 20. I tried calling my dad and Hubby who were both filling their plates in the restaurant, trying to tell them that it was indeed for our location and that I was looking at a funnel cloud dangling above the buildings on the far end of the lot. It was hot, humid, calm, and terrifying. To experience such an event while the sirens were screaming- it's enough to raise anyone's blood pressure. I'm getting all amped up writing this for everyone... Damn. That was F*ing cool!!!
Post dinner, of which my still Strep swollen throat and tonsils complicated a tad, we drove across the parking lot complex to take these snaps of the still looming storm line. Those are classic examples of something we don't often get here in the Great Lakes- super cells. The flat top displays the fact that there was hail and the fact that it was in the beginning stage of pooping out... Check out the "Weatherball" in the lower right corner. Ironic, huh?

Topic Three: Spring Flowers Finally Sprung!
Ain't they perty???


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