Spiders SUCK!!!

I am in pain. I have been in pain since yesterday afternoon. Even more once Hubby came home looked at my back, and operated on me with tweezers and alcohol. Plus I am so hopped up on Benadryl just to keep the reaction down I can't hardly think straight.
I took a shower yesterday since I wasn't feeling well, once in the shower I realized my back skin felt tight, hot, and swollen. Hubby came home and took these pictures of my back. Those, ladies and gentlemen, are 27 spider bites. Varying in sizes with the worst ones being almost the size of a quarter.
This is what my back looked like post removal of the icky filled zit like heads and rubbing clean and open with alcohol on a gauze pad. Not pleasant, I can assure you.
I woke up this morning only to find four more bites from the stinking little fanged bastard that was hiding somewhere in the bedding. I can assure you, he no longer resides in said bedroom. I have mopped, scrubbed, swept, and washed everything with heavily lavender oil filled cleaners. Spiders don't like lavender. Just for added effect, I have sprayed all windowsills and door jams with lavender oil. The dog thinks I'm going nuts and I think I am possibly getting high from the scent of lavender- is that even possible?

Must get back to work- there will be a better blog tomorrow when my brain isn't addled with allergy meds and pain killers.


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