Chronicals of Streppy Throat...

Oh how I have missed you all!

Since last week Wednesday I have been sleeping, crying, weeping, starving, gagging, in immense pain, and praying for a death blow. Today- I am feeling much better as the antibiotics have been in my system and kicking ass since noon on Saturday.

I feel ill last week with a massive migraine that would not die no matter what drugs I took. I slept pretty much all damn day Thursday. Thursday night the migraine went buh-bye but the sore throat persisted. Thursday morning, day two of a fever of 103.2, I believe is the last day I ate solid food, by the way. Friday morning, I was in agony. The small bodily task of swallowing even a minute quantity of water was that equal to driving a knife into my throat every time. Even swallowing my own spit hurt like hell. I slept almost then entire day Friday. Each night waking up at two am to find the bed around me completely drenched in sweat and myself dripping wet as I crawled to the bathroom to towel off. Friday night, with no sleep at all, I cried. I cried constantly I was in such incredible pain. Hubby had enough at this point.

Saturday morning, I could barely function, have only been living on one vanilla milkshake from a failed dinner attempt with my father, Hubby called the doctor and got me an appointment. With my temperature still sitting at the altitude of a commercial airliner 103.5 in the morning and down to 101 by the time we got to the doctors, the nurse swabbed my throat- I almost died when she did that, and went to run the test.

Doctor came in and smiled, "Good news- it's Strep and it's treatable. You're lucky. There's a twin version out there right now where people have the same sore throat for a week plus, but we can't treat it since it's not bacterial. Yours in, and thus treatable..." oh goody! I have Strep throat. I haven't had that since I was a kid, and you're saying this is a good thing? With a prescription of 500Mg Amoxicillien and he recommendation of taking 800Mg of Ibuprofen every four hours, out the door we went. We got the prescription filled nearby where it was free and I took double the first dose, just to get it into the system faster. Now I'm taking the "kill everything-horse pill bombs" every eight hours like clockwork- while trying to time a cup of yogurt between doses just to keep my body chemistry in check- serious antibiotics and a woman's body--- not a great combination.

I feel better now. My throat still hurts in a couple spots, but swallowing isn't nearly as difficult as it is was, but sadly, I have yet to eat anything more solid then boiled egg whites. Upside- I've lost almost twenty pounds. Not too shabby. Not the best way to do it, but still not too shabby! Hopefully tomorrow I can nibble on solid food, I am craving chicken nuggets and crazy bread currently, and at some point I'm really hoping this constant fever will die off. I'm sitting at 101 or 102 degrees right now. But I'm forcing myself to function. Being laid up and sick as I have been, really bugs the shit out of me. I'm really hoping I can pull it back together and get stuff done to get back on track soon...


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