Blessed Bugs...

The kind with wings that hold unbelievable power over me and turn me into a fluttering girl with a camera. Tuesday, after Hubby worked so hard to get the day off to spend it with Globug and I- we headed off into the sunny morning, bound for the botanical gardens. It was deliriously sunny, but once you stepped out into nature- you froze your ass off. No worries- at least it was sunny. The butterflies are all the more active when there is sun coming in through the cathedral glass ceilings of the gardens.

It dawned on all of us a little too late, that it is in fact, spring break for elementary schools in the area. Damn. We got to the gardens- double damn! There was no parking anywhere near the buildings- it was packed. Hubby dropped Globug and I off at the doors, shooing us in while he was a gentleman and went to park the car. She and I had to wait about ten minutes to get tickets in, watching the line behind us swell to an incredible amount. We’re talking way out the doors, down the walkway, and spilling into the parking lot. Hubby quickly walked past the line, and in through the out door- getting glares from people waiting in line. Once he found us, off we went into the ground swell of ankle biters and frazzled parents.

Normally- I absolutely hate having to slowly go through the gardens at the line deemed pace- but Tuesday was different. I was bordering on being in a full on panic. I do not like crowds. At all. Crowded restaurants, packed movie theaters, concerts, anything of the sort sends my blood pressure through the roof. Tuesday was worse then normal. So we took our own pace, snapping pictures and trying to stay out of the flow of the cattle. When it got to be too much for me, Hubby could see it on my face and pulled both Globug and I into the hardly every seen Carnivorous garden room. No one ever goes in there, and I don’t know why, but still- it was quiet with no people. Maybe it’s the whole theme of plants eating meat (bugs) - concept of plants eating people not to far flung. The three of us hung out in the there, taking more pictures and deep breaths before continuing through the rest of the arid garden into the newly improved Spring garden that flows directly into the Victorian Tea/ Orchid garden.

I was incredibly disappointed to find that the huge orchid chandeliers had been removed, but highly enthusiastic about the amount of Monarch butterflies flittering about in the room around us. Now- usually I tune everything out, especially when in a sort of crowd induced panic, but it was unavoidable to tune out one older couple there with their grand kids. “She’s taking good pictures- we’ll just follow her around to get good shots.” Um… Gees really? Then I tried to stand up form my crouched position, nose buried in the flower bed trying to get a good shot of a Monarch eating nectar when I couldn’t because this old guy was damn near sitting on me to copy the shot. I shoved him back harshly upon getting my feet under me, he glared- I glared back and shook my head. F@ing unoriginal bastard!

We went into the Victorian Garden, and while I have a millions pictures from this garden, I took a couple more of orchids I had not seen before, while getting slammed into and pushed out of the way by kids that should have been on leashes and muzzles. Tiny room, no need to scream and shout, is there? My god, how old did I just sound? Off to the Conservatory aka Rainforest Garden and main butterfly exhibit. It’s normally eighty plus degrees in there with humidity to match, but add about four hundred people and you’ve got a recipe for Inkblot Panic Mode. Globug, Hubby, and I did our own thing, wandering against the general flow of traffic to take pictures, admire the beauty, and drink in some badly needed green smells. I was in search of “The Blue Bug” as was everyone else in the room. The brilliant blue flashes of the Common Morpho butterfly were in the air and the rarity of actually photographing one sitting still is an incredible feat of which I’ve only gotten to do since buying a dead one under glass for forty bucks last year. The blue bug and I have grown a relationship. At one point, I found myself in a massive crowd of people, the digital beeps, clicks, and cachunks of cameras around me as one such blue bug sat in the sunlight on a leaf.

Hubby then pointed out, after pulling me out of the crowd, that there must be ten thousand dollars of camera equipment in that one garden- probably more when you stop to think about the individual cost of the high end cameras. I was crouched low on the ground at one point, getting great shots of the Common Morpho when I noticed the loud digital cachunk of a camera close to my ear. At which point I kind of glared at the gentleman over my shoulder. He took this as a chance to chat me up- “You’re camera is getting some excellent shots! I cannot believe your camera is out shooting mine… I forgot my close-up lens…” His camera was two feet long past the body. Close up lens? Seriously? I was fairly certain he could take pictures of a tick on a dog’s ass from fifty feet away with the lens he was toting about. Yes, my camera is amazing- cheap, but amazing. Yours is too, if you absolutely need to spend five thousand dollars in equipment- but if you cannot frame a shot for shit- what good is it actually doing?

After one go around of the conservatory- we exited in search of food. But first, Hubby tucked us into the movie room featuring a video playing of Chihuly and how he designed the fixture of his in the Garden’s Café. Otherwise known as, we were the only three people in a dark, quiet, cool room. I love him so much! He knows how to help me though my irrational fears! After a nice bit of quiet from the bustle outside, we wound our way through to the café inside the gardens. Hubby and I picked up a couple bags of gourmet chips and sammiches while Globug waited in line from her craving of a stuffed tomato (only to find out it had been taken from the menu a month ago). Instead- she got a chicken salad sammich filled with dried cherries, pineapple, nuts, and of course chicken.

While we ate our lunch, we watched the mass outflow of ankle biters and parents, thinking it would be somewhat quieter when we went back into the conservatory for another round of picture taking. And it was, to an extent. There were less people and the temperature was closer to a North Carolina toleration level for myself. But there were still the inevitable snippets of conversation around me, especially old fart from earlier “Hey, it’s her again. She’s getting great pictures. Do what she’s doing!” Including damn near standing on top of me.

I know I made it sound like we didn’t have fun, but oh boy did we! I’ve got four hundred pictures to prove it! I went through them all yesterday and edited about half. Plus a whole handful of random pictures fro the same camera dump. I spent five hours on my computer, editing pictures and placing my watermark on them- I was a bit bug eyed after it all, I can assure you.

After our adventures in butterfly photography- we came home, chilled for an hour, and then went over to see my new nephew. We stayed there an hour, playing with the first nephew after he woke up from a nap, and holding the cute little peanut of a second nephew. Hubby said I looked incredibly happy holding a baby, smelling that baby smell- that my eyes were incredibly blue all the while… Still- there wasn’t even a twinge inside of my of mama instinct. Dunno- maybe my lady parts are broken. That or there has been so much pressure on when he and I are having kids that the function of wanting a baby is flat broke. I haven’t a clue. I think I have at least one baby crazy friend that is compensating for my total lack of wanting a chittlin’ of my very own. Who knows, right? If it ever happens- cool. If it doesn’t- that’s cool too. At least I can have fun playing with all my nephews and nieces.

In other news- March’s word count finished at 44, 888. Yesterday I spent the morning doing much needed house chores like cleaning all four pig beds (stinky!); the upstairs litter box (oh my…); and the basement litter box (that’s not natural to smell like that!); vacuumed the house; took apart the humidifier (given the amount of rain in the forecast- it isn’t going to be needed anytime soon) and turned the pellet stove off for the year- that has yet to be cleaned. Plus the previously mentioned computer time.

Today I’m doing laundry, catching up on computer things, burning cd’s, and the ever crucial laundry. When you go to get dressed and find you only have one pair of jeans you really like wearing- kinda makes you think about doing laundry. I am thinking at some point next week I might have to do the seasonally clothing change-over. To go from fall/winter warm stuff to spring/summer cooler clothing. Tonight- Mouse is coming over for dinner, beer, Grey’s, and ice cream. Yeah! Girl’s Night!!!

Holy long blog, Batman!!! I better stop now while I’m ahead!!


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