Assorted Rant Day...

First chapping my booty topic- The Royally Fake and Not at all Important Wedding!!!
Ugh... As if the regular wedding season crap wasn't enough to turn the stomachs of most people- this royal wedding shit has got to stop! So two people, with fake titles and fake power will by tying the knot in England tomorrow. BIG DEAL!! Sure, Willy has the better chance to be king, because lets face it- Charles is a cheating douche bag and no one likes Camilla, but gees- All the prime time specials, ads for coverage starting at 4am on the east coast.... COME ON!

Who really cares about the extreme need to buy/built a hat for the special day? Who cares about people gathering for tea times at 4am to watch the wedding on t.v. in some restaurant somewhere? So what? I was a little kid when Diana and Charles got hitched, so maybe the pomp and circumstance is lost on me, but lets face it! They will only have power by name and privileges! The Queen only has the power to veto certain things- that it! Parliament does the rest! What the hell can these two kids actually accomplish other then photo ops?

Kate is hotter then Di was, good job Willy! And he slightly less gross to look at then his "Ears that will never be King" Dad is, face it. I don't even think his mother could love those hideous wings attached to the side of his head. Beware of high winds, Charlie. You'll pull a Dumbo and no one will ever see you again- bummer.

Second thing really chapping my booty- Obama is Kenyan / Hawaiian / American / Muslim...
Give it a GD rest your blithering, moronic jack-wad aka Donald "Floppy Toupee, Perma-Douche" Trump. Excuse me, you sir, suck ass! You suck big green donkey winkie! God help us should you actually run for president. That will only show exactly how F*d up our poor country really is if the Arch Douche of the douchie people gets a shot at further screwing our country over!

Fork over your birth certificate you moron! Where the F were you born? A under a rock? The tar pits in LA? Did a Velociraptor crap on a rock and you hatched in the meteor shower light? If a nuclear disaster happened the only things left would be Twinkies, cockroaches, Cher, and your stupid floppy dead raccoon toupee!

Obama could not even submit his name for the presidency if HE WASN'T BORN HERE! You're just jealous that he looks better then you do. And to casually throw out that bullshit "race oriented" comment about "Well... maybe if he wouldn't play so much basketball and actually do his presidential duties..." He is the first African American president of the United States and you are a pathetic, fat, jealous, wannabe reality TV star with too much F*ing money and a big F*ing mouth! Just because you are the Donald- doesn't mean you can toss out racist trash left and right! Because all the little kiddies in the states really look up to "reality" TV stars- yeah- there's a goal...

You fat, lazy, incompetent jerk! At least he can walk without panting. Shit- I bet your stupid kid with the supermodel that still cannot speak English isn't even your heir to the crap-ta-stic throne. Since the important demands are being met- I want to see the paternity test on your kid asshole! Oooohhhh, if your kids grows up past taking care of your hourly diaper changes, what are they going to inherit? A couple of sky scrapers, the beach front property in Jersey, and a free DVD collection best of the "Jersey Shore"? OOH, OOH, OOOH! Sign me up! Have you looked at the economy, shithead? BTW- my house is probably worth more then your shitty skyscrapers! Please, pull your lip over that nasty (you've probably never washed) toupee and swallow! Vanish. Disappear! May the Long Island Killer off you're stupid ass- PUH-LEESE!

Third topic chapping my booty- State of Michigan Tax Refund Department...
For the second year in a row, the bastards screwed us! God help those of us that claim property tax credit, expecting a refund, only to get a letter attached to the pathetic excuse "corrected amount" check. We're sorry but we will not be paying you what you are deserved since our state is flat F*ing broke. Instead of actually saying this- we are throwing out the lame ass excuse of "you did your taxes wrong, dumbass- here's what your actually get". I wish Hubby would let me express mail the check back to them with a note saying- "well then keep you damn money, buy the governor a new cheap ass suit, F*off and die, dickheads!!! Have a nice day..."

In our state and the way it is run, we'll pay for any meth head mama to get a new boob job and food stamps while paying for her apartment, cell phone, electric bill, and student loans... But heaven help those that actually work for a living and our desire to get a little back from what we paid for the past year by way of income tax. This is why I have a sticker near my desk that says- "I work hard because millions on welfare depend on me."

So- if you live in Michigan, were honest and actually filed taxes- good luck getting that state refund! Really- good luck!

Fourth and final topic chapping my booty- Strep Throat day 10...
I again, went to the doctor today. My left tonsil is still swollen, still causing me both pain and ear pressure, and I was hoping for a little help with the whole menopausal night sweats thing. I wake up each morning at least twice to dry off and replace the soaked beach towel in bed with a drier one. This hasn't let me get a good nights sleep since last week. Add to that the inability to actually eat an entire meal- and I am one cranky bitch. One that's lost weight, but cranky none-the-less. Not to mention the amount of antibiotics floating about in my system is enough to kill a small elephant and has purged my body from one end to the other.

Doc assured me that my body is just healing (the night sweats), that everything is fine, gave me more antibiotics, and checked to see that my tonsil didn't have an abscess on it. Oh- wouldn't that be lovely? She said if the foul taste coming from said softball tonsil gets worse (it already tastes like death puked on the back of my tongue) then I should come in again to have it checked. At which point there may be an abscess and I will need to have it drained at the Emergency Room... Oh god... Not cool. I can only imagine how much fun that will be! So here's hoping that the antibiotics work their magic, that I don't run out of ibuprofen, and that my Hubby doesn't leave me because of my night sweats...

Other then all that- I'm great!!!


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