So work is done for the day, I've eaten lunch/breakfast, the house is clean, the laundry is washing, my computer is put back together and working and upgraded in all the right spots. I've cleaned out/sorted all the shit bogging down them numerous picture folders, I posted new "for sale panels" of pictures yesterday, e-mail are answered, new doodle for my sadly empty sweat shirt is sketched out... I am accomplished!

Now what? Oh- wait now I remember, to write an actual blog! I haven't done this since when... Last week sometime? Well- here's a Ketchup recap- a short squirt about those pesky missing blog days.
Saturday- Hubby and I went down to Wayland (yup, that town that I think sucks ass) for the first ever SG West Michigan bowling fun day. It totally was. Kirin and I were the only girls, no big, with four other guys with us. Points proven- A.) I suck at bowling B.) Boys are funny when they go all nerd C.) Waiters that stare at boobs and doesn't try to hide it, will be in fact, called out for it. D.) Maybe Wayland doesn't suck ALL THAT much.

Sunday- Oh crap drawing a blank... Um... Hubby and I had a great breakfast, sans eggs since we ran out and I didn't realize it soon enough. Post breakfast, with the "winter" winds howling outside we dragged Doggie-Pup to Grand Haven where I took some seriously kick ass photos!

Monday- Shit- really drawing a blank now... Bad day begining- My favorite bra broke and left a welt on my right breasticl, then I stepped in cat puke in the basement, I hadn't slept well for some reason, it was snowing like crazy outside, and I got my monthly wonder... Went to work and picked up ambulance that had a very distinct odor. No big, whatever. When I brought it back in the afternoon- the mystery stink as still there, but this time, it was making me hungry. For a short while- it smelled good to me like walking past a Burger King when the grills are going- you all know that smell. Well- I stopped at BK just a ways down from the station and bought myself when my tummy was craving. I chomped down on said tasty num-noms and it hit me. The smell in the truck. It was the same as my burger... Oh holy mother of---- Hubby was right. Severe burn victims smell like Burger King! And they transported just such a victim early that morning. That sonofabitch... I'm gonna- I'm gonna- puke. Dammit. Well- at least the fires and soda are safe...

Tuesday- Went to work without snow or other incident. Brought a rig back up to Hart, then stopped off in Sparta on the way back to grab another rig- noticing that there are a couple spots along M-46 that I really want to go photograph weather is way nicer and the grass a little more green. I worked on more pictures, putting the finishing touches on a few before posting them on the for sale page, and Hubby came home. We went out into Allendale to grab din-din makings and a few things needed in the house. Little side note: the woman/thing working at the dollar store we went to, had really, really, REALLY bad buttered corn donkey teeth. Just sayin'... We went home, put groceries away and started working on dinner prep. Yummm.... Cantina chicken tacos with queso blanco, limes, and silli-an-tro.... Guess what I had for lunch this afternoon?

Last night was a loud one. We were having on and off snow/rain/thunder showers for the better part of all damn day. My frustration being that it wasn't dark enough to get good lightning pics and it was raining and so windy that they wouldn't have turned out anyways. Anyhoo- since it was dreary and damp, I built a fire in the fireplace and had the house up to 85 degrees before we went to bed. Just prior to sleepy time- we had a hell of a storm line go through. Doggie-Pup was in a panic and if the piggies hadn't been eating I'm sure they would have been too. Nope- no lighting pics then either, much to my disappointment. It was way to windy, sideways rain coming from the completely wrong damn direction, and fog. Shit. I'm sorry- I'm sure at some point this spring/summer there will be better lightning photo ops.

We went to bed, only to be woken up an hour later by yet another line of strong storms and a Doggie-Pup that decided now was the perfect time to trot about outside in search of the perfect poop spot. Ugh... And to add a little side note- why is that NWS only issues severe thunderstorm warnings for Kent Country after all the heavy shit has gone through Ottawa county? Oh- oops! It's storming outside- hope they don't mind we don't think they are important- assholes. God save the Queen- and Kent County.

I came, I blogged, I gotta go...


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