365 Photos 27 thru 46

It dawned on me today after working for five hours on photos to sell here on the great blog- that I haven't posted diddly for the 365 project. So here's a recap of days 27 thru 46. Spider bite update- the best way to clear them up is to rip them open and clean them out, constantly. Yuck, gross, eewww, and I so need spot remover now. I am here at work, simultanesouly working on two computers, amazing myself in my own skills, while babysitting the joint for my dad. They had a service call that would take well past the end of business today so I am getting paid to answer the phone and wait for someone to walk in. Fun fun. But, I think I'm going to go- I'm working on character stuff for the re-construct of "Transfer" the next novel on the list. "Medics" just needs to get printed and sent to Editor Girl here shortly. Fun! Yeah! Ugh- too much Benadryl...


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