With Spring...

It must be spring- our pineapple is starting to bloom!!
Everyone- Springs starts on Sunday! WWAAHHHOOOO!!! The official end of winter is upon us! Hopefully soon all the blah, crap-ta-stic muddy driveways, dead looking grass, and leafless trees will turn green and dry. With Spring coming, also comes the promise of more excellent picture taking opportunities.

And with the change in seasons, I have played around with the blog. Those that get it via e-mail, you won't be able to see the glorious changes, but if you take a few minutes and got to the actual site- you'll see them all. I added an e-mail subscription spot, a list of the most popular blogs of all time, and one of the coolest things ever- a list of my top 15 songs currently playing on my iTunes. I promise, it's worth the time to go to the site of the blog and take a peek.

Tomorrow I'll be helping Hubby at a demo in the Rockford High School- people watching and trying not to blow my cool when elderly fools ask dumb questions or use us as a complaint department. What I would really like to say- "... No, seriously... I do not care if you didn't receive the proper forms in the mail... Really, a certain crew had a less then perfectly thrilled attitude when they arrived to pick you up off the toilet for the third time in one day. May I suggest you take an anti-diarrhea medication or cease in your 2 cups of prunes a day habit? No one should poop that much!" Goodness, old people are funny! Not to mention my people watching of sports moms, yuppie lawyers and their trophy wives... I try to see the good side in all things- and if there isn't one- then I'll be sure to blog about it, won't I?

I have two songs right now that I keep ping-ponging between, when one finishes I start the other. "She's Not There" by the Glee Cast & "Love Etc." by Pet Shop Boys. I saw the video on the 80's at 8 on Cooltv and it's been stuck in my head all night. I woke up humming it at one point, so I HAD to download it today! My god, I downloaded it an hour ago and already it has played- 10 times. I almost have the lyrics memorized. I can see me tomorrow just break into the sway with the beat in my head whilst people around us look on and giggle at the redhead in the fake paramedic outfit swaying and humming along with the song in her head...

Should be fun!!!


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