Up North Ice Storm- Blog 2 of 2 Today

So these are pictures from this morning, north of Rockford. Sometime I really impress myself with what my little camera is capable of...

In work related news... Our company no longer services the VBEMS / Paw Paw trucks. A part of me is relieved to an extent. My boss says he's been waiting for the phone call for a couple years now since Bronson Hospital bought the company. Stupid politics, stupid stuffed suit, penny pinching bean counters, STUPID STUPID STUPID! They'll be getting their trucks serviced in house now (too bad they won't be getting the quality work we were giving them!!!)- no more super long runs for me. And that's where I'm sad. It was great money doing those runs (big time bad hit to my pay checks)- plus working in the annual purchase of 40 pounds of blueberries during a run each year wasn't bad! Now I'll have to waste my own gas and pocketbook savings in order to go all the way down there to buy berries- damn. We're down to one long distance company--- this is me getting nervous... Ugh... just another tid-bit of bad news from this week. Crap. Crap. Crap. Is the sky falling?

Tomorrow, Hubby and I must go set up for a demo in Lowell. The last of the business expos, finally. The next big demo will be in June at the Start of Summer Celebration. Two days of sun, stupid questions, bike helmet sales, and helium sucking fun! I don't mind doing the demos with Hubby- it grants me weekend time with him at least- it's just all the stupid questions and elderly using us as a complaint department- last week had some choice snippits of conversation... "Well, I called 9-1-1 for myself, see I was having some 'issues' and the police came. I didn't like that. Why did they have to be there? They were snooping about my house, going thru my things... That isn't right now is it?" was what one woman said to us. Oh boy... To give a little explanation, what she took as snooping- was actually police officers doing their job- trying to find any medications she might have been on so as any treatment she received didn't have any drug reactions. See what I mean by complaint department?

In novel news- I wrote a lot yesterday. Like 11,000 words! Today is looking a might hefty in the amount of words as well. Which is good. It honestly looks like the novel will be done and off to my editor friend by the end of the month. Crap. Now what? I'll tell you what- the last of the editing then writing the query letters, finding a publisher, crossing fingers and praying it gets published and makes me some money!!! Meanwhile- work on the next book- "Transfer" will begin. Bringing a whole new cast of pains in my ass (characters with their own way of not listening to me) into my memory banks. Holy poop- I think I'm a writer, ya'll...


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