Storms & Cold...

So- taking the plastic off the windows recently was stupid idea. But then again- oh wait! It wasn’t supposed to get this damn cold again! We weren’t supposed to get snow after the first day of spring. AARRRGGGHHH!!! I’m so not happy!
The thunder and lighting Sunday night was friggin’ awesome! And also spectacular in the first lighting of the year fashion! I got a lot of great shots and looking forward to getting more this spring and summer.

Monday was a high stress day. Not in the work aspect but I tried to upload my photo portfolio to Wal-Mart’s photo center to get them printed up for me to pick up on Friday but no. I spent over two and a half hours trying to figure it out, trying to get them printed up. But no. Nothing. Two and a half hours of wasted time. I was so furious I was throwing things, breaking things, have an all out raging temper tantrum (of which I needed to sweep up broken glass in my office after). I have never been that upset over something.

Well- scratch that. I remember one time, years and years ago- that my ex husband decided to take a trip up to see some friends in Virginia Beach and looked me in the eyes and said I would just put a drag on his trip. So he left. For a three day weekend of fun, without me. He was nearly hit by a glass vase being thrown at the door as he left. What ensued was a fit of rage that lasted over an hour and resulted in so many things broken (damn near our entire set of wedding dinnerware) that the living room carpet glittered and crunched with shattered glass. I just up and left the apartment in shambles and spent the weekend at a friend house on the other side of Jacksonville. I also made him clean up the mess when he came home- since it was his fault I was so angry, he got to clean up the mess. I felt like that again on Monday. I was so irate that my voice sounded like some demon from hell, my pulse pounded in my ears… I scared myself I was so angry.

Tuesday, I convinced Hubby to stay home from work, since it was his scheduled day off and he’d bee at work Wednesday, Thursday (for a 24 hour shift), Friday, and Saturday we have the last of the demos until June.. We had a lazy morning together, nibbling on fried egg sammiches and drinking dark roast coffee. He sat down at my computer and helped me hammer out the proper technical aspects of three medicals for the book, then proceeded to write a seven page scene for the final medical of the book. All the medicals are done now after I weed thru what he wrote yesterday and paste it into the main body of the book. I only have to write one more scene of creative genius that hit me Monday night sometime- Charlie and Mac’s best friend, Kevin, going to the Marine Corps Ball. The book is centered in a part of North Carolina steeped in Marine Corps culture, her father was a Marine, her friend Kevin is a former Marine… I needed something in there regarding that culture, right?

Last night- since it was Daddy, Daughter, Son-in-law dinner night, Mom tagged along with Dad since she wasn't holding art class. She came down with this monster flu bug two weeks ago and is still on the mend from it and wasn't feeling the greatest yesterday. Hubby and I made salad, garlic bread sticks, roasted garlic (Mom & Hubby's favorite) and lasagna roll ups. Tasty tasty!

After cleaning up from dinner and watching a new episode of NCIS- the storms started rolling in. I got up form the couch during the "Greasest films of all time" show, hearing an enormous racket in the house. Come to find out it was a 15 to 20 minute round of 1.8 inch hail stones hitting the windows. I did my duty by calling the National Weather Service like a good little Skywarn Watcher and filed a report on the weather, did the dinner dishes, and checked over the house to make sure we were ready of we got the amount of freezing rain they were forcasting. Wouldn't want to not be ready in case we lost power.

Well, we haven't lost power yet, but we're getting more freezing rain right now from the looks of it and we're due some serious snow yet today. I am so ready for this winter shit to be done and over with!

Tomorrow-I will be posting the next installment of my 365 project- Days 11-26. Stay tuned!!!


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