Oh- One of those Days...

This wasn’t my intended beginning to my blog today, but it damn sure went to the front of the line in a hurry. I opened my can of Vanilla Doubleshot Starbucks at about 09:30 this morning Upon the last delicious slurp of it, something hit the back of my tongue. I promptly spit it out onto the kitchen counter and found this…

That right a f*ing blow fly! In a canned, sealed, energy drink that hasn’t been open a full hour, that never left my right hand. I called the Starbucks customer service people only to be told there’s no way it came from that can. Right. Cuz there’s a shit ton of blow flies whirling about in the brisk March air in Michigan right? I called her a f*ing liar (probably not the best way to represent myself) and hung up the phone. Disgusting! I’ve only thrown up once, but gag when I think of it. You don’t expect chunks of stuff to hit your tongue when drinking an energy drink, much less a damn bug! Ugh… better stop now before I throw up again. (Runs to the kitchen, swishes out mouth with hot salt water, opens can of clean and refreshing Monster) Consider this my first and last time EVER buying that shit. The Starbucks, not the Monster. Guess that’s what I get for straying from my trusted caffeine source that isn’t home brewed…
Back onto previously thought of topic- Japan’s Disaster. So for those that live under a rock somewhere in Ja’booty, close to BF, Egypt- there was a massive earthquake in the Ring of Fire. Some say 8.8, some say 8.9… Centered of Sendai, Japan. Post earthquake is when the real damage happened- a Tsunami (really cool world BTW). A wall of water 23 feet high slammed into the country and washed away all in it’s path. Another Tsunami, this one heading East- smacked Hawaii with massive swells (a surfers delight no doubt), also hitting the West Coastal US. My brother in-law, Ferret, when to the beach 2 blocks form his place in Oxnard, CA- watched it come in, probably said something along the lines of “Lame” and went back to his house.
This is a natural tradgedy, no doubt. Mother Earth is one pissed of girl (hence all the major quakes of the passed two years) and no doubt things will only get worse. If I were in Cali, anywhere in Cali, I would be holding my breath and packing my shit as fast as possible. Hell and phone call to distant family relations near center Kansas, looking for a spare room to stay in, wouldn’t be ruled out. I simply don’t think living in California- home of how many fault lines, is the safest place to be residing in currently. Matter of time, folks. Only a matter of time. Those are about the only major faults that haven’t rumbled in the last two years. A word on news anchors- my god you’re all going to have a stroke! Just chill.
Now- the real danger in Japan- a side from mass death, disease, and earthquake related problems. That countries entire electric program is based on Nuclear Power. Nukes! Mushroom cloud type shit, people. There are over fifty, count’em, 5-0 nuclear reactor facilities in the Japan. Another unfortunate clump of population based on dangerous fault line sin the Ring of Fire fault chain. How is it, that until now, no one thought that this might be a minor problem, say, if a massive earthquake struck the region? WTF-in big ‘ol bold face type, WTF???
As it stands right now, there are evacuations ordered around at least two facilities, if not three, while at least two of them have literally blown up. “No danger here… No radiation danger here, we have under control” says their government. The hell you do! Why are you evac’ing people if there’s no danger? Why are you cooling the drastically dangerous core reactors with sea water, if “There’s no danger?” The general public ain’t stupid! We know there’s a problem so just f*ing admit it already. I believe that it’s only a matter of time before Hiroshima happens again, on a much more larger scale. It isn’t bad enough that one entire prefecter (Sendai) has been wiped clean off the map by the tsunami, but now there’s the obvious possibility of nuclear reactors doing the chain reaction BOOM-BOOM-POW!
Not good. Not good in the slightest. I feel horrible for the people over there, being lied to by their “trusted government” (welcome to how us American’s have felt for YEARS NOW), facing fears and dangers unknown… But. There is a but. While it is sad and an unspeakable tradgedy, they want our help. We help everyone, everyone but ourselves. If the same happened here as did in Haiti or Japan- would they be so inclined to offer immediate aid? Perhaps not. We helped Haiti- or at least tried too. Our government is still sitting on a 700 million dollar relief fund “until they have reason to disperse it…” WTF? We contributed to the relief of an island nation in their critical time of need, only to have our government sit on the funds- deciding who gets what and when? Doesn’t anyone realize the same will happen if we offer money to Japan? If we have celebrity filled tele-a-thons, commercials of Anderson Cooper begging for relief for Japan, and rubber band bracelets made in bright colors, OUR GOVERNMENT won’t let them have the money until they deem it necessary! What kind if shit is this?
Our economy- if it hasn’t already- will take a nose-dive. Our gas prices, if they haven’t already- will spike (even though there’s no viable reason for it) and the stock market should tank (bringing gas prices back down), because we buy the bulk of our technology from Japan. Face it. Who makes those great big screen TVs? Japan does. Who does the major manufacturing of Toyota vehicles? Japan. iPods, iPads, iPhones- Japan, Japan, Japan! Can anyone else here the heart attacks in the New York stock Exchange this morning? I bet the air is absolutely sizzling with the sounds of defirulators going off in rapid succession on Wall Street.
Hang on ya’ll- this is going to get ugly. Real Ugly.

Borrowed from Semperkemper.blogspot.com


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