New Favorite Song!!!

I have a new favorite song, everyone! A power anthem about loving yourself, not letting yourself get down, a really great feel good/girl power song- Lady Gaga: Born this Way. If you download the video, or go watch it on YouTube- one might wonder if you have a sensitivity to alien sex/birth, dancing skeletons, and some odd creepy reference to Madonna at the end of the video. Just a little viewer warning from yours truly. Here are a few excerpts from the lyrics sheet…

Yesterday, after working on the novel for a couple hours (4000 words later…We’ll get to that.) I rewarded myself with a little creative time. I’ve had a blank canvas backpack sitting in the corner of my office on top crates filled with paints and 10 pound blueberry boxes filled with colorful permeanant markers. It’s been sitting there, saying quietly, “you’re neglecting me… You decorated the other one, my darker sister months ago… why haven’t your drawn beauty onto me yet???” So I finally did yesterday. I got the idea for it from a lighter I’ve been carrying around in my purse for about a month now; I liked the design and figured I could easily improve it in my own little way.

The only down sides to using permanent markers- A.) If you’re a touch messy, drag your hand through it artist- like I am- it takes at least an hour of scrubbing to get the ink off your paws & B.) You get really, really, REALLY high! I’m talking tweety birds and purple haze if you don’t walk away and take a break now and then & C,) Whatever room you are working in will stink of acrid marker smell for a while- bitching slapping your un-assuming spouse as they walk into the wall of smelly vapors (like Hubby did). Upside- while the markers are indelible, they might fade a bit if you wash them a lot, but not really. That’s why I like them so much more then paint when drawing on clothing or bags.

On the writing front- January’s word total 30,115 (the goal was 20,000) and February 22,788 (the goal was 20,000) - so I believe I’m doing quite well! New Years Resolution for 20,000 words a month, so far so good! I have been putting forth great efforts in the novel as of late and it’s coming together quite nicely. Last night I actually got Hubby to sit down with me and help me write down the basic bones of things needed for a really great accident scene for the book. Hopefully- tomorrow I will be able to post up a teaser section for everyone- but only if you ask nicely. Ya’ll know my e-mail address:)

Like I mentioned a blog or two ago, I’ve decided on starting a 365 photo project, and I have started it on my Suicide Girls page, but not here. Which isn’t fair to any of you is it? Well- I’m going to start posting a clump of pictures every Monday (crosses fingers and toes) of the previous weeks photos for all of you to gander at.

Now since an Inkblot blog, isn’t really an Inkblot blog unless I rant about something- here goes… F* Libya, F* Moomar Buttwedgie, F* OPEC, F* our weak minded simpleton government puppets, & F* Charlie F*ing Sheen!!! The first four F’s: The Middle East uprisings are costing us dearly right where it counts- that’s right- at the gas pumps and in our wallets. That’s because our government is a bunch of chicken shit, money grubbing little bastards that refuse to put a limit on what the SOB oil companies can rape us for at the pump per gallon. I don’t know about all of you. But in this house, it’s almost down to food or fuel. We need to fuel to get to work to make money to buy food and it’s getting damn near impossible to afford any of it.

All because Egypt fought for freedom against their leaders in order to use iPods, Twitter, and for the woman to shave their armpits… They did it, so now all the other assholes over there want to do it too. The age old question of “If they jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?” comes to mind. Why, yes, yes they will. So do it already! I really do hope that at some point, probably around when regular gas gets to $4.00 a gallon, the market will bottom out and gas will go back down to where it should be… Drop baby drop! That’s the only way our president and Congress will pay any attention to the cost of living. I can’t understand how they haven’t seen the reason there’s been such a lack of “economic recovery”. It’s real simple you raving F*tards! We ain’t got no damn money to revive your economy. You haven’t given us the jobs you promised you would and you’re dicking around with the price of gas since you’re all such pussies and won’t cap what big oil can charge. I hope your precious stock market bombs, AGAIN! It was mighty fine having gas under two dollars a gallon for that six months.

And Charlie Sheen? Sadly enough, a co-worker of Hubby had a point today… If Meth cooking trailer park mom’s can have their children living with them- why can’t he? Other then that simple fact- he is a moron. A gigantic softheaded, carpet lint sucking, raving lunatic, misogynist drug addict, that I really hoping overdoses within the next two months; otherwise I’m shit out of luck in the celebrity death pool. I’m sick of seeing his bullshit, “Rockstar” rambling like Rainman’s Crack addicted uncle. My god, just pull an Anna Nicole already you douchbag! The only reason we watch any of the shit you put out in your media blitz is because it helps us all realize that maybe our life doesn’t suck so much! You entertain us, both on your stupid man-ego stroking TV show and the unraveling of your pathetic Beverly Hills life. Screw off, and OD, please? Really- I’ve got some money riding on this.


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