Inkblot 365- started 2-27-2011

I know some of these pictures are one's that have been posted before, but, I promise there will be plenty more that maybe none of you have seen! After all- this is a 365 project, and these are only the first ten pics...

Hubby is home today, enjoying his scheduled day off, after I dragged him to work with me this morning at the god-awful hour or 6:45am. There was the distinct possibility of needing a third driver, so he tagged along just in case.
Currently, while I work on this blog and finalizing details in my new business cards; letting my detox mask suck all the crap out of my blah, dry, pre-moon time skin- he is curled up on the couch watching Halle Berry seduce James Bond in "Die Another Day".
Have a great day!


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