I Am A Hooligan!!

Hooligan: young foolish person who gallavants and roams the streets causing trouble. Yuppers- sounds like me don't it?

I cause mischief, I shit talk anyone, I cause a raucous, a fuss- wherever I go. I don't let anyone bed me to their will. I fight like hell to be true to myself... I am a Hooligan! And I have the tee shirt to prove it!

Yesterday- it was beautiful and sunny and warm! I plugged in my iPod and walked to and from work, but sadly- while I was walking and rocking out to Lady Gaga a little too ambitiously... I rolled my right ankle, and quite possibly my left as well. Ugh. Oh well. They don't hurt today but then again- I have been on 600Mg of Ibuprofen and Hubby wouldn't let me do anything last night if it involved me being on my feet. I had both ankles wrapped with Ace bandages propped up on pillows. So I sat an doodled on my sweatshirt while he cooked a great spaghetti din din. I added capers to mine, what delicousness that was!

But beofre he got home- I got antsy. What with the sunshine and warm breezes... So I ropped all the plastic off the windows, opening up a few to let in the great fresh air (something badly needed in my office). The dust was flying, the air smells great. I was invigorated! I took a broom to all the walls- getting rid of the cobwebs (previously unseen) that were flapping away in the warm breezy house. I swept the bedroom floor, Febreeze sprayed everything. It was a wonderful bit of spring in the house yesterday afternoon!

This was a camera experiment from a couple days ago. My brother doing a welding repair to the back bumper of an ambulance. Awesome! I didn't think my camera could do it, but oh boy did it!

This is a cell phone pic of the cutesy baby ducks and "dragon birds" at the local TSC. Spring is the time for baby chickens, all cute and fuzzy. I call baby chicken "dragon birds" for that is exactly what they turn into once the fluffy flies away and they start to grow pin feathers and attitudes. I was in FFA in high school, and I hated baby chickens when they started growing up- they got mean, and vicious, and bit you, clawed you, screamed at you- all while you were trying
to be nice and feed them! Evil little critters, I tell ya!
Coming up at the end of this month- I have a meeting to attend. A coffe clatch like assembly of people far smarter then I I'm afraid. It's a business refrerral type get together, and I, I have been selected as the token writer/blogger/ and more over and important, photographer. I have a big box full of my newly created business cards that I cannot determine how many to bring along.
Hubby and I worked for about two hours Tuesday on my computer, go thru what must be about 10 years of photography in order to pick out the few perfect ones to get printed for my portfolio that I shall bring along with me to the meeting. We narrowed down the field of thousands to just 34. I need to get prints ordered and come up with a uniquely me portfolio to put them in, to show case my skills, my technique, and creativity. I'm so utterly nervous about it, I can barely contain it! The stupid little voice in my head keeps taunting me... "You're not good enough... You'll be laughed out of there for sure! You don't have a 'real' camera... Good luck with your false hopes..." Like I said, stupid little voice in the back of my cranium. Wish it would shut up already!
I'm sort of thinking doing my portfolio in a slim binder, with the pictures attached to black paper backings to make them pop, all nestled into plastic sheet protectors. I'm not trying to be cheap, but lets face it, this meeting will hopefully maybe get me some money making oppertunities, then I can afford to have apro put it together. Until then, it's photo prints from Walmart and binder supplies from Office Max...


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