Pro looking Sampsonite briefcase bought at Staples for $7.50 yesterday- Check

Portfolio- trussed up, wiped down, looking sharp- Check

Business cards- 55 not counting how many are in my purse- Check

Pens to scribble with- Check

Notebook- Check

Pro-looking datebook/notebook- Check

Switch over- must pack personal stuff into briefcase, I think, rather then bring in purse. Nah- I’ll just leave it in the truck- Check

Prices for my Prints- sort of figured out, going with the “Start-up” Special idea Globug gave me


Dress- washed, dried, and hung up- Check

Shoes- picked out, polished- Not Yet

Nylons- Must Find

Underwear- picked out and hung with dress- Almost Done


Legs- shaved- Check

Facial- step one and two complete, steps 3,4, & 5- In The Process

Make-up- figured out how to use the new stuff, will look great- Check

Hair- freshly dyed deep red, trimmed by yours truly- Check

Eyebrows- waxed and throbbing- Check

Nails- glued on and looking sharp- Check

Toenails- must take off hooker pink, paint them a nice burgundy- Not Done

Yes. I am nervous. And the best way to not be nervous is to write unending amounts of to-do lists, have done lists, all in order to relax and assure myself I’ve done everything, packed everything, and checked it at least twice. All this for a two hour meeting at seven tomorrow morning. Hubby will be home, asleep in bed, and I’ll be fidgeting, chewing on my fake nails, and trying to look professional while my insides are quivering like jell-o in an earthquake!

Oh boy. I think I’m going to lose it. But I need to trust in myself and trust that my photo portfolio will speak for itself. That my work will prove that this nervous little redhead can, in fact, play with the big boys of snappy-snaps! Goodness- I think building a hayloft for a friend on Saturday will prove to be more cathartic then once planned. I’ve been so juiced trying to figure out what to wear, what to look like, do I have professional looking stuff, getting my prints made and planned out in the portfolio- it’s all been weighing heavy on my mind. Plus- watching Nascar on Sunday with friends and eating great food should help out s bit too. Next Tuesday’s trip to see the butterflies will definitely clinch everything as far as relaxing and having fun.

Yikes! Just finished my facial- wow- smooth skin, glowing red skin, highly pissed zit craters… Might have over done it. Oh well- lotion should cure it, otherwise there’s always make-up!

So now here I sit, after doing small domestic chores and eating lunch (left over Applebee’s Oriental Chicken salad and a grilled cheese sammich, washed down with flat Mountain Dew), I’m caught up on e-mailing photos to people, looking for someone’s e-mail of photo orders (he hasn’t yet. Do I e-mail him?), ugh… I suppose I should do dishes (there’s like two cups and a couple plates), put away laundry and pick up the house a little. Then I think I’m going down to my parents to take a nice long walk in the woods- relax a bit. Take pictures, that sort of thing.


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