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Monday- as per normal never goes as planned. Dad/Boss and I headed off into the morning darkness at 6:15 in the morning, bound for my dropping him off to pick up a rig that needed warranty work done from the dealership. Then I was supposed to head back up the Beltline to pick-up a truck from Rusty Ford Ambulance. Well- we go to the dealership- the rig had been sitting out in the cold, with no shoreline or heater, so the batteries froze solid. It took us half an hour “warming the battery with jumper cables before it would even think of turning over. It finally did and I was off to my next stop. People had no F*ing idea how to drive this morning so a twenty minute drive took 45 minutes.

I grabbed the truck and back to home base. I jumped into the Midget Hearse aka black PT Cruiser and off to the great white North to see my Julie Bear. That was probably the most flawless run I had all day. I got that truck, headed back to home base. I took a ten minute stretch break and then got into the ambulance we picked up from the dealership earlier and headed to Paw Paw. Ugh. Speed bump. Traffic sucked. By this time it is eleven thirty in the morning and still no one in Grand Rapids knew how to drive! I stopped at the rest area just north of Kalamazoo to take another stretch break, suck in some clean oxygen and continued on my way south. I left the keys in the shuttle vehicle (that’s been there three weeks mind you) and no one there thought to move it so the snow plow guy could plow the spot it was in. So, I commenced in the half hour task of digging out and uncovering my poor car.

Then I headed back to home base. Wishing I was done for the day. After two minor bank runs to Allendale, I was finally done! I punched in at 6:15am and punched out at 2:30pm. I was driving the entire eight hours. In the same state, on the same side of the state. UGH! Never let it be said that I don’t have the stamina for a road trip!

Along the lines of my work being related to ambulances. My best friend Globug wanted me to publish a little reminder to everyone about ambulances. According to the SOS handbook for safe driving and Michigan state law:

You must yield to emergency vehicles, approaching from any direction or if stopped, when their lights are flashing. Time is critical in an emergency situation. Pulling over and allowing emergency vehicles to reach their destination as quickly and safely as possible may save a life. Never stop in a roundabout for emergency vehicles. Exit the roundabout before pulling over to the side of the road.

Why is this so hard for people? If that was your loved one was in the back of that ambulance running code to get a medical or going to the hospital from a medical, wouldn’t you want people to move the hell out of the way?! This is a pet peeve of mine- people that will not yield to emergency vehicles running code. In my mind it should be punishable by death, but more reasonably- by removal of said non-moving dirt bag’s driving privileges.

What if that fire truck was going to your house that was on fire? Wouldn’t you move then? Not yielding to those men and woman in emergency vehicles brings a direct threat to their safety! Not only has my husband dealt with this, but also a large portion of my friends and my little brother. So- to re-cap, when you see Blinky-blinks and hear sirens, get the holy hell off the road! Or at least pull over! By all means, I feel it completely ok if that ambulance or fire truck runs your stupid ass over for not moving- they should get off scott free, no punishment needed. He, who has more lugnuts, wins.

Now, on the flip side, if a medical first responder smokes a stop sign, not running lights and sirens and happens to kill someone because he is a dumbass- then he needs to go to jail for manslaughter. Breaking the speed limit while running code- fine. Breaking the speed limit because you can and hurting or killing someone- not fine. EMS vehicles still need to slow down enough to check for traffic in intersections, those that don’t and wind up in accidents, are stupid and need to be punished, in the case of the Montcalm first responder. He never slowed, never checked for traffic, smoked a stop sign and killed two people. He is a dumbass.

A fire fighter on my little brother’s department (way before his time, mind you) was running about twenty miles and hour over the limit for a not so major medical on a country road near here with a speed limit of 55. On the same road, at the same time, was a girl I went to school with, riding her bike. She turned to check for traffic before crossing the street, assuming she had enough time, given his distance from her. She was fatally killed by his hitting her at over 70 mph. He wasn’t running code (no lights, no sirens) but still had the hammer down. He was pretty messed up in the head after the accident and took a seven year leave of absence from the department. Like I said, being a punk and speeding- not okay.

This is me, stepping down off my soap box… For those of you interested, this is the official 300th blog! Wahhoooo! If you haven’t done it yet, become a follower or subscribe to my blog, please??? I’ll love you forever!


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