What a Night...

And not in a good way! Before retiring for the evening, I was talking on the phone with Hubby, when I noticed the lights were "dancing". Not going bright then dim, but dancing, like there were little Tinkerbelle's caught inside the light bulbs themselves. Ten minutes later, my brother's fire department got toned for high voltage lines arching at sparking at the substaion nearby (within 10 miles). I continued to talk to Hubby on the phone before bidding him good night around ten minutes to eleven. I fell asleep. Hard. Around one AM, I woke up to Doggie-Pup whining and the guniea pigs going nuts. I opened my eyes, and it was dark. Really dark. We usually have a light on in the living room overnight for the piggies, so when I realized that wasn't on, I knew there was a problem.
Before I even got out of bed, trying to focus my deep sleep addled brain, I called Consumers Energy and reported the outage. The darkness must have unfurled within minutes of my falling asleep. I called Hubby, and after assuring him nothing was critically wrong, told him the power was out and that I wanted someone to talk to while I got the house situated. I brought my pillows and a blanket out to the couch in the fireplace living room and built a rip-snortin' fire in the fireplace. Once I was sur eit caught, I stumbled around by light of the cell phone to find a flashlight to go to the basement and turn off the pellet stove. It was silent and cold to the touch- yup, power's been out a few hours.
I closed doors to not needed rooms, covered the cold air intakes, which work in reverse when the damper to the fireplace is open, and curled up on the couch to catch a nap before I had to put more wood in the fireplace. 45 minutes later- 1:45am, I was up, checking restoration time with the power company "we're sorry, not restoration time is available currently..." Of course. Adding more wood to the fire, and checking the thermostat. Cool- up from 61 degrees to 68. Went to sleep. Woke back up at 2:30, checked with the power company again, still no time, and put some seriously big logs on the fire. Thinking it would buy me at least an hour of solid sleep. Laid back down.
At three am, just after the big logs caught in the fireplace, DING! The microwave chirped to life in the kitchen. WHOOSH! On went the lamp four feet from my slumbering head. Cool we have power. Damn, that fire's really burning now. Ugh, gotta go get the pellet stove cracking heat again. I turned up the furance to about 76 degrees just so it would kick on. The living room with the fireplace was at 74 degrees at this point with the rest of the house sitting at about 67 degrees. I stumbled downstairs, greeted Tigress who was pissed as hell that her personal fireplace was silent and cold and started working on getting it going again.
I filled the firepot with wood pellet, lit the torch, and waited. Just as a smidgen of wood pellets started to burn nicely (a flame the size of a basic lighter's output)- Pppfffsssshhhhh... Nothing. The torch died. Out of propane. We have replacement tanks, but I was too sleep to remember how to switch them out for the dead one. F*it good enough. Closed the door and waited, ten agaonizing minutes, for the pellet stove's blower to start cranking out heat. I went back upstairs to check on the fire which was going like hell at this point with the ginormous logs I had put in. I moved them around and apart, closing the glass doors (should not leave fireplace unattended, right?). Went to curl up in bed next to a snoring, could care less Doggie-Pup. Withing five minutes, I realized the rror in my ways- the house was gently filling with wood smoke.
Apparently when huge logs ar on fire, the laws of smoke physic do not apply and siad smoke start filtering back through the heat vents into the house. Awww gees. Got up, opened the doors again, and sat curled up in a blanket on the couch, waiting for the fire to die down enough to close the doors. At 4am, I finally got the chance. I closed the doors, went to bed. Had to move Doggie Pup who was know taking up all four pillows, still snoring. I fell back asleep at about ten after 4. My alarm went off to start my day at 5:40am. Ugh. Damn. This sucks so bad it hurts.
I got up, took a shower, got dressed, ate some Tums to sooth my irritable stomach and off to work I went. Then I found this at the gas station-
Does anyone else hear angels singing? I bought two.


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