This is three awesome shots of the snow plow going past us on the way to GR Saturday morning... Hubby told me I should get it printed into an 8x10 and give to our neighbor since he's a supervisor for the road commission.

I know, I know... Inkblot- where are you? Have you died? Why haven't you blogged lately??? Well, ladies and gents, I've been busy. By some random fluke of the Goddess herself, Hubby had his entire weekend off. We actually had quality time together, can you believe that? It was weird having him home for an entire two days! Saturday, we slept in, made breakfast and planned the day. A great adventure to the wonderful store called Horrocks in GR. It's like Whole Foods meets flower shoppe, meets gourmet supply store. It's awesome! After setting a budgeted amount of money we were allowed to spend, which we went over by $34.00, we wandered, he taste tested...

It never ceases to amaze me the things they have there. Amongst a vast array of potted, ready to but plants, there was a phenomenal table filled with orchids, my weak spot as revealed by my thousands of photos of the orchid wall at Meijer Gardens. I bought two new exotic teas, yet to be tried, we bought fresh mozzarella balls, gourmet pasta and pasta sauce, gourmet Sicilian bread to go with the pasta. In the produce section, not only were there the basics, but numerous varieties of fresh mushrooms, delicious fresh green beans that taste like summer should, and fresh turmeric. Fresh turmeric! I never even knew you could buy it like that or what it even looked like! Added bonus number one- they had my addicting poison there in one pound plastic cartons- fried, salted peas. Oh yum! Bonus number two- Hubby let me go nuts in the do-it-yourself, fresh cut flower section. I was to make my own flower bouquet for Happy Heart Day! AWESOME!!

So I did! I haven't finished taking pictures of them in various lights and such, but when I do I will be sure to post the pictures of them here. There's a handful of roses int he collection, all of them having a twin in color Gerbana daisy. They even had my absolute favorite rose there- the Sterling. It's this intense gray-lavender color, almost scentless, with deep green stem and leaves, but also is completely thorn less. It's a top of the line, exotic rose, but I reined myself in and only got one. I also got two stems of deep purple to white orchids for the arrangement. Actually they are in their own arrangement in a cobalt wine bottle on the plant table in the green living room, but that's okay two. Two bouquets for the price of one. The $34.00 we went over our budget.

After Horrocks, we stopped at a new store along 28th street called "Spice of India", it too is way cool. We bought s bunch of mixes for our favorite Indian dishes, some spices we'd never heard of but they smelled great, and incense. I got a low of incense for like three dollars. In total we spent like twenty bucks but walked out with two bags filled with stuff. Not too shabby! We spent the evening together, cooking a great dinner with the things from Horrocks, warming ourselves in front of a roaring fire which is when I started playing with my camera (see the pictures below).

Sunday, we again slept in. After breakfast and before shower, we cleaned the pellet stove as per usual Sunday mornings. There isn't any point to taking a shower before cleaning the stove because by the end of it, no matter how careful you were, you are still covered in soot and ash. It was still sunny and nice when we got out of the shower and while getting dressed so we decided on going to Grand Haven to take a look at the ice, pier, waves, and to grab some lunch. Well, by the time we got out there, there was no sun. The ice, when we heard on the news was to be way out there, like half a mile past the pier heads, was about fifty past the iceberg line. No so incredible. And there were no waves. While there was wind a plenty at our house the night before and all morning Sunday- there were absolutely no waves hitting the bergs and making pretty splashy-splashes. Suck. So we grabbed lunch at KFC and hit Walmart for the normal groceries that would have cost too much at Horrocks the day before.

Sunday night, we settled in with our fend for yourself dinners in front of the TV to watch the Grammys. X-tina (dumb blonde drunk as hell hoochie) seriously needs to stop while she's ahead. She was over-vamping, stumbling all over herself, and trying to compensate for her shi-tastic performance at the Super Bowl. I knew it, the audience knew it, and the other ladies sharing the stage had it all over their faces. Lady Gaga was wicked in her performance of "Born This Way". And everyone that is saying she ripped off Madonna can suck it. She didn't. Just stop your bullshit rantings already. Ceelo Brown and Gwyneth Paltrow's rendition of my personal anthem currently "F#*$ You" or "Forget You" for those sensitive types, was badass. Sure he looked like Snuffleupagus and Big Bird died for the worthy cause of his costume, but shit- if he wants to be the big black version of Elton John. let him! It was still a great job done by both. And holy crap- can that woman, Gwyneth, sing! The final performance I really wanted to see and wasn't at all let down by was Rhianna, Dr. Dre, Skylar Grey, and Eminem's "Love the Way You Lie/I Need a Doctor" Wicked. Simply stated, it was wicked.
Monday rolled around and I had the day off after a handful of my typical Monday bank runs and shopping list. AKA what we forgot we needed at Walmart and what we figured out we needed after going to Walmart. God bless the dollar store, man. After all that, I cleaned house (for the uncle's meet and greet visit on Tuesday) and worked on photos amassed from the weekend. Yesterday, Hubby had off again- finally! He got his scheduled day off for the week, never mind the stupid amount of phones calls he needed to answer. His uncle from Chicago was in town and wanted to come over to A.) see Hubby after about 15 years and B.) meet me for the first time.
It fell through. He finally called late late late afternoon yesterday to say he was sorry, he shut his phone off, but he'll be back in town in 6 weeks, we'll try again then. Hhmmm.... All that cleaning for nothing. Again. Hubby's family has proven to be infamous for making plans then cancelling or "forgetting about it" constantly. I can't even remember how many times we made plans with them last year for one simple lunch. I think they ended up falling through like 4 times (after I spent $75.00 dollars and countless hours studying the recipes for the lunch I was going to make) before I got fed up on their fifth call to meet us for dinner. I sent Hubby by himself- I was so pissed off and hurt. Whatever. We shall see if things pan out again in 6 weeks, won't we?
Today I am writing this catch up blog to prove I am in fact not dead, waiting in the infamous "limbo" between runs for the day, and contemplating opening up the novel to see where I'm at and what needs work. I haven't touched the thing for quiet a while now, like since January I think.
One final note: This is the new set of hand gestures I created in order to reflect my opinion of how foreign (out of state) drivers communte on our fair roadways. You might have to practice it a little to get the timing down, but it works!


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