The Mystery Crud...

I had a great day of adventures in K’zoo with Globug on Friday. I went with her to an appointment for emotional support and I believe I did some good there. At least I was cracking lame jokes and trying to make her smile. After the dreaded appointments, we went to leave and found this in the parking lot… You, sir or ma’am, suck ass and are a totally douche!!! Like it never dawned on you that maybe the other person would have a passenger that would like to get into their door? Hint, the passenger was me…

On our way to shopping at Goodwill (a new favorite hobby of mine) we stopped by Kirin’s work for a quick hello. She’s still gorgeous, and even more so now that’s she’s totally super happy with new guy Tao. Her eyes are all a twinkle; her smile is big and bright… I am just so happy for her! Globug and I went shopping; I got some dress pants for hubby, two new girly pairs of shoes, a comfy sweater, and a nice white dress shirt with French cuffs; and two new pair of black dress pants all for the low, low price of $46.00.
Post shopping, we met Mouse for a late lunch at Chinn Chinns. Awesome place! Really great food, I personally couldn’t get enough of the fried wonton and spicy sweet dipping sauce prior to our meals, and I had the most wonderful slice of warm weather heaven Key Lime Pie after my delicious meal.

I headed home soon after lunch, battling the intense wind the whole way northbound. Mid trip home, I grew tired and very, very cranky. By the time I got home to my sick Hubby who’d gotten home around 11 that morning, I was super bitch on wheels, and didn’t know why. House work needed to be done, and with each new task, I got even bitchier. Splitting wood for the impending storm was the only salvation from my chronic bitch-tastic attitude. Come bedtime, Hubby’s illness was full on annoying to me. He curled up tight to me in bed, exhaling what sounded like a water bong sound in my ear (all the lung taffy he had going on) and inhaling the loudest snores ever!
I grew tired of this quickly, grabbed my pillow and went into the living room to sleep on the couch. The five guinea pigs took this as an opportunity to entertain mommy all night long! Squeaking, singing, banging their houses around, banging their hay mangers against their cages… ALL NIGHT LONG!!! I got about two hours of sleep. I got up around 7am Saturday with a very plugged up head, sore throat, and snot galore… This is why I was bitchy and tired. I am sick. AGAIN! I just got done being sick and now I’m sickened again by the mysterious wandering crud that’s going around!!! YIPPY!!! I made myself busy putting laundry away, making coffee, picking up the house some more until Hubby woke up, and curious as to why I slept on the couch. I told him the tale of the longest night ever, and we made plans for the day.
We drove up to Courtland and pulled supplies for the trucks, did a little inventory, and went to the grocery store to buy a few things. And lo and behold- you’d swear a damn hurricane was coming with all the frantic shopping being done by everyone in the area. Gees, people- it’s a snow storm! Get over it! It’s winter, in Michigan, it’s gonna happen!!! I wandered over to the cold medicine aisle to get pharmaceutical relief for what Hubby gave me, and it was almost a knock down, drag out, fight to the death to get the last box of daytime cold medicine. We headed home after filling our re-useable bags with groceries. Hubby put me down for a nap and read his new cooking books I bought him for Valentines’ Day.
Sunday- the day of “big storm”. Hubby and I didn’t even get out of pajamas all day long, We had a nice breakfast and lunged around the house, sucking down cold medicine and snack food while watching “The Great American Race”, flipping back and forth between that and the radar station to watch the storm come in. And it did. We went from having no snow to about eight inches in a twelve hour time frame. South of here they got a major ice storm, but luckily not us. We stayed home with a roaring fire in the fireplace, steak and mashed taters for dinner, and just generally laying low.
This morning I woke up with a still very plugged up head. The bug hasn’t made it’s way to my lungs yet, but I feel a tidal shift of snot in my sinus’ each time I move. Ugh, what a “wonderful” feeling! I also picked up on how odd it is to eat something with absolutely no sense of taste. It’s a weird feeling of textures in my mouth without knowing exactly what things taste like, ya know? Hopefully the drugs will kick in and I’ll at least get to blow my nose, rather then this god awful feeling of “can’t suck it back and cant blow it out…” that I have right now.

Since it’s cold and crappy outside, I’m going to hunker down with my computer and get back to work on the novel today. I worked on it a lot last week, so since I feel like poop, I’m going to work on it more today.


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