Ice, Snow, & Dumbasses!!!

Okay so it's been a good long while since the rant machine o' Inkblot has been kicked into gear but the last two days of driving sure did the trick.

Holy Mother of (insert incessant ranting expletives here)!!! What the hell has made people so blisteringly stupid??? Did the minor fact that it is indeed Michigan in February completely escape people? Of course, we had all of three days last week, three freak days mind you, of pleasant fifty degree weather that melted away winter for a brief time. But it came back didn't it? With a freaking vengeance like a scorned woman on Sunday. There was the threat of an ice storm up here to the north, that didn't happen, but the plow drivers refused to plow until it was certain. Something about easier to plow and clean roadways if there wasn't a coating of ice on it... BLAH BLAH BLAH... All the ice storm action, major as it is, happen well south of my location. Still, STILL! Today the roadways I traveled on are packed ice. Or slush coated ice. Or f*in skating rink ice! Holy hell, people. Get out there with some damn salt or sand will ya???

I had to go to Lowell this morning to pick up a rig. Normally a twenty minute trip one way. NOT TODAY! TODAY IT TOOK A WHOPPING HOUR! The rads went from ice to worse ice, to dry, to slush, to packed jarring you teeth out of your head chopped up ice, to dry, to slush... No matter what, the rig I was in had absolutely no f*in traction and slid out of control more times then not. Or wouldn't get up minor hills without slipping, sliding and freaking me the hell out. Never mind the fact every other asshole on the roads today can't pull their head from the aforementioned nicknames long enough to figure out that if they are too f*in scared to be on the roads, then F*in don't be on the roads!!!!

One woman was in a full on panic with six (future shitty drivers) kids in her mini van while merging onto the highway. By the time the merge lane met it's end, she- sorry we- were up to the mighty speed of 40 miles per hour. Then she slammed on her brakes and swerved to avoid a patch of ice. Dear god I thought I was going to die! By way of the huge semi behind me- ass packing the rig, sending me careening into oblivion without giving me so much as a chance to kick the dumb bitch in the head. But no, it didn't happen. Instead I hit the airhorns, scared her even more, and manged to get around her.

I was so blazing mad by the time I got home this morning I could niether see straight or stop shaking. This is twice in two days, that simple tasks by way of motor vehicle have left me with an aching in my gut and a pulsing pounding sensation in my brain...

Yesterday, I went out and about to run two bank errands, to get gas (don't even get me started on the bullshit that is gas prices right now!), and to pick up a few bags of wood pellets (since cherry pits are out of stock all across the board). Simple. Easy. Some might even say quick! Ha! My truck in four wheel rive was barely shewing through snow banks fast enought o keep the tires rolling down our road and the various minor main roads to get me to 68th Ave. Once there, I was stuck behind some old biddy in a frickin' mini van (go figure with that mini van shit again) that was blazing along 68th Ave in front of me at 30 miles per hour. Not faster then, not slowing a touch- 30 mph- for five miles. Then once she snapped out of geriatric brain fade, realized she was about to go right past her hair salon. She slammed on the brakes, and made a skidding slide off to the right into the driveway. I didn't think this too great by way of my Extend-middle-finger-and-horn salute, and niether did the full milk tanker behind me- whom about made me shit my knickers when he touched off his air horn.

The rest of my errands went fairly easily. I went to the two banks, got gas (giggling devishly when the machine asked "Do you want a recipt?" "Hell yes," I said loud enough for the guy on the other side of the pump to hear, "I would in fact like proof I just got ass raped without dinner first"...) My drive home went peaceful enough-I followed two snow plows doing their job along Lake Michigan Drive. But still it angered me so when someone slid in between myself and the plows, then slammed on their brakes, because the road was slushy!!!

Holy crap!!! How come people are so damn dumb now???


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