Death Snow/ Blizzard of 2011

The Death Snow/ Big Suck Blow/ Blizzard of 2011

Hubby and I ventured out into the madness yesterday for supplies. Well- grocery items for Premer Chili Wednesday night, a pair of batteries, a light bulb, and cherry pits for the burner.
The three previous things were grabbed easily- while Save-a-Lot was a bit of a madhouse. Once we got to the farm supply store for pits, the day turned south. They were out. ALL out! COMPLETELY! Their supplier didn’t have enough set aside and too were out. So a phone call was made to the Plainfield store- 33 bags left. We had 25 put on hold, put the frozen food items in the bed toolbox of Dad’s truck and off like a dirty shirt we were to Plainfield. They didn’t put a hold on the 25 bags we wanted, and it was a shuffle and fight to get the ones we wanted. Getting dirty looks, glares, and the accusation of- “Some people need those for heat during the storm!” from one said penis-wrinkle of a man in a pea coat. Really? No shit, heat huh? I’m hoarding them because I want too, you jackass!

After picking up the pits, we stopped at Meijer’s to grab what was needed (i.e. fresh peppers) for the chili we’ll be making tonight. I was, no shit, shoved out of the way by an 80 year old woman in need of jalapeño peppers! Holy shit! So I took my 6 items to the U-Scan to check out. Waiting not so patiently for the WIC mom’s to finish buying 8 gallons of milk, who knows how many juice boxes, and 12 bags of potato chips in front of me. I scanned my onions and peppers, quickly running my debit card through the scanner before jackass in line behind me openly chastises me for “Taking too long! People need to get stuff done before the storm, woman!” Oh, f*ing please! It’s a 24 hour storm. If you don’t have enough food in your house for a 24 hour storm, you, are in fact, a dumbass!

We got home, brought in the pits, brought in the wheel barrow full of wood from the garage, made lunch, and relaxed, watching the hysteria driven news reporting until Mouse arrived. Mom and Dad picked the 3 of us up for dinner. First we went to Pitstop bar in Marne, “We’re sorry. Our kitchen is closed due to the cook being afraid to drive to her home 5 miles away in the storm…” So we left. We drove to Allendale to hit Coney Dog for dinner. Big note taped to blackened windows- “We’re all home tonight bracing for the big snow. Will be open at regular time for breakfast…” WHAT? WHAT THE SHIT IS THIS?? So, our final and third attempt at dinner was a family meal at Mc Donald’s in Allendale. Meh… We had fun, got food, and came home to find this:

That- is Cpl. Samuel A. Pigg. Donning his guilly suit in honor of the Marine Corps episode of NCIS. How friggin’ cute is that? We did decide on names for the three new children. Sam and Elliott for the boys and Babe for the baby girl.

Hubby left for work this morning around six, calling to tell me that the roads were in fact shit. Four to five foot tall drifts and abandoned cars between our house and the 2 track road known as I-96. Mouse and I had breakfast and are going to go out and take pictures of the snow soon. Against a biting wind, we took photos of the gigantic snow banks in the yard. Then I noticed our mailbox had broken off when the big county plows went through this morning. After a minor repair in the basement, Mouse and I went and put it back on its pedestal at the end of the driveway. Since we were bundled up, we decided to venture out in to the world to Coopersville.

It was a ghost town. Once we stocked up on Mountain Dew and fuel for my truck we took the long way around to Marne, to check out the highway. About a mile from my house, we hit a snow bank still covering over half of the road- apparently the plows didn’t get THAT far. My truck did two complete 360’s before coming to a stop in the middle of the road. Once I got it started again, we were off to Marne, both our pulses up just a tiny bit. The rest of the trip went uneventful and we came back to the house, getting the chili ready for tonight’s dinner. Tasty.

According to the NWS, our storm total is somewhere in the ballpark of 16 inches. Like my Dad said this morning- this is how winter used to be. Note: he said that after laughing his ass off at me climbing through the passenger side door of my truck to back it out of my parking spot for him to plow. The snow drift on the driver’s side of my truck was about four inches taller then the truck.

Mouse, Hubby, Dad, and I feasted upon a vat of chili- my recipe- made with lean ground beef, chipotle powder, 2 diced Cubanelle peppers, 2 diced Poblano peppers, 2 diced Hungarian Sweet peppers, 2cand dark red kidney bean, 2 cans light red kidney beans, 2 cans of black beans, 1 sweet yellow onion, 7 diced cloves of our garlic (onion and garlic sautéed in EVOO prior to adding to the pot), 1 can tomato sauce, and 1 can petite diced tomatoes. We set it on low and let it simmer for about three hours. We also served it with cheese, sour cream, green onion, and chopped cilantro…. YUM, YUM, YUM!!!

The evening finished off with a roaring fire in the fire place and watching 80’s music videos on the new COOLTV music channel. A lovely evening all together…
Our bright yellow picnic table is under this snowbank- the table comes up to my hip for refrence.

Granted there is a bit of hill to our yard- but this is a snowbank about five feet deep!!
Back to Real Time Today:
So I was out this morning doing shop errands to find that gas has gone up to $3.25 a gallon in Coopersville. WTF??? I thought the BS in the Middle East was going to drop fuel prices, at least that’s what they said on Monday. Oh- wait no…. I know what it is- the BLIZZARD OF THE CENTURY/2011. Let’s jack up the price of fuel so road commissions can’t afford to plow the roads and those poor bastards that have to drive in it, can’t afford to! That’ll keep everyone off the roads, right? Assholes. Let us pray… “Big Daddy, Junior, the Spook, and Saint Jude- please please please let the riots in the Middle East transfer over to here in the states, focusing on the corporate offices of the big oil companies. Please guide their bullets, bottles, and rocks into the craniums of those in charge of gas prices- KTHNXBAI!”
This morning, while at work picking up an ambulance, er- attempting to at least. I came to the stiff realization that just because someone is in upper management- does not mean they have the intellect for such a place in the world. I took camera phone pics of what I’m talking about and wouldn’t dare post them here for fear of the comments that could arise. Email me if you want to see them. It was a stupid idea someone had, that only became more stupid when the heater went out… Some people should have just been sterilized, really.

But, this blog is by far long enough and I must get to house chores, including litter box duty, laundry, and digging out our garage so as we can get fireplace wood out when we need it. Have a lovely day and good luck to all still digging out from the storm!!!


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