Ahhh... Success

A bright burst of red on a snowy day- our Oak Leaf Geranium in bloom.

The way things look through a sun-catcher...

Dripping icicles outside the living room windows.

I am not Catholic, quite a bit from it actually, but I have a small collection of rasries that hang in the bedroom. They looked too cool in the gray light to not take pictures of!
Back when Hubby and I were dating, I had a thing for Tinkerbelle, still do. But I found a matching pair of these start sun-catchers. I gave one to him and hung it in his bedroom window in the direction of my house- "...first start to the left and straight on till morning" It was a thing. It was cute and romantic, and we have one hanging in the kitchen facing the direction of where we first met and the other in our bedroom.
Friday, when Hubby got home, we compiled a list of things we needed and headed out into town. After a stop at Home Depot and Fruitbasket Flowerland, we got everything we needed to start the garlic crop for 2011 in our basement. I moved stuff around in the basement while Hubby built two more racks for flats to sit on. Saturday our great friend and soon to be invester- Cowtown came over. After a great homestyle breakfast, we got to work in the basement, planting 2328 baby garlics into dirt filled trays. The boys hungs the gro-lights and got everything situated for the little buggers to start growing, and as of last night- we already have one green sprout breaking through! Determined little squirts!

"Lake Affection" Icecream by Hudsonville. It's vanilla and mint (without the chips) swirled together. The perfect Saturday afternoon snack with frozen Michigan blueberries!

Saturday afternoon- I played with my camera since it was miserable outside I staye din photographing odds things here and there. Saturday night brought hotubbing in my parents hot tub while watching the incessant swirls of snow flakes tumble down onto our faces and heads. It would have been some wonderful photographing, but sadly between the humidity and the cold, I didn't want to mess up my camera- or drop it in the hot tub. It was peaceful, romantic, and best of all- eased the sore muscles post planting baby garlics!
After a slow start to the day on Sunday, Hubby and I had breakfeast- Cream of Wheat with blueberries, toast, and milk; got dressed and headed out to Rockford. We needed to get a birthday card for our nephew's party last night; get me some high powered coffee since we didn't make coffee yesterday morning; and we had to do supplies for the ambulances in the company.
It took a little over an hour to get supplies done, and by the end of it- we were both craving so serious pizza! So, we drove back into Rockford and took a window seat in Vitali's. We people watched, talked about life in general & the relationships of those that we know, then it came to the table. The most perfect mushroom, green olive, and pepperoni pizza in the history of ever! It had golden crust with the right amount of squish to it. Perfectly melted cheese that clung and created strings when you pulled a piece away... Just YUMMY!! It even looked beautiful!
I'm nibbling on the very last piece right now while working on this! So, now that I've got laundry two thirds donw, grocery shopping done- along with bank errands. I need to finish things up, get dinner pre started (marinating the chicken boobies), and write. I've had a good string of days with writing int them lately and the urge it still there to work. I think I added like thirty pages to the novel last week! I was filling in tiny plotline holes, minor tweaks, correcting timing errors and such. Plus- I think I'm going to start an online photo album (my 365 project) on my Suicide Girls page...
Wish me luck!


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