Wayland= SUCK!!!

On my way back from Paw Paw this afternoon- I was feeling a little drowsy so I pulled off in Wayland to buy a candy bar. Chocolate plus Mountain Dew= wakie wakie! So I stopped at Speedway.I went in, bought a 3 musketeers and a bag of Twizzlers. When I walked out the door, I found a Wayland Police Yukon blocking in the ambulance I was driving. The officer was looking in the truck windows.
"Excuse me? May I help you with something?" I asked trying to not sound irritated.
"Oh, I'm waiting for the crew to come out."
"You're looking at her," struggling now to not be irritated, "What do you need officer?"
"Well, it isn't too often that another ambulance stops in our fair city..." he says, hands on his hips, acting like he's about to piss all over his fair city of Wayland.
"So what? I stopped to buy a candy bar since I was getting a little sleepy. If you move your truck, I'll be more then happy to leave."
"I'm just saying... Wayland EMS covers this area."
"Do I look like a medic, officer?" Irritated ever so slightly.
"No ma'am..." awww, shucks... the douche bag has manners!
"Then move your truck or I will move it for you when I back out of the parking space. Diamond plate trumps plastic, officer. If you'd like, you can brandish your rifle and escort me to the outskirts of town..." Fuck not being irritated, I'm pissed at this point.
"There's no need for the attitude miss," he hasn't budged an inch towards moving his vehicle yet.
"Yes, actually there is. Now- I will say it one more time. Move your fucking truck, or I will move it for you."
He nodded, turned away, and got into his truck, moving for me. I spun the rear dual tires on the rig and sprayed his nice clean truck with salty parking lot slush just for kicks.

Flippin' assholes! Everyone! Everyone that lives in that god forsaken piece of cow turn village known as Wayland are all flippin' assholes! Unfortunately, this isn't the first time I've been met by rudeness whilst stopping there for a pee and soda. The first time was last summer. I had to pee and I was thirsty- Ironic. While in the Shell gas station, I went to purchase my items. The lady behind the register- wait, not lady- old friggin' bitch hag, was distracted, staring out the windows behind her.
"Ma'am? Something wrong?"
"I'm waiting for those assholes to get our of their ambulance..."
"Well, I'm them assholes..."
She glares at me, "You don't look like a medic..."
I say to myself, "Like you'd be able to tell otherwise you stupid, miserable, cow shit smelling---"... clears my throat, "Sorry to disappoint."
Blank stare was the response I got, must have used a big word.
"Ma'am, just ring me up so I can f*ing leave."
She did, I left. Getting the finger from a Wayland EMS crew waiting at the light as I got onto the highway...

Oh, holy shit right? How one tiny cow flop ridden village along the great highway US 131 can be so ignorant, so rude, so so so .... ARRGGGHHH! I don't care how badly I have to pee (my molars could be floating for all I care), or how hungry I am (I could be chewing on the steering wheel for nourishment), or how sleepy (rumble strips- nature's alarm clock). Forget stopping there for something. Keep driving right the hell past Wayland.


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