Tasty Food & Dudes...

“…The salty, herb scented steam rising from the blue enamel kettle on the stove. The heady green smell of sliced open artichokes simmering in hot water and the creamy notes of melted butter… Steamed crab legs and artichokes with chocolate drizzled custard ├ęclairs for dinner- this is our romantic, at home Red Lobster, Saturday night. The beauty and ease in which Hubby cooked this rich, delicious dinner was enough to bring a change of heart into the coldest person. I have this wonderful, sexy man that cooks heavenly meals for me- double Yum- no, not the gum.
Prior to our meal for the evening, we ventured out into the Siberian atmosphere to the book store. An afternoon date I was sure wasn’t going to happen since he had to work Saturday morning. We walked around, hand in hand, looking at the periodicals before parting ways and shopping. I picked up a new copy of Writer’s Digest and the Witch’s Almanac for 2011- spring 2012, also, the note book in which this entry was written in. It’s sexy. A blank page, black leather bound Piccadilly note book. It has a small elastic cord to hold it closed along with a woven ribbon page marker. It’s a grown up notebook. But, sadly, it also reflects exactly how craptastic my long hand skills are when there aren’t the restrictions of lined pages…”

I wrote that Saturday night, thought it flowed well, and typed it up for all of you to read! Monday night we did in fact get quite a winter storm thrown at us. I’d say here at the house we received about 6 to 8 inches of heavy wet snow, not to mention freezing rain for about three hours. The snow collected on tree branches and looked absolutely beautiful Tuesday morning, right up until the blasted wind hit and shook it from all the branches… No pictures taken, dammit! Funny how work got in the way of photography.
Hubby was home all day yesterday, he actually took his well deserved day off! He tagged along with me while I drove down to Paw Paw to pick up another rig (one with so many things needing repair it won’t be going back today), and then off we went to pick up a few things at the store. After we went to the store, we split some more firewood and brought it into the house, then watched a most excellent movie- “The Expendables”. This movie was a classic, blow shit up, big guns, kill the bad guys. The entire cast was a dream for anyone a fan of 80’s action flicks. There were cameos by Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwartz-a-governor. Plus there was Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mickey Rourke, Rambo himself, Jet Li, and holy hunk of sexy man meat- Jason Statham. I’m not one to lust for rippling muscles, but Statham- he’s got the Aussie accent and he pummeled the crap out of a group of guys for abusing a woman he loved in the flick. Oh… Ohhh my goodness. YUMM!
Just prior to the movie, however, I played with a new recipe. Fruity Pebble treats. Think rice crispy treats with Fruity Pebbles instead. Now that’s some tasty num-nums!

Today, I was awakened by a robo-dialer offering my natural gas service at a new, low, low, LOW price! When I called the number back at the blistering, why couldn’t I get to sleep in hour of 7:30, I got the “We’re sorry, our offices are currently closed. Office hours start at 9:30 am, Eastern Time… Blah blah blah…” No, no- I’m sorry, why can’t your’ f*ing robot hit the snooze button then? How come the robot is awake before your stupid offices are even open? WTF?
So, since I was now irritably awake, I started the day. I washed a small load of laundry (my favorite thermal top and two pairs of jeans, along with the even crucial fluffy warm socks and under-grunders), cooked dog chicken, vacuumed up the dog hair and nail clippings from Doggie-Pup spa day yesterday afternoon, freshen the piggy beds, watered and clipped day leaves from the house plants, made the bed, and linen sprayed freshness back into the house furniture. Small things, mostly, but they were enough to make me feel accomplished prior to seated myself at the computer to play around and force myself into being creative.
I started working on a writing exercise that hopefully will get finished today and posted here tomorrow. Plus, my book I ordered last week from Amazon arrived yesterday- “Your novel proposal- From creation to completion. How to write and submit Query letters, synopses, ETC…” The next step once “Medics” is in fact done. Getting published! See- I am a grown up! I’m going to put hardcore effort into making my book a piece of a bookshelf somewhere. (Slaps self on back, bumping coffee cup with elbow, sloshes coffee from cup onto scribble pad…) DOH! Now there’s another mess to tend to… Hmm, I better got to work on the writing exercise so you all can read it tomorrow… Later!


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