Sunday- Sunny Sunday...

It was a definite cold one last night. Since out outside digital thermometer died, dunno exactly how cold it was but since it was 12 degrees when I left the house to go tot he store at 11:00 this morning, must have been damn cold. I'm glad we dropped the blinds and curtains on the windows, cranked up the pellet stove and nudged the furnace a couple degrees up before bed last night. On the upside- when its that cold and there is only a hint of moisture in the air- we get ice fog. Which does really nifty shit to trees and bushes. That and the sky is painfully clear, which makes it all the more beautiful at sunrise. I took these pictures yesterday morning and this morning.

Hubby is at work today, which sucks. We like having our weekends together, but tell that to people that quit short notice and just plain call in sick and don't feel like working. Oh well. So he's at work, and I'm home. I ran to the store to grab a few things needed for the house and then came home to do a few things. Basic house stuff mostly like pick up my office; cat box duty; cleaned out the fridge; put away laundry washed last night; took out garbage; and cleaned out the fireplace so we can have a fire tonight. Then I went to split wood in the garage...

After I split about three logs and loaded them into the wheelbarrow- it happened. I went to strike another log with the splitting maul and SNAP! POW! OUCH, DAMMIT! Said log flew back and crashed right into my left index finger. After I finished cursing a blue cloud. I regretfully peeled off my work glove to see the large amount of blood seeping from a gash, and
the immediate swelling already happening. Since I didn't have enough wood split, I kept on working, wincing in pain with each strike of the maul against wood. I used my pain and anger at my own stupidity to the benefit of splitting stuff smaller. I brought the wood into he house, stacked it, and peel off my now bloody glove to look at the wounded digit. Oh yeah, it's fucked up.

Currently- it's kinda numb, but each time I try to bend it or brush it against something- it is so not numb! Screaming pain courses it's way through my hand to trigger the - "Dammit!" response. I've got a pressure band-aid wrapped around it to stunt the bleeding and reduce swelling- not really working that great. The bleeding has stopped, but not the swelling. I think I might have actually broken my damn knuckle. That crucial middle bendy knuckle. You know the one, the one that whenever you hurt it somehow- you seem to continue to bang it into things causing more extreme pain then needed. Ugh... So not cool!
Yesterday, Hubby and I went out to Rockford to take in the ice festival- not so great turns out. I was expecting more then what was there. More splendor, more creativity, more... more... anything! Since that sucked, we strolled through town to go to the New Age shop where we found a bunch of our power candles. Like ones charged with scents and colors for specific uses. I bought four creativity candles, and three harmony candles. Hubby bought a handful of other ones designed to help along with the energy balancing he does to me. Then a specific stone was calling to me. A piece of white Selenite, shaped like an eye and polished to perfection. It takes up my entire palm of one hand and is quite happy there. I'll have to go through my books and find out why exactly Selenite was calling to me.
Then we just came home and chilled the rest of the day. Hubby made these excellent salmon cakes with spiced corn, green onions and a hint of lemon juice for dinner, along with Alfredo noodles to accompany them. I'm going to make Greek chili dogs and fries for dinner tonight... But first- I need to vacuum up the mess I made while stacking wood and eat lunch. Then maybe write a little bit. The first week of this month- I've written over 10,000 words!!! Wa-hoo!!


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