Oh What A Day...

I honestly didn't think my work day would end so as I could get to blogging today, which pissed me off since I know I promised a blog today. Well- work is finally done, my hair is freshly dyed red (my roots were WAY TOO long), I am showered, online bills are paid, errands ran.... FINALLY! I have made my way to my computer to blog... I still need to clean the cat box in the bathroom but it can wait another hour. Ahhhh, accomplishments.

SD Mom and Brother "Right On" arrived again on last Thursday, fresh from their week long stay with Grandpa- lamenting about Grandpa's POS dog. The dog is an ass. A rude, biting, barking, stupid ass. Brother "Right On" soon left for an adventure to Petosky to see an old school friend. So SD Mom and I went for a lovely late lunch at Olive Garden, then thirft store shopping. I found some really great sweaters and pre-broken in, new to me jeans at the two store we went to. Then we went to gather the needed ingredients for Monster Cookies! We bought so much extra stuff for them that they are essentially a meal in a cooke, and if you eat more then one in a day- you'll get at least three times you daily fiber intake and we all know what happens then! While we were shopping at Wally World- go figure, something happened in line ahead of us at the first check-out lane we went to. A couple had a crat with a total of three itmes in it. Okay, we'll stop at this lane, no worries. Then about six of their frineds, family, whatever, cam eup, dropping armloads of groceries into the cart. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT??? Ever heard of manners people? SD Mom and I both thought this was tter bullshit and went to a different lane, all the while I tried to keep my mouth shut... Utter bullshit! Dont get into line at the store, if you aren't done shoppping!!!

Friday- SD Mom and I went about thrift shopping and home made roast items shopping. Then Brother "Right On" surprised us by coming back early. During dinner, Hubby was talking about a call he had long agao, where he had to take care of an older lady- think 80's, that bought herself a new pair of boobies, and demanded that he see them. At that point, Brother "Right On" made the comment of- "Talk baout hanging new chandeliers in a haunted house!" and promptly made us all either choke on our food or borderline spit milk from our noses! I about died!

Saturday, Brother "Right On" and Hubby completely dissasembled the pellet stove and cleaned it while SD Mom and I dissassembled Chrismoose. New Year, no Chrismoose left in the house. The tree was dried out and dropping needles and I wanted the house back to it's orginal furniture format!

Sunday (yesterday) they hit the road bound for "Minimalist-Granola" sister's house to pack her and the kids up to move them back to South Dakota. It's a long convaluted story and well, she's a nomad, so it's completely cool that she bounces around. Yesterday afternoon took an odd turn, and instead of going to Barne's and Nobles then a lovely romantic dinner with Hubby at Red Lobster- instead we had to help a friend in crisis. No details will be given here, save for the mis-adventures of myself and Cowtown's girl- Smiles. She's always smiling and completely fun to be around. She and I had a wonderful adventure of finding a bathroom and secret rooms in the belly of Saint Catholic's church. It lightened the mood to say the least.

Back to today. Like I said, work was a bitch today- typical Monday stuff, too much to do, too little time to do it in (without going insane). I do still have to clean the litter box and later tonight, wrangle dear sweet pregnant Tigeress cat into a cat crate. She's scheduled for surgury tomorrow and instead of wrangling her at six in the morning and making all others in the house suffer from no water or food overnight tonight. I know what you're thinking- surgury? She's pregnant. I know, and while I have fought long and hard on this decsion- Hubby and I can handle one more house cate, bringing the total to three. But a New cat that's about to hatch 7 more cats, not gonna happen. So her surgury tomorrow is a termination of the pregnacy and spaying. It sucks, I know. It goes against my moral stand on how and when abortion can and cannot be used, but seven kittens. That's way too big a commitment, when no one is looking to adopt any kittens. Hate me if you must, but I'm hoping not everyine will hate me for the option I took. We're keeping her, just not the babies.

Onto the New Year's Goals. I haven't completely thought about them a lot given I've been busy, but I'll wing it.
Number 1: to have the "MEDICS" book done by June 21st, secondary fall back date is my birthday. That should give me enough time to finish it, or at least a boot in the ass to get it done. Number 2: Write and mail out at least 5 query letters. This something that writer's do to get their books out there to publishers to hopefully get them published.
Number 3: Be a better friend. I am a good friend, or at least I think so. But lately, tiny annoyances regarding certain friends have grown to huge issues that I cannot overlook any longer, so in my goal of being a better friend, I feel I must get shit out of my system, let my feelings be known and see where that takes me.
Number 4: Write at least 20,000 words a month. This will mean more and longer blog entries, a finished book, and hopefully the beginning of re-writing a novel I wrote years ago, along with it's sequel. Plus, Hubby seem to think "MEDICS" needs both a sequel and a pre-quel. We'll hope for outlines of three books and the work on another one to begin, shall we? Wait, let's make that Number 5: Outlines for "MEDICS" pre-quel & sequel. Work on "Transfer" and an outline on "Fire Season", the sequel.

I'm not going to write any goals for losing weight or quitting certain vices since I am happy with who I am and maybe just alittle with how I look. Plus, setting goals like that ususally dooms me and others to failure anyhoo.

I hope everyone likes the new blog format on the main page. If you get it in an e-mail, then you'll have to go tot he webpage and take a gander... Have a great day!'


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