A Mix of Sadness & Happy

I came home from work yesterday morning and found her dead in the cage, with Goober curled up tight to her side. It was horribly sad to see them like that, knowing one was dead and the other was lost without her. But we know Squeak is up in Piggy heaven with her sister Peanut that passed on this past fall.

This is the new 6 months old baby girl pig we put in with Goober & you would never be able to tell that they are new cage mates. It is so adorable.

This is the bigger of the two boys. I kind of want to call him Thor since he has a white patch shaped like lightning in the middle of his back!

This is the smaller of the two boys, and I want to name him Scotch, since he's the color of the drink.

Yesterday we went out to an animal rescue run out of a woman's home near Fruitport and found these adorable three pigs. We've never, EVER, had male piggies, so this should be an adventure. They are loud and playful, and huge compared to their female counterparts. We love them. Last night they had fun hitting each other in the head with toilet paper tubes we put in there for them to play with.

So now we are back up to a reasonable quota of five piggies. All playful, all talkative, and it makes up smile just to listen to them in the evening while watching TV or eating dinner.


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