A Miracle!!!

The miracle of getting to spend an entire 36 hours with my hubby happened yesterday! It was iffy to say the least and the majority of the day was a biting fingers nails and praying the shift got covered, but it happened. We finally got to sleep in together, wake up together, made breakfast together. Hubby whipped up pancakes with crushed graham crackers in the batter, blueberry compote that was to die for, bacon, and a lovely whipped topping/cream cheese mix her smeared between pancakes in a stack. In the afternoon, after we found out that the evening portion of the shift was picked up- we took off like bats outta hell for a few hours at the Meijer Gardens.

While enjoying the happy green smell to the air and the beauty of anything and everything green, the winter doldrums were starting to bug me a bit, a couple things were observed that Hubby said I had to blog about. The first and cutest was this adorable little guy that stopped to watch me take photos of the orchid wall in the tropical conservatory. He just stood there, staring, until I turned to smile and wave at him. Then he took off to his mother’s side. Just too cute, really. Second- was an encounter we had with a group of people in the Victorian Garden conservatory.

I’m going to call them the Sunday Happy Snapper Club- a day at the Gardens. The instructor, I assume, had a camera I can only guess cost $10,000.00 with three feet of extended lenses. He also had a “light girl” following him around with a hand held LED light panel for “that perfect light”. He was babbling about aptitudes, F stops, cold light, warm light, difference between live and studio… At some point all I could hear him saying was “ME, ME,ME! Listen to me! I am camera god and you, my puny little photo peon shall obey!”

His student, you may ask? A Bouffant coiffed woman that was a member of the Post Menopausal Squad and captain of the Empty Nester Society with a camera she no doubt paid top dollar for but never did the research to use. Her be-draggled husband following obediently along, looking bored enough to start drooling on himself at any given moment. While trying to not focus on King of the Camera’s incessant pomp and poopy pants talk, I was clicking away pictures on my $110.00 Canon Powershot, knowing full well that he may have the toys, but GD it, my shots were mind blowing! Shove that up your EOS Rebel and smoke it, Camera God!

Post touring the green perfections of the gardens, we stopped at the gift shop, where the only thing that piqued my interest was the gourmet chocolate bars. I love the Bacon & Milk chocolate bar, personally, but I’m always up for something new, so I bought the- Blood Orange, Caramel, & Hibiscus dark chocolate bar; the white chocolate, Pink Peppercorn, & Lemon Zest bar; the deep milk chocolate, Macadamia Nut, Hemp Seed, Sea Salt, and Coconut bar; and the Roobois tea, Dried Cherry, deep milk chocolate bar. They are made by Vosges Haut Chocolat Company. And I love them!

When we got home later in the afternoon, off I rushed to my den of creative procrastination (office) and unloaded my camera, very pleased with the nearly 400 pictures I took! I sorted them by which garden they were taken from to ease the photo doctoring today. I made a best of file of them, amounting to 108 perfectly beautiful shots of various plants, orchids, and stuff! It only took me two hours and a head ache to get them groomed and selected.

During our afternoon together once we got home, after taste testing the new chocolate bars and hitting out capacity for sweetness, we watched golf. Well, Hubby watched golf and I asked questions, also opening mocking the outfit choices of men clearly allowed to fend for themselves (not good, BTW).

My questions were mostly about the scoring and said terminology. I play mini-golf, in Grand Haven, twice a summer. So I understood what par and for example -13 under par meant. BUT! What I didn’t get was what the hell was Bogey (I kept saying Boogie, just to get Hubby to giggle) means 1 over Par; Birdie means 1 under Par; and Eagle means 2 under Par. Picking up on the obvious bird theme, I started making up other bird-like names for scoring purposes, all of them making Hubby smile. For example- Naked Chicken, Horny Turkey, and Elegant Egrat. Nice huh? I shouldn’t be allowed to watch golf on TV, it’s just bad…

Well- I’m going to get going. I think Hubby might be coming on TV as he was interviewed about preparations for the upcoming “Disaster Blizzard” bound for our fair state. That and I’m going to work on a stock up for the big event grocery list for tomorrow. Might as well, right? That way we’ll have enough food stocks for the 80 degree and sunny day we’ll be having.


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