Justice- Best Served Hot!

A friend of both Hubby and I suffered a crisis last week. Now, with our help and the help of his family, is hopefully on the mend. Unfortunately- this hasn't stopped the bitch that caused his meltdown to loosen the slack. She has in fact, demanded to know where he is so that she could contact him. Here's what I just e-mailed her. (Names have been changed to protect the bitch.)

" Dear GH Trash-
First off let me go on record saying that this is Inky, not Hubby writing this. Just in case you recognize the name, this is me talking to you. I’ve never met you, only heard of you thru Wounded and others. And honestly- I never liked what I heard. A mutual friend of ours on FB contacted me today to tell me you are full on trying to find Wounded.

Funny. Where was all this “concern” (term used loosely) when you were shredding him the night before New Year’s Eve? Ripping the poor man limb from limb with vicious words and the like? Where in the hell was your concern then? Wounded and I have been friends way longer then you’ve ever been thought of being brought into the picture. And I’ve watched you tear him apart, over and over again for far too long now- YOU HAVE NO DAMN RIGHT TO KNOW WHERE HE IS NOW!

His true friends know where he is. We care about him, and took it upon ourselves to make damn good and sure that you would never, EVER be in contact with him again. YOU HAVE NO DAMN RIGHT TOO! You have put him thru enough- pretending to love him, making him your fixer-upper man project, then tearing him apart when by some chance the other poor bastard that’s gotten involved with you gave you a wink. And yes, I know full well he’s a cop. Good for you!

Do everyone a favor and leave Wounded the hell alone, understand? He doesn’t need you, he doesn’t live in this state anymore. Because of you I’ve lost a great friend. Along the request of favors- why don’t you try to find some rich bastard that lives in Grand Haven (since money is all you ever really wanted anyways), rather then trying to ruin another man as sweet and caring as Wounded was? You seem well suited to the life of upper middle class bitch that lives on Lakeshore Drive. You need help, you really do. You need counseling or something to get you over yourself and your chronic need to hurt and ruin other people in you life.

Don’t try to contact Wounded, EVER AGAIN! He’s with people now that love him, care for him, and are trying to help him repair all the damage you’ve caused. I’ve also taken the liberty to give them a heads up that you think you are entitled to know where he is and want to talk to him. I wouldn’t bother with anymore- they know what you’ve done. They know (along with everyone else) that you are nothing but bad news trash trying to get your claws into him. You never loved him; we all know this, so just simply leave him the hell alone. I’m only sorry you feel the need to belittle and hurt men, rather then face your own issues. Does it make you feel better to hurt people? Does it?

Leave Wounded alone, just simply forget he ever existed and move on to the next unlucky bastard on your list..."

Eat that bitch! How does my ass taste now??? The fact that she claims to love him, to need him, pisses me off to no end. Then to be told today in an email from a friend that she needs to speak to him.... OHN!! I do not think so! I've been wanting to e-mail her for quite sometime now, I just never really knew if I should. This morning clinched it. She needed to be put in her place once and for all. This (thinks of many words that I can't force myself into typing) makes all other women look bad by simply having a pulse much less the ability to talk. I feel sorry for the cop that got involved with her, I do. But then again- he's a Spring Lake cop and odds are he's the same monster she is. If she has the balls to write back to me- I'll be sure to post it here.


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