Disfigured Digit...

Ice crystal encased Hosta seed pods.

The frozen holly hedge round the front of the house.

Ice crystals on our blue spruce this morning,

Yup- it's f*ed up alright. It is swollen twice the size of my other fingers. It's almost the color of a smurf from fingernail bed to hand. The middle knuckle looks completely macabre, what with the peeled back flesh, dried blood and such. And it hurts like hell! Of course, stupid me, forgot about the injured index and clapped my hands this morning to emphasis a point in telling a story. I cried. I cursed. I spun on my heels in a circle. I blinked back tears... OUCH!

For those that haven't met her- this is Tigress, happily lounging in the chair in front of the pellet stove in the basement.

This is Skijit. Clinging to me monkey style whilst I try to write this morning. She usually does this in order for me to note she's there. I blame her for typos. If you look at the upper right corner of the picture- that's the piece of Selenite stone I bought on Saturday that I spoke of in the blog yesterday.

Not only did I mash my finger yesterday, I also pulled a back muscle. I've been limping around since yesterday afternoon. I finally smeared my back in Tiger Balm, took Tylenol and Flexrall, made some tea, and sat in the living room reading a book for about five hours. I don't usually have time to sit and read, but I did yesterday. I think I might do that again today since I'm done with work and errands until tomorrow morning. Sitting upright at my computer desk hurts my back and my finger while typing so I'm going to go chill now...


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