The roads are just that- crap. My week- my big plans of catching up on writing- crap. I promised to write more blogs and here it is Thursday already. Ugh. Hopefully things will settle now that a friend's crisis has temporarily ended and he should be on his way south to Bama with his parents. A little side note, should in fact, the offending bitch the ruined his life happens to see this- you should F off and die! Immediately- for the betterment of your daughter, just simply vanish and die. You suck. You're the supreme bitch that makes all women look bad by toying with a man I cared about. We had to quick like a rabbit pack up his apartment on Tuesday- cancelling dinner plans with my dad to do so. Plus there was the picking up of Tigress from the doctor's after her removal of girl parts and kitten appointment yesterday on top of work- aka driving around on shitty roads. Not to mention my monthly moon time girl wonder urge to clean absolutely everything I see. I stopped short of vacuuming the Doggie-Pup, I promise.

Today's work is done- I think. I just got groceries unloaded- although I went to the store yesterday with hopes it would be my only trip tot eh store this week, but alas it wasn't. Lo and behold I came up with another list of stuff to get that I didn't get yesterday and had to go back today, different store. Today was Wally World. Yesterday was bitchy old people day at Meijer. At the store today, I noticed something worthy of blogging about. Sweatpants.

Not only is there an entire rack of shelving per clothing line carried at Wally World dedicated to the blessed creatures, but so, apparently, is the dedication to those shoppers at Wally World to wear that damn things in public! WTF??? Are people so blissfully lazy now that actually making an attempt to look put together while at the store so f*ing difficult? Really? Now- here's a little breakdown of what I consider sweat pant fashion fuck ups.

Warm up pants- if you look athletic and stink like a locker room- fine. If you're 400+ pounds, wearing warm up pants- who in the hell are you fooling? Why don't you re-evaluate your lifestyle choices, please? Just wearing warm up pants doesn't exactly make you loose weight or gain ambition to do so.

Pajama pants- Oh sweet mother of... If your ass says "Juicy" or "Pink" or "Brat" or "Princess" you, my dear, are probably suffering from a severe case of trashy-bitch-itus! Along those lines- cutesy floral print, animal print, or rejected Christmas designed slumber pants have no excuse for being worn outside of your home on "lazy" days. Especially if your donning UGH boots and a Chanel/Gucci purse. And college kids are absolutely no exception. Congrats, you have no money and are trying to gain an education, but Jesus- put on some pants, dammit!

SWEATPANTS- Are not a pair of pants worthy of a run to the store, gas station, bank, post office- whatever! They are pants one wears to work out in (maybe) or to chill around the house cleaning the cat box and scrubbing the bath tub free of soap scum. Occasionally- sweatpants can be worn as "comfy clothes" when staying at home for an evening of movie watching and cuddling by the fireplace.

Sweatpants, no matter how many sequins or the amount of glitter on them, CANNOT be dressed up enough to be socially acceptable for out-of-doors adventures! Seeing people wearing them in public places just pisses me right off. It makes me want to hit them repeatedly about the head and shoulders with whatever blunt object my hand finds first in my grocery cart- bag of dry cat food, bottle of shampoo, maybe even the head of red leaf lettuce. Put a little effort into what you look like prior to going out in the public view. Doing so will make you look and feel better, but also make you look like less of a douchbag!

This is where I smile, take a bow, and publish this blog before my computer throws up again! I just had to re-type over half of this entry. Tomorrow, there will be pictures with my new 2011 watermark that is super bad ass!!!


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