Cellphone Pics...

I have once again, dumped my cellphone pics to my e-mail, sorted the junk from the greatness, tweaked them and now they are here! Plus- I think my phone is breathing a sigh having these off of it and more memory space.

I don't know about all of you, but I've have days that feel like this!

Do I really need to say anything my previous blog didn't say??

Peek-a-boo, Mommy. What'cha doing??

I like this frame of mind, don't you??

In case they are too blurry- the Orange one says "Wait, I want to remember you like this." And the green on says "It would be my honor to sauce your food." Someone out there is making a shit ton of money making us snort chalupa through our noses!

One of many "Storms" that never panned out this winter thus far, but looked pretty on the radar.

Our passed on Gus pig bumming for food and attention.

My big red Amarylis painted in rare winter sunshine.

Hubby and I have an appointment on Friday to visit a guniea pig shelter of sorts to pick out new piggy family members. It's too quiet having only three in the house, so hopefully, we'll be bringing home at least two new members on Friday. Their new squeaks and chatters would be so wonderfully welcomed into our home.
On top of uploading my new cell phone pics to here, I have been sorting-dejunking my photography folder on my external hard drive this morning. I have a separate folder on my desktop to do daily digital camera dumps, and frequenty I sort this folder out and slide them over onto the external drive. Well, I've been lacking time to sit and sort, toss out the blurry images, sort them into their correct folders, blah blah, blah- until today. It's done. It's great! I feel better now! At some point, I'll have to clean off the drive by way of burning archive cds of photos to make room for new ones. Hell I might do that today! Barring any storage problems (i.e. not enough room in my photo cd book.)
Also, I have to sit down and draw up the tattoo idea that hit me while I was working. It's a good idea, very me, and if I should actually get it done, would be my very first tattoo in color. All my others are black ink only.
Hmmm... better get to getting things done.


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