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Recently, as is since Friday, I have been hammering out time to study new photography techniques that I sort of already do, but kinda not really as a way to prep for an upcoming shoot this week Thursday. I was to be at the top of my game and not look like a stammering idiot when it comes to shooting what the model and I want to get out of the session.
Whilst studying last night, sipping a new beer from my favorite brewing company, I started to write in the 2018 Photography Challenge list: Places. I found myself giggling as I transcribed the notes into my photography notebook... A solid handful, if not dozen of the places on the list I shot during a shoot two weeks ago. Someplace secret- check. Big city- check. Some place abandoned- check. Favorite place- check. Top of a building- check! Just to name a few on the list this one location has qualified for over the course of the past month's worth of shoots
As a disclaimer (or two or three): This couple has been married since December…

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